How To Start An Art Blog On Tumblr

How To Start An Art Blog On Tumblr – Ktrigun kvashvood kvash stampede knicholas d wolfvwood kmi art ki posted this back in april i immediately forgot about it and now i’m like k> : i’m uploading this today everything this is the best……

Ktrigun kvash the stampede knicholas d wolfvwood kvashvood kthis was supposed to be a quick and easy sketch to trace/repaint, but then I was too crazy kaniwais to be able to draw ghibli.

How To Start An Art Blog On Tumblr

How To Start An Art Blog On Tumblr

Ktrigun kvash the stampede knicholas d wolfwood kmilli thompson kmeril strife kpoligun kmi art kpoligun is superior because both sides work.

This Is A Stupid Art Blog On Tumblr

Hello new followers I don’t often double blog my art. but I flash your mind straight to the slider or trigon

Ktrigun kvash the stampede knicholas d wolfvwood kvashvood ki can make some arms / legs but idk if they deserve kmi art

Ktrigun ktrigun stampede kvash the stampede kmillions knives kmeril strife kvashmeril k might be the last post for a while since work hit me like a brick again 🥲 kmi art k*

Ktrigun ktrigun stampede kmeril strife kvash the stampede knicholas d wolfvwood ki i think i might be the only one who finds this funny but god i still want to post art on tumblr kmi

Ren’s Art Blog

I’m dying to know if Punisher Cat goes with VV on the board when I get the chance

I think 99% of it behaves well, but the 1% that doesn’t vv is the same as khov. How did you do this? I’m not even mad, I’m confused. ktrigun ktrigun stampede knicholas d wolfvood kvashvood kmi art k*

Ktrigun ktrigun stampede kvash the stampede knicholas d wolfvwood kmeril dirir kmillions knives kvashvood kgonna to get back to posting like once in a while recently I just got over au this last week. Don’t look at me like this, I’ll add more ammunition to this. I’m having a really good time coming up with silly ideas for this au. Welcome to my art page 🙂 hey everyone if you are reading this you have visited my page, I really appreciate every like and reblog, so thank you for your support. Here is my link if you want to find me elsewhere. Linktree

How To Start An Art Blog On Tumblr

Just a quick pic of one of my favorite characters ever, it was fun sticking to the black, white and gold color scheme 🙂

Ame’s Cool Art Blog On Tumblr

Luke <3 I'm so obsessed with SF6 and everything about it so I thought I'd draw the biggest one for now.

Barbie – Fashion Fever Disco (2008) I’ve had Barbie puzzles since the movie, however I felt like I was doing something different than the movie itself.

Billy Kaplan – Viccan was really interesting to me because Billy is one of my favorites tbh I don’t know what’s going on with this band I just knew I wanted to see him in the shirt

#comic art#graphic design#illustration#fashion design#digital art#viccan#billi kaplan#teen avengers#marvel fan art#marvel art#lgbtk#lgbtk artist#mi art#mi artwork#ia#artists on #fanartists on

Minty’s Art Blog ☆ — A Request For One Of My Patrons! :^)

Tim Drake thought I’d combine tinkering and sketching with some comic art, it’s a robin bird style, not too subtle.

Hi, I’m new here, I’m trying to do more art this year, so let’s see how it goes! Tumblr is a popular choice for artists when it comes to free blogging services. This platform provides a way for artists to connect with their fans, showcase their art online, and build a following around your art.

There are also those who use Tumblr to gain experience, build their own personal profiles, and even get feedback for improvement.

How To Start An Art Blog On Tumblr

Tumblr for artists is more than a social network to showcase your art – it’s a great platform to connect with fans and build strong relationships with each other!

This Robot Reviews Art Better Than Most Critics

If you are an artist and plan to create your own portfolio, starting a blog on Tumblr is the next best thing to do. For starters, Tumblr has a very positive community that supports artists and creates an artistic base for your art.

These are our top 15 picks for the best free Tumblr themes for artists. Whether you’re using Tumblr as a public portfolio or a personal scrapbook, all of these themes can work well for all types of art.

The first of many free Tumblr themes for artists is Square. Square is one of my favorite Tumblr themes for artists because it offers a minimal design. The overall design is basic with a mesh page structure.

So whether you’re looking for a simple Tumblr artist theme or an art blog theme, you can’t go wrong with Square.

Pepper Art Blog: I Need More Art’s For Dhmis

Perhaps the easiest theme to suit any art style, Square is designed to look like a portfolio. This means you can run this on your Tumblr blog or use it as a public function.

Square is a great free Tumblr theme for artists… and it’s one you should be using today.

Illustfolio 4 is the fourth version of the Illustfolio theme for Tumblr. Each model comes with a variety of looks, textures and styles to choose from.

How To Start An Art Blog On Tumblr

Out of the whole list, I find Illustfolio 4 the best of many tumblr portfolio themes – and stay tuned to learn more about this free tumblr theme.

Cookie’s Pony Art Blog — Hey! So, Just To Start.. This Is Not My First Blog

The creator of this Tumblr theme doesn’t offer much support for older versions, so it’s best to stick with the latest ones.

Check out the demo page on GitHub and you’ll get a feel for how Illustfolio looks in your browser (or your visitor’s browser).

By far, this is Tumblr’s cleanest portfolio theme (if you’re worried about Tumblr’s changing look), and even better, you can download this theme for free!

The best part of using this free tumblr theme is the availability of documentation that explains how to install and customize the theme for each Tumblr blog.

Inspiration Discover Blogs On Android By Tumblr

For the record, Illusfolio 3 is also a good Tumblr theme. Watch a sample below

Long line designs are very popular today and first caught the attention of Pinterest designers. It’s clear that many of Tumblr’s art themes focus on presenting a textured design that’s great for bringing light to images.

The current version of Void theme comes with great features like bookmarks, custom images, Diskus comments and more.

How To Start An Art Blog On Tumblr

Void may not be the right Tumblr theme for everyone, but it’s definitely one of the best that offers a visual presentation.

Minty’s Art Blog On Tumblr

This Tumblr theme offers a customizable layout that works with almost any type of website, from a regular blog to a large portfolio – or even both.

The best part, this Tumblr theme will automatically resize all your images to fit the frame exactly!

Tumblr is known as one of the best sites for artists to display their portfolios for two main reasons:

If you are one of those artists who want to showcase all your portfolio on Tumblr, then Maverick is a theme you should check out.

Bunchofboneheads Art Blog On Tumblr

In fact, I would rate Maverick as one of the best Tumblr-style themes I’ve ever used.

This theme allows you to add custom tags to the top of the page to organize posts by category (such as photography, character design, and environment).

The default format allows you to choose a unique header image and design that focuses more on your content.

How To Start An Art Blog On Tumblr

Theme content allows your website visitors to have an easier time searching, browsing, and viewing images.

A Little Art Blog

In short, Maverick is the best Tumblr theme for artists that focuses on user experience and content.

The dynamic link design offers a wider range of website visitors than other Tumblr themes on the market.

Design is very useful, especially when it allows website visitors to easily download your posts and see what you write about.

Sugar is a great Tumblr theme for artists who want to use the blog as a form of media and branding.

Zerotwo’s Art Blog On Tumblr

This theme focuses heavily on content and is therefore perfect for those blogs that have more content than images.

Art is always a visual medium. Artists looking to create portfolios understand that the best way to get noticed in the online world is by using great images.

That’s exactly what you see on the Eclipse Tumblr theme. It also works in a grid format, but the grid takes up more than the page. Everything is filled with large thumbnails.

How To Start An Art Blog On Tumblr

At first glance, this Tumblr theme offers a disappointing experience as all the images are larger in size. At the same time, navigation is very fluid and allows visitors to easily move from one section to another.

Owosa’s Art Blog On Tumblr

I love the evil theme for several reasons. For starters, this is a Tumblr theme that focuses heavily on images. Artistically, this is completely impossible.

Additionally, navigation and sharing options are readily available on each thumbnail allowing website visitors to quickly access commands such as search, restore or save.

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