Phrases To Begin An Email

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Phrases To Begin An Email

Phrases To Begin An Email

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How To Write A Formal Letter

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Having trouble figuring out how to start an email? Especially if you don’t know the recipient, it can be difficult to come up with a greeting and opening line that will connect them.

We’ve analyzed data from millions of cold campaigns to find out how to launch emails that get the highest open rates and responses. Plus, 25 sample greetings and opening lines that will change.

How To Write A Formal Email In Chinese

We start with an overview of why your email counts first and the information behind a good email opening – or you can click here to go straight to the example.

The subject line and the first line of your email will determine whether the recipient actually opens it. This is because this is the only content they can see directly when they check their inbox.

So if you don’t optimize these details, your email may not be read properly.

Phrases To Begin An Email

Your future decision to open your email address depends on your name, subject and the first few words of your email.

Email Copywriting Tips For Engaging Content [+ Examples]

So the goal is to make your email stand out and get prospects to open your email without thinking they are just one person on your list.

It’s descriptive, but a bit boring. It focuses on sending without paying any attention to the receiver.

Have a sharp subject, and greetings get to the point. The opening line focuses on hope () and shows that the sender is focused on them.

In fact, this email has a 90% open rate – the opening line and subject line let people know what’s in it.

How To Start An Email: 180 Best Email Opening Lines You Can Steal

Not only that, but once your subject line and greeting motivate the prospect to open the email, the opening line is the key to getting them to read the rest of your message and ultimately take the action you want them to take.

According to an analysis of millions of cold campaigns in 2023, the best way to start an email is with an opening line of 4-12 words that provides value to the prospect. This means: start your email with a short opening that focuses on the person you’re sending it to (not you!).

To test the best email opening lines, we look at the first full sentence, excluding the salutation (for example, after a phrase like “hello}”).

Phrases To Begin An Email

First, we want to get an idea how long the beginning of your email should be: is it short, enough to attract attention or give more context?

How To Write An Effective Call To Action In Emails

According to the data, the highest converting opening lines are between 4-6 words. Opening lines of 7-12 words also perform well, so we recommend you hit the sweet spot between 4-12 words.

Now that you know how long your opening line should be, what’s the best way to write it right?

To test that, we divided opening lines into different categories based on whether they contained certain words or phrases.

We created an AI-powered database of hundreds of words and phrases classified into each type of opener and used it to classify millions of real cold email opener lines sent by users.

Opening Sentences For Global Email

After having thousands of emails opened in each category, we found the average response for each open line.

The opening lines that get the most responses are those that provide value to the audience: provide feedback, offer free service or advice, provide expert insight, etc.

Other methods, such as classic introductions or commenting on the prospect’s recent activities, can also capture the audience’s interest.

Phrases To Begin An Email

Small talk is the least successful category, so if you’re going to start an email with casual chat, you need to make sure it’s targeted to your prospect.

Writing A Professional Email In French (sample Template Included)

Of course, there are many other factors in a cold email campaign that contribute to response rates. You will want to optimize not only the beginning of your email, but also the subject line, call to action, signature, and copy of your cold email in general.

Now that you know the data behind email opening lines, here are some examples of the best ways to start an email.

For a complete guide on choosing the perfect cold email greeting, use this list of 20+ email greeting examples.

This is a great speech when you meet this person for the first time, and you are not sure what tone you want to strike. If you want to err on the side of caution, choose “hello” instead of “hey” or “hi” so it’s not too casual.

How To Start An Email: 16 Proven Openings To Boost Your Success Rate

A longer greeting that includes small talk allows you to open the email politely and get straight to the point.

If you use this kind of speech, we recommend that you follow a face line that immediately gives value to the viewer. Do not follow the opening chit-chat like, “I hope this finds you too”.

You break the ice with your greeting, so use the first line to get your message across! You’ll see an example of a dot opening line in this list.

Phrases To Begin An Email

By using your audience’s first name, you show a personal touch, so it’s not too vague or impersonal. At the same time, there is no efficiency: your prospects will immediately see why you are connected.

How To Write A Professional Email That Actually Gets A Response

Depending on the length of the subject line, you can read whether you have reached it in the preview in the inbox. It makes your email stand out, and saves the recipient time – making them more likely to respond.

This greeting is an example of when you have already mentioned your preferences.

It’s direct, refers to the conversation you’ve shared, and immediately sends the value of this email: the long-awaited delivery.

Greetings next, this is suitable if you have not agreed to send something after the meeting.

How To Write A Follow Up Email That Gets Responses (+best Practices)

He will continue the conversation and encourage you to respond by reminding him that you have met in person.

We recommend that you recap what you and the prospect talked about, then give them a clear and simple next step to get them down the drain.

If you have met this person and agreed to follow you, this is a good word to confirm their progress.

Phrases To Begin An Email

Treat it politely and “sorry” but immediately indicate what you hope for with the message: to get the information you are currently discussing. If you want it to sound heavier, you can add “hi” or “halo” before }.

Writing Email Subject Lines And 80+ Examples

Here’s a greeting for prospects who attend your talk, webinar, or other event. It is a good idea to send emails with greetings like this to get everyone involved in your event.

This will make them feel personal by saying you appreciate it (“nice to meet you”) and using their first name.

Use the rest of the email to provide additional useful information related to the event you’re attending or to make noises related to the same topic.

A classic follow-up greeting, this is great for less formal prospects who don’t respond to the initial email. If you are unsure of the best tone of voice to use with this person, this greeting is nice and neutral.

How To Write A Follow Up Email After No Response [10 Templates]

By the way, there’s nothing wrong with sending a follow-up if the recipient doesn’t respond right away—it actually increases your chances of getting back to you.

This is a greeting to use for prospects who have responded to show some appreciation for taking the time to get back to you.

Especially if your first email is a cold email, meaning the recipient has no contact with you, this type of speech is good for moving the conversation and building rapport.

Phrases To Begin An Email

One final follow-up speech, which helps this person feel appreciated and interested in continuing the conversation. It sounds like you are responding to your old friend and opening an exchange

Catchy Email Subject Lines & 19 Proven Tips To Lead You

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