Usborne Write Your Own Story

Usborne Write Your Own Story – Does your little one want to write but struggle with what to write about and where to start?

There is so much to think about! Who will be the main characters? Where will the story take place? Will it be a love story or an adventure? How to make it fun and in what style will it be embedded?

Usborne Write Your Own Story

Usborne Write Your Own Story

This book has everything you need to inspire young writers. They can try their hand at creating a comic book, writing a diary, designing characters and much, much more. A cute ring binder really got my son interested in writing for fun.

Usborne Writing Box

I am an elementary school teacher with 12 years of experience as well as a mother of two boys, ages 4 and 1. I am always looking for fun, inspiring books that will engage and motivate my children and spark the imaginations of the children in my class. My experience working in a library and studying English as a degree reflected my love of books. In this blog, I hope to review “boy books” that I think will help parents and elementary school staff choose interesting stories to share with boys and girls! View all posts by booksforboys11

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