Use Your Head Toy Story 2

Use Your Head Toy Story 2 – Ultra Buzz Lightyear (also known as Utility Belt Buzz or New Buzz) is a supporting character in the 1999/Pixar animated film Toy Story 2. As a toy, it is similar to other toys created by Buzz Lightyear , because that is a real place. Guard, but a new additional belt. Basically a duplicate of Buzz, voiced by Tim Allen.

Much like Andy’s Buzz Lightyear from the beginning of Toy Story, he was so delusional that he believed he was actually Buzz Lightyear and didn’t listen when he told him that he was a toy modeled after the character. . Because of this, this Buzz thought he could do anything a real Space Ranger could do like fly and his “laser” was a deadly weapon when it was just a flashlight. However, he seems to be more confused than Andy’s Buzz, to the point where he blushes at the latter until he questions his mistake from the first movie “Tell me I wasn’t wrong!? “.

Use Your Head Toy Story 2

Use Your Head Toy Story 2

The first appears in the opening scene, where he is seen flying through space to the planet that is the location of Zorg’s castle. He fights and shoots his way through Zurg-Bots, avoids the explosive traps Zurg has created in his control room, and nearly falls to his death while crossing a bridge. like force, right before he used his anti-gravity device on his utility belt. To the source of Zurg’s power. But when he arrives, the battery turns into a hologram, right before Zorg can make a dramatic appearance. Buzz fights Zurg, who eventually uses his ion blast to blast the upper half of Buzz’s body to pieces; However, the opening sequence is revealed to be a video game that Rex is playing.

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Although not in physical form, an image of Ultra Buzz (without the belt) appears in the game book Rex is reading when the toys arrive at the closed toy store: Al’s Toy Barn.

Later, when Andy’s Buzz Lightyear finds an aisle full of new Buzz Lightyear action figures at Al’s Toy Barn, he notices a “new utility belt!” On the display stand rises to face the action figure of Buzz Lightyear. While trying to grab Buzz’s belt, Ultra Buzz returns, mistaking him for an alien assistant and giving him a good fight. Ultra Buzz, not realizing that he is a toy, is overpowered by Andy’s Buzz and takes him prisoner. Ultra Buzz uses Buzz Lightyear’s refrigerator as a prison. He ties up Andy’s Buzz and puts him in a cardboard box while Andy’s Buzz tries to convince Ultra Buzz that he is a toy, but he ignores it. Frustrated by Andy’s Buzz’s “jealousy”, Ultra Buzz separates Andy’s Buzz by putting him on the floor with the new Buzz Lightyear toys. Although he showed Andy’s Buzz on the screen, Ultra Buzz was not placed directly on the floor and could escape. He, like the original Buzz in the previous film, believes that he is a real space scout, although he is a bit more delusional than Andy’s Buzz (for example, when Andy’s Buzz whispers that he has been tricked into the shame of his past behavior).

As Tour Guide Barbie leads the toys down Buzz Lightyear’s path, Ham calls out to Ultra Buzz and thinks he’s Andy’s Buzz. Ultra Buzz turns on his laser while Guide Barbie stops the car. At first he’s skeptical about Andy’s games, but when Rex says he knows how to defeat the evil Emperor Zorg (after reading the video game book), Andy thinks Ultra Buzz is Rex’s friend who joins the toys based on their goal. on a mission to infiltrate Zorg’s castle and defeat him. Hamm asks Ultra Buzz where he got his belt from, but his response is that it’s just a problem. The toys leave the scene, leaving the real Buzz tied up in a box on the shelf, struggling to get out. In the office of the owner of Al’s Toy Barn (Al McQuiggin, the same guy who robbed Woody), Ultra Buzz believes that he may be a potential customer for Zurg. He asks the toys to go into Al’s bag, thinking that might lead him to Zorg. After the toys arrive outside of Al’s Penthouse, Ultra Buzz finds the air, propels the toys through the air, and onto the elevator shaft. using a mounting magnet and a carrier hook on his new tool belt, although Mr. Potato Head. Doubt about his arrogant personality (“I’m Buzz Lightyear. I know it!”). On his way up, Rex pushed the toys down the line because his little hands couldn’t hold the grapple rope any longer and Ultra Buzz lost his power, thus activating it. with his anti-gravity machines (know he’s just a toy. ). Despite the Toys’ protests, Ultra Buzz breaks away from the wall and the Toys land on an elevated elevator that takes them to Level 23. However, he is foolish to believe that his devices are still working. anti-gravity function.

Ultra Buzz does a great job telling Rex to “use your head”, as the toys use a battering ram to break into Al’s house. Later, Ultra Buzz and the toys grab Woody and go back into the air, but are stopped by Andy’s Buzz. In a brief argument between the two Buzz Lightyear toys after Woody asks who the real Buzz is, Andy’s Buzz opens Ultra Buzz’s cap (because the other Buzz died in under “poisonous” air) reveals that he is the Buzz that the other toys recognize by illuminating Andy’s written name on the bottom of his leg; Even before that, the games were willing to admit that Ultra Buzz’s behavior wasn’t for sale. Ultra Buzz is confused by his viewer after regaining his composure, but is surprised to learn from Andy’s Buzz about “Code 546”, walks up to Woody and kneels in front of him. , addressing Woody as “Your Majesty”.

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When the toys return to the elevator after Al stuffs Woody and the Roundup group into his bag and leaves the room, he meets Zurg (accidentally sent by Andy’s Buzz in the when he left Al’s Toy Barn), and fought Ultra Buzz. During this battle, Zorg claims to be Buzz’s father. After Rex mistakenly slams Zurg into the elevator shaft with his tail, Ultra Buzz is convinced that his father is gone. After the toys leave home, Andy’s Buzz meets Ultra Buzz for the last time as the other Buzz is last seen playing ball with Zurg to form the true bond of the father-son. He calls Zorg “Big Daddy”, as Andy Baz bids him farewell with a Vulcan salute.

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Use Your Head Toy Story 2

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