How To Start Your Own Amazon Store

How To Start Your Own Amazon Store – In September 2018, Amazon launched the Storefront (Amazon Stores) tool, which is a great benefit for sellers who have registered with the Amazon Brand Registry program. Represented as a mini-site, this feature not only provides a branded experience for your sellers and finds all your products in one place on Amazon, but also has the potential to significantly increase conversion rates and sales revenue.

So it’s almost a requirement for Amazon sellers to finally crack the puzzle of this long-released tool and master its features. Read the article below to understand the close relationship between Amazon Storefront and brand conversion rates and how far these two phrases can go together.

How To Start Your Own Amazon Store

How To Start Your Own Amazon Store

Amazon Storefront (Amazon Stores) is a free tool invented by Amazon to develop brand awareness and above all brand loyalty in one place, which displays many product catalogs, images, videos, charts, product and brand information, posted banners, prices, brand policies, etc.

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Setting up an Amazon store allows small and medium-sized businesses to sell products directly through Amazon. All Amazon sellers can open an Amazon store if they have a registered trademark. Therefore, Amazon Storefront setup is only available to brand owners, agencies and sellers registered with ABR.

Sellers don’t even need to advertise on Amazon to set up a store. However, if you advertise on or off Amazon, your store website can act as a landing page for your ads.

First, Amazon Storefront was created to support ongoing relationships between customers and small businesses. This goal should be achieved by leveraging potential buyers’ experience with the Amazon Store brand to develop brand-specific behavior rather than the usual search for a single product.

In addition, your Amazon mini version of your website can include brand story. A clearly presented brand story is a direct path to customer trust and informed purchases, thanks to a better understanding of why and how the brand sells its products, brand terms, beliefs and quality standards.

Amazon Stores: Everything You Need To Know

Already interested in Amazon Storefront? So, in the next chapter, we will learn how to create an Amazon store.

So far in the past year, Amazon has rebranded and rebranded its ad console and introduced many major changes to it. Read the article “Amazon Advertising Console Redesign: What’s New?” to learn more about updates.

For example, you can add more details to your product descriptions so that customers can better understand what they intend to buy. Or you can tell a heartfelt and engaging brand story that will help build brand loyalty. Or both!

How To Start Your Own Amazon Store

After all that work, after figuring out how to get an Amazon store and how to build one, why was it done? What are the benefits of an Amazon store?

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Customized brand story. Truth be told, the benefits of Storefront are obvious. Being able to present a charming brand story adapted with beautiful images is an advantage that goes far. Promote your story to passively influence your sales.

Unlike sponsored brand ads, which display the brand name and logo, Amazon Storefront offers many more details that can support your desire to be in the minds of customers.

New “Follow” button. Additionally, Amazon recently updated the store with a new “Follow” feature. So even if after all this huge work in your store, the sellers still forget about your brand, but they don’t want to, they can press the “Follow” button and receive reminders and notifications, for example about new products.

Viewers of the Amazon product detail page who like your product can click on a related call-to-action below the product name that invites customers to visit your store. They will be directed to the store and will only scroll through your products without the opportunity to see competitors’ products and the opportunity to be tempted by them.

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Store insight. Another undoubted advantage is the recent addition of Amazon Storefront Store Insights. The reason for using Store Insights is data that cannot be obtained without a store website. Store Insights stores data on brand performance, metrics, traffic sources such as third-party traffic information, orders and units sold, tips and suggestions for store improvements, etc.

In the end, it all comes down to this one powerful question: What can you do with Amazon Storefront to positively impact your business’s conversion rate on Amazon?

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How To Start Your Own Amazon Store

Now you are ready to face the challenge of optimizing your retail space to increase sales and practically keep customers coming back to your store.

Storefront Design For Amazon

In addition to the ability to direct customers from the product information page to your store, there is also the ability to make the Amazon Storefront the landing page for a PPC ad. The reasons to choose Amazon Store as your landing page are the full list of Amazon Storefront benefits above.

You need to advertise your products in front of potential customers, not wait for them to find your products themselves.

PPC advertising reaches relevant audiences, while organic search results have no such guarantee. Also, advertising is designed to introduce your products to a much wider audience. How to expand your customer list.

And then we came to another critical point. The Amazon Storefront can be the landing page not only for Amazon’s internal advertising, but also for third-party advertising. This includes social media and email marketing.

Amazon Webinar Basic Store Management

By the way, it is possible to add buttons related to your social media pages at the bottom of the store. Yes, it works both ways.

Sometimes it’s hard to objectively assess how interesting, engaging or attractive your creative assets are. Especially when the trends change almost every week and it is not possible to catch them all the time.

First, make sure your photos and videos are of high quality. Basically, nothing shows brand level and product quality more than the quality of the visual parts of your store.

How To Start Your Own Amazon Store

After that, it is also very important to include all kinds of “creatives” and showcase your products from all possible angles. Embed some videos to showcase your product features and liven up your pages.

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Would you like your store website to look more like a professional website? This is possible for Amazon registered brands with A+ content (formerly Enhanced Brand Content). A+ Content Tool is fully equipped to provide brand story to clients through multiple text templates, modified description fields, diagrams, 3D renderings, high quality images, etc.

Marketers who use A+ content definitely outperform those who don’t. In addition to improving the appearance of the page, customers trust brands that tell more about their business, especially if your story is supported by impressive and at the same time clear evidence of brand growth, such as charts.

Another important step towards increased conversion rates is strong copy. This is when you need to make sure you are projecting your brand’s voice strongly enough.

This work should focus on the fact that what kind of brand you have. Do you sell environmentally friendly products? Or vegan? Are your products dramatically different from your competitors? This information should be on your copy.

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Pay attention to details such as the structure of the sentences you use to describe your products, typos, grammar, spelling mistakes, etc.

You need to know your target audience in order to understand which language to speak to them. Customers who are interested in your products must be convinced that you really know what you’re selling, and that you’re selling it to improve your customers’ lives and the world around them. If you don’t yet know what to sell on Amazon, there are special ways to help you make the big decision.

Sooner or later, customers will start asking questions. There is a good chance that if one customer is interested in the answer to this question, others will be as well. Think of a personal online shopping experience. You’re more likely to buy a product if you find the answer to your question in Amazon’s Q&A section than if you don’t find it there, right?

How To Start Your Own Amazon Store

If customers do not get an answer to their question, the most likely scenario is that they will get an answer from their competitors and buy their products.

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The situation with store navigation is relatively similar to the situation with customer questions. Not all customers want to search for a product for a long time. Some of them want to find what they need as quickly as possible, so create a store that will be easy to use.

From time to time, Amazon launches new tools, useful features, and valuable features to improve sellers’ connection with customers. In 2021, Amazon had about 10 store-related updates. These changes can have a big impact on your store, so check back from time to time to see what’s new in the Amazon Storefront.

Like any other business, Amazon customers love deals and promotions. They try not to buy too expensive goods, so it is important to attract attention with special discounts. For example, add coupons and flash offers and highlight them

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