Woody Toy Story Diy Costume

Woody Toy Story Diy Costume – Toy Story is one of our favorite Disney movies, so we’re excited to see the opening of the new Toy Story Land at Walt Disney World. We are planning to go to Disney as Toy Story characters on our trip, so I needed to make some fun pieces for Woody’s costume, including Woody’s vest.

Don’t miss our Toy Story-inspired Disney outfits, our Duke Caboom costume, and our Forky costume, the crazy new character from Toy Story 4 that Woody can’t stop saving over and over again. Forky and Woody could be a fun couple in Halloween costumes!

Woody Toy Story Diy Costume

Woody Toy Story Diy Costume

I’ve made no-sew cow print vests several times over the years, including Elliot’s first Halloween when the theme of our family costume was Toy Story! Our Toy Story Halloween costumes were the best and cutest costume theme.

Royal Blue

That year, Peter was Andy’s favorite toy cowboy, Woody. I found the perfect cow print fleece blanket at a thrift store. A cow print jacket or cow print tablecloth would also work. You need something big enough to cut the super simple woodsy cow print vest that is essential for any Cowboy Woody costume!

A few years later, I used the leftover fabric to make both boys their own Cowboy Woody vest. Every year we celebrate Rodeo Days in Tucson by taking a few days off from school. Young children often dress up as cowboys at school that week and participate in rodeo games and activities with stick horses.

Jeans are classic children’s costumes that can be smaller for baby costumes or larger for adult costumes. Add a few key accessories and you’ve got a cowboy costume inspired by Pixar’s Toy Story movie!

Children wore cow-print vests, cowboy hats and yellow sheriff stars for Rodeo Days, a school holiday in Tucson.

Coolest And Most Believable Homemade Woody And Buzz Lightyear Costumes

This time I needed a lightweight material to make Woody’s vest. We were going to the Disney parks and Floridaheat in June, no joke. I couldn’t ask Elliot to wear our exciting fleece vest for a fun ride at Disney. I found a thin cow print cotton material at my local fabric store that worked perfectly.

The hardest part of making the vest is cutting the material. When I first made the cow print vest, I guessed its shape and freely molded the design.

Luckily, this time I found a super cute (and free) vest pattern online. The pattern is actually for a dressy vest with pockets and buttons, but I only used it to measure the front and back pieces of the vest.

Woody Toy Story Diy Costume

Start by printing and cutting out the pattern pieces. I made the larger version of the pattern for Elliot, I thought a little bigger was better than a little smaller.

Diy Woody Costume

The pattern I used was made for children, if you are making the Woody vest for adults you will need to find another pattern.

Fold the fabric in half and place the back of the pattern along the fold. Secure the pattern piece to the fabric so it doesn’t slide around as you cut. After cutting, open the fabric and grab the back of the vest.

Do not place the front of the vest pattern along the fold, but you should fold the fabric in half before pinning the pattern to the fabric. This will allow you to cut both sides of the front of the vest at the same time.

You now have three pieces of fabric to combine to create Woody’s vest for Woody’s DIY costume. If you have access to a sewing machine at this point, you will be able to sew the pieces together quickly.

Toy Story Family Halloween Costume

Since I don’t have a sewing machine, I glued the pieces together using Heat’n Bond iron-on adhesive. Attach the sides and top edge of each front vest piece to the back piece of fabric. If you wish, you can also hem the fabric with Heat’n Bond.

Heat’n Bond is very easy to use. Think of it like duct tape that is placed between two pieces of fabric. Iron the fabric and melt the “ribbon” to form an adhesive that sticks the two pieces of fabric together.

Iron the ribbon between two pieces of fabric; It will melt and bind the fabric.

Woody Toy Story Diy Costume

We found a yellow plaid shirt at a local thrift store that worked well under Woody’s vest.

How To Make A Jessie Toy Story Costume. No Sewing Required!

The rest of Woody’s costume comes together pretty easily once you have the cowboy vest. You only need a few simple pieces, some of which you may already have at home or can pick up at a thrift store.

Don’t forget the important accessories for your Woody costume: yellow shirt, red bandana, cowboy hat and sheriff’s star.

If you find a plain yellow long-sleeved blouse or button-down shirt, you can draw red lines with a fabric marker. We did this once, we also found some yellow plaid shirts that we were “close enough” to. You may not end up being the spitting image of Woody, but you’ll be close enough. This cowboy accessory set includes a red bandana, badge, and hat!

If you don’t have a sheriff badge in your costume box or from a cowboy-themed party, you can skip buying one and easily make one using yellow craft foam.

Woody Adult Costume Kit

I used this pattern to cut out the craft foam star and then hot glued it on, added a safety pin and that was it.

A Toy Story Halloween party can be fun; Ask all guests to dress up as Toy Story characters, such as Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Bo Peep, and Mr. Potato Head.

Are you less of a Pinterest mom and more of an Amazon mom? You can still put together a semi-homemade costume with a few key pieces from Amazon. Who doesn’t love Amazon Prime? Perfect for last minute wardrobe changes!

Woody Toy Story Diy Costume

If you’re looking for a fun pair of costumes, naturally, Andy’s favorite toy should be paired with Buzz Light Year or Bo Peep. If the cowgirl is your favorite character, Sheriff Woody can also be combined with Jessie’s costume.

Easy Diy Toy Story Group Costume

If you’re a fan of Toy Story 4, check out this Forky costume idea. Forky and Woody have a kind of love-hate relationship. Basically, you can create a fun couple or choose many characters for a large group themed costume party.

Sign up for a free guide ($4.99 value) with over 25 fun activities to do with your kids. Happy Halloween everyone! We dressed up for some costume parties this weekend, here’s a photo of our couple dressed as Woody and Jessie from Toy Story! Most of our costumes are homemade and so much fun to make! I bought a cheap white blouse from Goodwill and embellished it with a little yellow paint and a sprinkle of red sequins, the cuffs are actually yellow foam with the same sequins glued on, I glued the foam to the cuffs of my shirt and voila, my Jessie shirt! Then I bought cheap cow print fabric for my pants and Woody’s vest. Somehow the Gods of Goodwill were looking out for us because Woody’s shirt was originally white, now it’s yellow, so we bought it for $1, bought some yellow paint and ta-da! DIY Woody and Jessie costumes!! The rest somehow came together, boots, hats and a few finishing touches, and you’re looking at Woody and Jessie straight out of Toy Story… the only thing we were missing was Buzz…

I’ve had great people for Halloween in the past (Katy Perry last year), but I think this year was my favorite! It’s so much fun and who doesn’t love Toy Story characters?

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The Toy Story Family Costume is a fun group Halloween costume that the whole family will enjoy dressing up in and that is also easy to make at home. We’re sharing our DIY Toy Story costumes and the extras we purchased to create our Toy Story family Halloween costume, so you can recreate your own version on a budget!

Woody Toy Story Diy Costume

When I suggested to my husband that we make a family costume for my niece’s Halloween engagement party, he didn’t like it. But he came to mind when I said there would be Toy Story themed costumes.

Disney Toy Story Woody Kids Costumes

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, most people love the Toy Story series. Us

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