Ways To Tell Sister You Re Pregnant

Ways To Tell Sister You Re Pregnant – When you find out you’re expecting, the first thing (after your crush, of course) you want to share the news with is your sister! She is so happy to be an aunt. Whether it’s near or far, here are 29 adorable pregnancy announcements for your sister!

When we told our sisters that we were pregnant, they were very excited. I’m so glad we took the time to create ideas that made this time so special.

Ways To Tell Sister You Re Pregnant

Ways To Tell Sister You Re Pregnant

No matter how you plan to tell your sister that she’s going to be an aunt, I know she’ll be so happy for you (but even more so for herself)… haha. Now he can’t even begin to plan how to destroy your little one!

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If you are planning a family reunion, this would be a great way to capture her ideas. Have her say “cheese” first, then another, this time saying “I’m going to be a sister.” He may copy you from anywhere first and then he will be surprised by your news!!

We all wrote to the dorm nurse. Maybe it’s because she’s telling you something funny your cousin did, or you just want something to drink, at least she’s like, “You’re going to be a painter!! ” The text was not expected.

You can even send her a picture of a pregnancy test or ultrasound! Of course he doesn’t think so.

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If you know your sister wants to show off that she’s an auntie, give her a cute new shirt. You can wrap it up and give it as a gift or put it on your bed when you come to visit.

Maybe it’s his birthday, Christmas, or you want to give him a “just that” gift. This is the best time to tell her you are pregnant…..she is going to be an auntie!

If you can’t wait too long for personalized sister gifts………. You can get a long bracelet jewelry box and use it to take a pregnancy test

Ways To Tell Sister You Re Pregnant

If your sister likes puzzles, personalize her with a new name! Tell her she has to come along now because she has a gift.

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Maybe you need a long-distance pregnancy announcement or your sister is full of plants, either way, this best aunt plant set will be a great keepsake when she finds out that she has a niece / her brother.

Does your sister drink alcohol? Grab your favorite bottle and change the label! You can wrap it up and give it to her as a gift, or be more specific and put it on the counter to see if she notices.

Any wine lover will be intrigued by this new never-before-seen bottle of wine.

If your sister likes Starbucks, get her a new drink with the name “Auntie” on it. He may not immediately understand what he said!!

Parental Advisory: Not Everyone Loves Your ‘cute’ Pregnancy Announcement

This is a cute and subtle way to surprise her…. Probably his favorite drink!!

Invite your sister over for a morning coffee or maybe dessert, then serve tea or coffee in an auntie bag! This will be a cute keepsake, she needs to remember the day she became her sister!!

If your sister’s birthday is around the corner, now is the perfect time to surprise her! Get her a card that wants her aunt instead of her sister. When he reads it, he will certainly not be shaken by the news you expect.

Ways To Tell Sister You Re Pregnant

And while we’re on the subject of birthdays, instead of saying his name…..change it to Hammy! It is definitely protected.

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You don’t have to give her a decoration just for Christmas, but it’s a sweet treat that she should remember on this special day. (Check out Hamma Jewelry on Etsy)

You can wrap it up and give it to her, or put it on your Christmas tree and ask her to find her new decoration!

If your sister loves jewelry, she’ll think this is the cutest pregnancy announcement ever. This necklace is not only a keepsake, but a sweet reminder that she is now an AUNTIE! (Check out this sweet necklace here)

Look for a unique advertising idea that will be perfect! Place your ultrasound image on your belly and let him know!

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Does your sister love to play new games? Play Mad Gab with him! If you don’t have a family yet, that would be great. Everyone can find it at the same time.

Etsy has pre-made Mad Gab cards perfect for your games! (check these out)

I added this video because the news of the second sister’s pregnancy is so random…. Here’s the idea. Whether you talk to your sister on the phone or catch up in person, there are many ways to subtly let her know you’re having a baby.

Ways To Tell Sister You Re Pregnant

That’s another simple way to tell him! You call her and say “Hey Aunty!” You can say Or you can say “Awww aunty” when you see it live.

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This is a great idea if you pick up your sister from the airport! Go inside and save it with the “I can’t wait to meet my aunt” sign.

This card would be awesome! He can probably guess what is going to happen from the first sentence. But he is eager to find the answer to that question. (Check out this sketch on Amazon)

Maybe your sister loves honey in her tea or you think it’s too sweet, so cut out the water and replace it! Tell him you bought this new brand of honey and wait for him to notice. It may take a moment to click. (Check out Auntie’s Water here)

Do you need to go to the mall? Ask your sister to tag along, and then when you walk by Aunt Anna, ask her if she needs a bridesmaid first. And then you’re like, “I’m a little nervous, and I’m not an aunt…you are!” You could say something like that

Top Pregnancy Announcement Captions

This is perfect if you want to treat your sister for dinner! Order a pizza and the inside of the box says, “You’re going to be an aunt!” written that Of course he doesn’t expect that.

If your sister lives far away, you can send her package to Hammy! Then when he receives the letter, he may (or may not) notice the name change. It can instantly call you confused and excited.

Download the book about being a sister. Cover it and ask your sister to read the title aloud when you give it to her. It might work out before he even says it!

Ways To Tell Sister You Re Pregnant

This is what we told our family with our second pregnancy. Very confused at first…when they finally got it…they were excited and shocked!

Unique And Fun Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy

If you decide to wait until after 8 weeks, frame the ultrasound picture when you tell your sister you’re pregnant. But if you can’t wait, write down your time on paper and see where the picture needs to go! (Check out this cute photo frame here)

Whether you buy it on Etsy or DIY, it will surprise your sister with a box of baby stuff for her. You can add an amulet, Bible, book and/or decoration!

If you are looking for the sweetest preservative, I recommend this Aunt Pebble Art. It has the sweetest words, and it’s something your sister will cherish for years to come. (Click here to check this out on Etsy)

Telling your sister you’re pregnant will be a moment you’ll never forget. Choosing a personal pregnancy announcement makes it even more special. I hope one of these ideas gives you some inspiration on how to tell your sister she’s an aunt! Style Content Whether you need dinner party ideas, travel ideas, or just outfit ideas, we’ve created a hub of style inspiration for you. .

Funny & Unique Pregnancy Announcements

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I’m so excited to finally share how Nick and I told the people we were expecting.

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