Ways To Make Powerpoint Presentations More Interesting

Ways To Make Powerpoint Presentations More Interesting – PowerPoint presentations are generally not known for being intuitive or interactive. This is because many people view the examples they provide as information to be read in isolation and not as a tool to help reinforce their message.

Your illustrations are there to help bring the story you’re telling to life. They are there to provide insight and strengthen your speech.

Ways To Make Powerpoint Presentations More Interesting

Ways To Make Powerpoint Presentations More Interesting

So how do you avoid a “snoozefest” event and ensure you have an entertaining and interactive event? By making sure you use examples to help YOU tell your story, rather than using them as flash cards to read.

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The main thing to remember is that your speech is designed to complement your speech, not its focus.

In this article, we will cover a lot of information and tricks about how to become a story by creating a powerful and engaging PowerPoint presentation.

Before we get into tips and tricks for adding style to your presentation and creating great content, it’s important to get the basics of your presentation right.

You have a PowerPoint presentation to reinforce your message, and the story you are telling. Before giving examples, you need to know the purpose of your speech, and the important things you want your audience to remember.

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YOU and your speech are the focus of this presentation, not the examples – use your PowerPoint to add your story.

Remember that the examples you give add to the impact of your speech, not detract from it. Using too much text in your slides can overwhelm and confuse your audience. Instead, use appropriate images with a little text, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

This slide is unusual, but it is not a visual aid, like an “eye chart”.

Ways To Make Powerpoint Presentations More Interesting

Keep your audience in mind when designing your presentation, their background and sense of aesthetics. You want to avoid using clip art and animated images in your slides.

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When performing, be sure to control the show and the room by walking around, showing what you’re thinking and what you’re saying. You should pause when pointing to a slide, but never turn your back to the audience reading your slide.

Most publishers of the time would not use a text font smaller than twenty-eight points, and even Steve Jobs was known not to use a text font smaller than forty points.

If you can’t fit all the text on your slide using font size 28 then you are trying to cram too much. While scrolling, remember tip #1.4 – Use appropriate images, not bullets.

Your presentation’s job is to help convey information as efficiently and clearly as possible. By keeping the theme and design consistent, you allow information and images to be displayed.

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However, by changing the design from slide to slide, you will create confusion and divert attention from the focus, you, and the information that will be provided on the slide.

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Each example should attempt to represent the topic or idea to be discussed. The goal is to keep attention focused on your speech, and by using one image with one idea, it will be easier for you to prepare, as well as make things easier for your audience after your speech.

Ways To Make Powerpoint Presentations More Interesting

Sometimes when creating a vision, we tend to go overboard and try to make sense of it. An easy way to avoid this is to follow the “Rule of Thirds,” an idea created by the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle.

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The idea is to stick to just 3 main points that will help you get your point across. Each concept can be further divided into 3 parts for further explanation. The best modern example of this “Rule of Thirds” can be found in the best Apple comments given by Steve Jobs – always structured in the “Rule of Thirds”.

If you plan to include text in your examples, try to avoid bulleted lists, and use one indent per sentence. Keep it short and concise. This approach focuses on the idea of ​​simple messages that are easy to remember. Additionally, each example can follow your story, introducing the audience to each idea as you speak, instead of listing them all first.

It’s interesting to know how to search your text with fire or using transitions and bright effects, but the fact is that the focus should be on the message. Using basic or non-standard transitions will show the content of your presentation, not the image.

If you plan to use animation, make sure to use modern and professional animation to help the audience follow the story you are telling, for example when explaining the timeline or events that change over time.

Powerpoint Presentation Tips For Creating Engaging Presentations

You may have a great chart, image, or phrase you want to add, but when creating all your examples, it’s important that you ask yourself these questions.

First of all, you should not have too much text in your photos. If you have to read something, have index cards handy but in any case, don’t turn your back to the audience and read your PowerPoint. As soon as you do that, you create a presentation and focus, and lose the presentation audience.

At least not before you give it a killer notice; Providing a copy of your presentation will distract your audience which may cause them to search for the copy and ignore the content you are trying to convey.

Ways To Make Powerpoint Presentations More Interesting

It’s also easy for them to take your slides out of context without understanding the meaning behind each example. It’s fine to give a copy of your presentation, but it’s usually better to give a copy after you’ve given your talk. If you decide to share a copy of your presentation, the best way to do so is to create a QR code for the copy and place it at the end of your presentation. Those who want a copy can simply browse and download it on their phones.

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When expanding on a very important topic that requires a long explanation, it is very scary to be stuck in the dark. This removes any distractions from the screen and returns it to you, the current speaker. Some display devices have black buttons, but if not, you can prepare for them by adding a black border to the screen at the right time.

Part of making your presentation engaging is using all the tools at your disposal to get your point across. Changing your tone and voice as you present helps focus and emphasize content and ideas.

One simple and powerful way to connect your presentation is to have experts discuss certain topics during your presentation. This helps make presentations more engaging and gives you the ability to facilitate and lead discussions on your topic.

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It’s best to prepare some questions for your panel, but also to get questions from the audience in the Q&A session.

What happens if I ask you to think of a pink elephant? You might think at first glance of a pink elephant, right?

Asking questions while handling helps grab the audience’s attention, as well as arouse interest and curiosity. This also has the added benefit of listening carefully to people, just in case they call.

Ways To Make Powerpoint Presentations More Interesting

So don’t be afraid to ask questions, even when speaking; asking questions engages another part of our brain. This causes us to think instead of receiving information in one way. So ask lots of them.

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(Steve Jobs was known to ask a lot of questions during presentations, in this example he created tension by asking the audience “Is there space for a device between the phone and the computer?” Before the iPad was introduced) Source: MacWorld SF 2018

Remember that the purpose of your presentation is to spread a message and even though you are the presenter, it is great to use video in PowerPoint to enhance your presentation. A suitable video can give you breathing time to prepare other examples while communicating certain ideas to the audience.

TIP: Make sure the video is pre-recorded, and that your audience can hear it in the room.

A popular tool among promoters is the use of polling tools that allow viewers to participate and gather feedback instantly.

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Using live polling tools is a fun and interactive way to engage your audience in real time and allow them to participate in parts of your presentation.

Google Slides has a built-in Q&A feature that allows presenters to get more out of slideshows by providing answers to audience questions. By using the Q&A feature in Google Slides, presenters can start a Q&A session and people can talk directly from their devices.

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