How To Make Tumblr Blog

How To Make Tumblr Blog – Want to display a list of your posts based on a specific tag, such as “tips”? Follow the 12 steps above to create a Tumblr page that redirects to a list of your blog posts with a specific tag.

Do you have a new primary blog? Tumblr may not have given you a “redirect page” feature, so step 6 won’t work for you…yet. You need to follow blogs like posts and customize your theme to get in Tumblr’s good graces.

How To Make Tumblr Blog

How To Make Tumblr Blog

I recently created a redirect page at http:///tips that automatically redirects to http:///tagged/tips to show my posts tagged tips. Why do that? Most themes will show this link on the page – without changing your theme’s HTML code – if you set “Show link on this page” in the add page form.

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For multi-word tags, use either a hyphen or a plus sign between words in the tag URL (eg Tumblr-Tips or Tumblr+Topics).

April 8, 2015 Update: Tumblr has removed “Customization” from the dashboard. The “Edit Theme” button on your blog’s home page is the fastest way to access Tumblr pages.

Tag Redirect Tag Redirect Page Tag Link Tag List Tag Listing Tag Tutorial Tips Tumblr Tutorial Pages Link Update Post

#tag redirection #tag redirection page #tag link #tag list #tag list #tags #tutorial #tips #tumblr tutorial #pages #links #updated #post With a group blog on Tumblr you can manage a blog with multiple authors. It is very easy to configure and can bring a whole new dynamic to your site. Let’s see how!

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Group blogs have multiple members, and at least one administrator. The author of the blog can add more Tumblr users to the secondary blog and also set permission to be a member or administrator.

The difference between these roles is that an administrator can invite new users and manage existing ones and delete any post. A member can post and edit/delete their own posts. Administrators are also the ones who can view and answer questions.

To make a member an admin, simply go to the member page (see above) and click the “Promote to Admin” button next to the user you want to make an admin. This can only be done once, you cannot remove administrator privileges. Only that user can remove themselves from the group, so make sure you trust the person enough to make them an admin of your blog.

How To Make Tumblr Blog

Having a group blog can make your blog more amazing and fun. Make sure you define guidelines so that every member is on the same page in terms of posting and following your blog’s brand.

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