How To Make Your Own Blog Website

How To Make Your Own Blog Website – Whether you’re a lifestyle person, a business owner, or a freelance blogger, creating a blog site on WordPress can help you promote yourself interactively and reach a wider audience.

77% of Internet users read blogs when they are online. A blog is a means of marketing, carrying out popular promotional activities and most importantly expressing your own ideas in good words. More convenience lies in creating a WordPress blog website or creating it from scratch without any programming program.

How To Make Your Own Blog Website

How To Make Your Own Blog Website

Sounds appealing, right? Read until the end to know why you should build your blog on WordPress. Check out all the details below.

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Blogging has been recognized as one of the most powerful marketing tools in today’s digital environment. You can gain credibility for your work, passion, and expertise by having your own blog. Let’s look at why you should have your own blog.

When you keep posting blogs on your website about different topics, you can get regular readers in no time. And if you want to introduce any new services, products or businesses, they might be willing to be a part of it.

You will get more traffic only if your website ranks top in search engines. Blogging can help you rank your website on search engines, improve your SEO results with backlinks, the right keywords, and more.

If you don’t have any physical office or business premises, you won’t be able to find your specialized customers from all over the world. Blogs help you reach potential readers globally.

Create Your Own Blog: 6 Easy Projects To Start Blogging Like A Pro: Hussey, Tris: 9780672335976: Books

Worldwide, about 96% of blogs are built using WordPress. So you can guess how popular WordPress is in creating blog sites. If you want to create your own WordPress blog without programming then this section is just for you.

WordPress is so flexible that if you have no programming knowledge, you can create an entire blog site using it. It is adaptable and very flexible to use. This means that if you want to include any custom features, you can do so easily.

Furthermore, it comes with default WordPress themes or you can choose from any of the ready-made themes with or without spending any money. All WordPress themes are designed in a way that is 100% responsive and user-friendly. So, visitors can easily navigate your website from any device without any hassle.

How To Make Your Own Blog Website

Starting a WordPress blog means you have to create a strategy and follow it step by step. Here we have covered all the details from the beginning so that you can create your own WordPress blog in no time.

How To Make Your Own WordPress Blog Website From Scratch Without Coding

The first and foremost thing before creating a WordPress blog is choosing a domain name and hosting provider. A domain name will enhance your brand value and make your target audience more excited about your website. You can choose any impressive domain name related to the blog.

Using a hosting provider means you get virtual space for your website on the Internet. You should always choose the best hosting provider for your website.

After you have a good name for your blog, the next step is to start creating a website with the right solution. When you create your blog with WordPress, you’ll find many flexible ways to create your website without programming.

To get started using WordPress Elementor themes can be your best choice. Before that, make sure you have all the plugins listed below:

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🔶 Elementor: Elementor is the best WordPress page builder that will help you create your entire website without programming. Thanks to the drag and drop feature, you can insert and customize every essential element you need for your WordPress blog site. Easily install and activate this Elementor page builder from your WordPress dashboard.

🔶 Essential Elementor Plugins: Essential Elementor Plugins is the best and most useful Elementor library. Now it has over 70 widgets and over a million satisfied users. Install and activate this plugin to use many essential tools for designing your WordPress blog.

If you have your WordPress blog site environment set up, now is the time to get Elementor templates for WordPress blogs to attract all the right readers to your site.

How To Make Your Own Blog Website

These pre-made templates have made your website creation experience smoother and faster. You won’t need to rely on designers to create a pixel-perfect WordPress blog. Now, explore popular resources to get ready-made templates for your blog site.

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Templately has 1000+ pre-made templates with 100k+ active installations in a short period of time to create any type of website in WordPress. Like a unique portfolio, e-commerce website, corporate website, etc., you can easily create Elementor with pre-made templates.

Furthermore, it has other unique features like MyCloud to save your custom templates, Tabletly WorkSpace to reuse saved templates and collaborate on them with others. The template also has WordPress plugins, so you can insert your desired plugin directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Elementor has its own template library for creating beautiful and easy-to-use websites. The Elementor Pro template library contains over 100 free and premium templates, and you can customize them to your needs. All you have to do is insert these awesome templates from Elementor’s Theme Builder feature and start building your website.

Are you wondering which Elementor template you can choose to create your own WordPress blog site from these two popular sources? Here we have listed the most popular and precisely designed templates that you can use.

Personal Blog Design In Figma

This is a multi-purpose creative blog template pack. You can showcase lifestyle, fashion, travel, food, tech products or any type of blog content on the website in an interactive way. There are two fully designed pages to instantly create your beautiful blog.

This is a bright, colorful and beautifully designed WordPress blog website template, specially designed for bloggers, writers, freelancers, artists, photographers or any creative people. Create creative content. It is also perfect for designing portfolio websites, portfolio websites, creative studio websites and more.

You can edit your blog details page using it. Include your social media platforms, provide options to subscribe to your newsletter, etc. Or use it for any blog category.

How To Make Your Own Blog Website

This is a bright, colorful and beautifully designed WordPress blog website template. It is specially designed for bloggers, writers, freelancers, artists, photographers or any creative content creators.

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Share your experiences, fun moments, and exciting adventures with this template. It is specially designed for people who love to travel and write. With this complete template pack, you can write amazing travel blogs.

It is a flexible template. You can create both magazine and blog pages and display all your articles beautifully. This template is 100% responsive and compatible with all browsers.

If you’re done setting up your blog site’s domain name, hosting, and the most suitable blog template or Elementor template package, now it’s time to start creating your own blog site. Follow these steps to create a beautiful WordPress blog from scratch without programming.

First, open your WordPress dashboard and create a new page. Name your page and select “Edit with Elementor” and within a minute the editor will open.

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You’ll find the “Templately blue” icon in your editor panel. Click on it and it will take you to the Templates gallery. You can choose a suitable template for your WordPress blog site.

For the purpose of the tutorial, we will use Template’s BlogDrip homepage design template. It will take a few times for the template to load on your page. After downloading it will appear like this

The most important part is to design your blog according to your brand values, target audience interests, etc. To customize your website layout, text and images; Just customize it from the Elementor widget panel on the left side. Explore all available options along with tools to customize your online fashion store and capture your visitors’ attention.

How To Make Your Own Blog Website

After customizing and adjusting all the layouts, colors, etc., hit the Preview button to see all the changes. You can save entire pages or select blocks to your cloud using Templates’ MyCloud feature. You can save your pages and blocks on Templates and use them for other pages or pages. To do this, right-click on the selected block or anywhere on the page and select “Save page to template”.

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If you’re creating a collaborative WordPress blog with other members, you can share your templates and saved pages with others through templately WorkSPace. With this feature, you can collaborate with your teammates in real-time and create an awesome WordPress blog in no time.

Congratulations! If you have completed all the steps above. Don’t forget to click the publish button on the bottom left. Now the website is ready. Start your blogs the right way and share them with others.

Getting more views and readers for your WordPress blog or ranking it on search engines is not easy. You must create a strategy and maintain it consistently. There are many strategy plugins installed in the WordPress repository to help you

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