99 Ways To Tell A Story

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‘Unique’ is a word that is often used around the world, especially in relation to comics. However, when it comes to comics, 99 Ways to Tell a Story is unique.

99 Ways To Tell A Story

99 Ways To Tell A Story

Matt Madden acknowledges the inspiration for Raymond Queneau’s work, Exercises in Style, which is the book’s subtitle. Cuneo wrote variations of the same prose story 99 times, and Madden adapted this formal practice into comics. He started at his desk and computer screen, which were facing downwards. A voice from above asks the time and he answers, heading for the fridge. He thanks her, but when he opens the refrigerator door he doesn’t remember why he came.

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As an experiment with narrative technique, this one-page story was repeated 99 times, often using the same artwork, with the images rearranged for vivid effect, making it an infinitely comic presentation, or two minor changes were made to each panel . These have been reproduced in photographs for fumetti strips, related as monologues, which mix well-known comics (Tintin, Krazy Kat) or the styles of certain creators (Winsor McCay, Jack Kirby) or the Bayeux Tapestry or As stated by Charles. Atlas advertising. It is told as a fantasy comic, as a development of life, as an homage to the story told by Cunyue, as dissected by a critic, as a map, and as an advertisement.

We might think that this exercise only involves dips and odd jerks of the chin, but that’s not the case. Even relatively minor variations offer new perspectives, some of which are downright ridiculous, and the ambition and success of their implementation is commendable. Madden provides both entertainment and education. Are there any restrictions on how the story is told? Maybe, but Madden doesn’t seem to tire him out.

In his introduction, Madden asks whether stories can be differentiated based on how they are told, and concludes a few paragraphs earlier that the book does not provide a definitive answer. Others may disagree. If story is anything; And every story that ever existed has been told; So how do we create original (or at least original-looking) work? Easy!

If you change genre, chronology, characters; Even if it’s a little; You can give a new feel to your story/film/animation/book/video game/comic book. I really like the idea of ​​taking a concept, turning it on its head, and producing a completely new product.

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I recently discovered the book 99 Ways to Tell a Story by Matt Madden (exerciseinstyle.com). Its nature is very simple. But the idea of ​​retelling the same story in different ways is a complex one. Some of the examples he gives are more appropriate for the film than others. However, when you summarize it, some great ideas emerge for re-imagining your film; Both for story and style.

Some of the genres I’m most interested in are (note that here are things I think would be useful for a film):

A Fridge with a View – Everything is told from one point of view, and we don’t see anything until the refrigerator door opens. I think this style can really enhance some scenes.

99 Ways To Tell A Story

Voyeur – Alfred Hitchcock already knew this. He makes the entire film from this perspective. (If you haven’t seen it

Ways To Tell A Story: Exercises In Style: Amazon.co.uk: Madden, Matt: 9780224079259: Books

Brought to you by… – Can you tell a story entirely through advertising? Why not? The film uses fake TV commercials to enhance the story, I think telling the story entirely through those commercials could work.

I don’t want to give away too much. This is a wonderful book, and I know I will read it many times for inspiration. You can find him via Matt’s blog: Workouts in Style (linked above) or Amazon (amazon.com).

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