Ways To Start An Argumentative Essay

Ways To Start An Argumentative Essay – In the image below, you can see the suggested structure for an argumentative essay. It starts with the topic sentence, which defines the main idea of ​​the essay. This hypothesis is then developed in the development stage. Then, rebuttal, or refutation of the main counterargument or argument. Then, again, the development of the opposition. This is followed by an example and concluded with a summary. This is a very basic structure, but it gives you a clear picture of how a proper argumentative essay can be built.

Writing argumentative essays (for class, newspapers, or just for fun) can help you improve your understanding of an issue and sharpen your thinking about that issue. Using researched facts and data, you can explain why you or others think the way you do, even if other people disagree.

Ways To Start An Argumentative Essay

Ways To Start An Argumentative Essay

Rather than appealing to emotions and personal experiences to change the reader’s mind, an argumentative essay uses logic and well-researched factual information to explain why the thesis is.

How To Write A Narrative Essay Or Speech

Finally, the author leaves the decision to the reader, believing that the case he has made will do the work to change the reader’s mind. Even if the reader’s opinion doesn’t change, they leave the essay with a greater understanding of the point of view being presented – and perhaps a better understanding of the original thought.

Rather than an emotionally driven persuasive essay—but if you’re like me and feel more comfortable telling facts and figures than making a passionate plea, you may find that an argumentative essay is

Plus, the process of researching an argumentative essay means that you can check your assumptions and develop an opinion that is more grounded in reality than what you originally thought. I know for a fact that my opinion needs to be fact checked – don’t yours?

First, get a clear understanding of what an argumentative essay is all about. To formulate a proper topic sentence, you need to be clear on your topic and explore it through research.

How To Write A Narrative Essay [updated 2023]

Students have a hard time starting an essay because the whole task seems daunting and they fear spending too much time on the topic sentence. Experienced writers, however, know that there is no set amount of time to spend on understanding your topic. It is a true exploration based on great intuition.

To begin with, you need to identify the problem with knowledgeable people who have different opinions. Here, it helps to think about a core theme and how it intersects with another (or some other issue). This intersection is where a lot of reasonable (or unreasonable) thinking occurs.

Would it be better to legislate the minimum size of chicken coops or ban the sale of eggs from chickens that don’t have enough space?

Ways To Start An Argumentative Essay

Should snow removal policies focus more on maintaining clear roads for traffic or the environmental impact of snow removal methods?

How To Write An Essay Introduction

Once you have your controversial question ready, start investigating the facts of the situation and specific opinions and arguments about the issue. Do your best to stay focused on gathering information that is directly related to your topic. Depending on what your essay is about, you can refer to academic studies, government reports, or newspaper articles.

Research your opposition and the facts that support your point of view just as you research your own position. You will need to address your objections in your essay, so you will want to know their arguments inside out.

You may start with a bias towards one side or the other, but your research will eventually shape your perspective. So, once you’ve done your research, write down your thoughts and start articulating them

Why: because if you directly manage the cage size, egg producers outside the government’s jurisdiction can send eggs to your area and put nearby egg producers out of business by offering better prices because they don’t have the added cost of larger enclosures.

Argumentative Essay Examples With A Fighting Chance

The basic logic of your argument. You will want to repeat this several times and develop a one-sentence statement that summarizes the thesis of your essay.

Thesis: Banning the sale of eggs from caged chickens is better for business than regulating the size of chickens.

Now that you have stated your thesis, write your counterargument as well. Putting your rebuttal thoughts into words will help you during the essay writing process. (You can start by selecting the counterargument option with Spices.)

Ways To Start An Argumentative Essay

Objection: Banning the sale of eggs from very small chickens and cages will directly raise the price of eggs for consumers, making low-cost protein sources more difficult to afford — especially for low-income consumers.

How To Write An Argumentative Essay Step By Step

There may be one main counterargument to say, or several. Write everything down and start thinking about how you will use evidence to address each or show why your argument is still the best option.

Hopefully you have kept detailed notes in the document, complete with links and titles of all your source material. Enter your research document and copy the evidence for your argument and your rebuttal into another document.

List the main points of your argument. Then, below each point, paste the evidence that supports it.

If you are writing about chicken coops, you may have found evidence that the spread of disease among birds kept in close quarters is worse than among birds with more space. Or maybe you have found information that says eggs from free-range chickens are tastier or more nutritious.

Argumentative Essays » Super Ela!

Repeat the process with your opposition’s argument: What information did you find that supports your objection? Paste it next to your opposing argument.

You can also put information here that refutes your objection, but arrange it in a way that clearly shows you – at a glance – that the information refutes his view.

Objection: Banning the sale of chicken eggs in small cages will directly increase the price of eggs for consumers.

Ways To Start An Argumentative Essay

BUT: Diseases like bird flu spread more easily through small cages and can cause shortages that will naturally drive up egg prices, so providing larger cages is still a better policy for consumers in the long run.

Outstanding Essay Outline Templates (argumentative, Narrative, Persuasive)

As you organize your research and look at the evidence together, start thinking about the best way to rank your points.

Is it better to present your argument directly or undermine it with the opposition’s claims that you can quickly refute? Are multiple bullet points better? Does a more complex point require the reader to understand a simpler point?

Is your brain still buzzing? At this stage in the process, it can be helpful to pull out a notebook or open a new document and jot down anything you can think of on that page.

Where should your essay begin? What ground-level information do you need the audience to know before you can dive into the issue?

Formal Essay Format, Types & Example

Use your organized evidence document from step 3 to think through your argument from start to finish and to determine the structure of your essay.

As you think about your argument and review your evidence document, consider which structure will best serve your argument. Sketch an outline to give yourself a map to follow in the writing process. You can also rearrange your proof documents to match your outline, so it will be easy to find what you need when you start writing.

You have an organized outline and document with all your points and evidence lined up and ready to go. Now you just have to write your essay.

Ways To Start An Argumentative Essay

In your first draft, focus on putting your ideas on the page. Your words may not be perfect (who?), but you know what you want to say – so even if you’re too wordy and take up space to say what you need to say, put it into words. glass

Argumentative Essay (speedy Study Guides)

Follow your outline and draw from the document’s evidence to illustrate each point of your argument. Subscribe

For your argument and rebuttal. Connect the dots for your audience so they can follow you point by point and understand what you are trying to say.

2. Evidence for both your argument and counterargument(s). This shows that you’ve done your homework and built trust with your reader, while also setting you up to make a more compelling argument. (If you find gaps in your research as you type, Spices can pull up statistics or historical facts on the fly!)

3. A conclusion that summarizes your entire argument and evidence – and lets the reader understand the issue and its importance. This type of conclusion brings your essay to a strong end that doesn’t waste your audience’s time, but actually adds value to your case.

Short Story Argument Essay

I like to walk away from what I’ve written for a day (or at least a night’s sleep) before trying to revise it. It helps me approach awkward phrasing and rough transitions with fresh eyes. If you don’t have that luxury, just step away from your computer for a few minutes — use the bathroom, jump a few times, eat an apple — then come back and read your post.

The best way to present a persuasive argument is to make a strong argument

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