How To Review An Academic Journal Article

How To Review An Academic Journal Article – Professors often ask students to find peer-reviewed research articles. You can limit your search results to peer-reviewed articles and research articles in many databases, including ERIC. (What is peer review?)

There is no easy way to limit search results to qualitative or quantitative research. Sometimes the abstract provides enough information to determine the type of research. In other cases, you will need to open the PDF file of the article. The methodology should include a description of the research methods used to determine whether the article is qualitative or quantitative. (More on that below.)

How To Review An Academic Journal Article

How To Review An Academic Journal Article

Usually, when your professor asks for research papers, they want you to find basic research papers. Article report on original research. In other words, authors report their research. Secondary articles evaluate, critique, report, or summarize the research of other researchers. The literature review is a secondary article. Literature reviews are very informative and may cite key articles, but are of secondary importance. (More on that below.)

How To Title A Manuscript For Journal Submission

Qualitative research methods include focus groups, interviews, content analysis, etc.

Quantitative research methods focus on collecting quantitative data. In short, the data collected will be numbers such as sampling and statistics.

This page contains examples of different types of research paper abstracts. We have highlighted the information you are looking for in the review and article.

Once you decide that the article is suitable, open the full text and read it. If the library does not have the full text, you can request an article using ILL-Odum Express.

Solved Article Critique 3 Identify A Peer Reviewed

A primary research article reports on the authors’ original research and conclusions. Primary research articles have the following sections:

Summary of a scientific article in the form of a title. This should at least give you a general idea of ​​what the article is about.

Research paper preview. It should address the purpose, method, and results found in the article.

How To Review An Academic Journal Article

Describes the purpose of the research paper. He is able to provide an overview of the field and previous research in the form of a literature review.

Journal Article Review Guidelines

Works cited in the author’s scientific article. The list should contain all the important information you need to find the resource yourself.

This review is an example of an article. The author selected existing research articles on the topic and critically reviewed the existing literature.

In addition to containing the word quantitative, this abstract refers to the methodology of the article as it relates to statistical analysis and cluster analysis, which are quantitative indicators.

In addition to descriptive, qualitative research, it also includes descriptive for semi-structured interviews, which are suitable for qualitative data collection. Another evidence of its qualitative nature are the terms content analysis and descriptive analysis.

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