Toy Story Collection Woody Doll

Toy Story Collection Woody Doll – I love the Toy Story franchise (and now they’re coming out with a fourth installment this summer!), but the merchandise for these lovable characters is a huge disappointment. I mean, they’re toy characters and they even look like legit toys in the movie, so I don’t understand the greedy-ass corporations like Disney, Pixar, and toy manufacturers (especially Thinkway Toys, the licensed manufacturer for Toy Story) which continues to do. mediocre products that don’t even match the characters! (Lovely corporate capitalist pigs!)

First, I’m talking about the characters that have been made specifically for the movies, like Woody and Buzz, and the rest of the Roundup Gang… I mean, Mr. Potato Head was a toy

Toy Story Collection Woody Doll

Toy Story Collection Woody Doll

, as well as others such as Barbie, trolls, etch-a-sketch, etc. – those games are independent of the movie franchise and have been around for decades even before the movies were created. Second, Woody and Buzz might be the easiest toys to recreate – because they were real toys in the movies too!

Toy Story Woody Toy Story

Woody is about 16 inches tall. It has a plastic face, with a padded body. It’s like the Elf on the Shelf in a cowboy outfit. I keep teasing Woody’s smile. In the movies, when Woody is in toy mode, he does not show his teeth when he smiles and does not have an open mouth smile; he has his mouth closed, lips closed, smiling. His cowboy hat is detachable. She’s a bendable doll that can pose (again like that damn Elf on the Shelf!). His hands are plastic. Her clothes are made of cloth just like every dress Barbie has ever come out with! It’s a doll that says a bunch of phrases like:

So I don’t understand why Thinkway keeps getting it wrong; specifically why they always do it with an open mouth, teeth showing smile; or why he can’t say his signature toy lines when you pull the string on his back instead of hearing him say like 20-30 sentences that are out of sync with the movie.

Woody in Toy mode in the movie franchise … very easy for Thinkway to recreate a movie-correct version of Woody if they wanted to … I mean, even in the movies he’s a real toy for crying out loud high!

Got that Woody was a “classic toy”, which they definitely don’t make anymore – but I thought it was in the same category as what my friend does (she does handmade dolls from her home, and her dolls cost from $250 and up.); so imagine in the 1950’s a handmade doll like Woody would probably cost around $10…they definitely don’t make things like they used to!

Disney Pixar Toy Story Signature Collection Talking Woody The Sheriff Figure New

Even factory mass-produced toys were better back then (in movie 2, Stinky Pete said it spent decades on a store shelf); Stinky Pete was mint in the box, unopened, so you can infer that Woody was sold in dime stores too – and everyone knows that’s the equivalent of a dime store back in the day which is now the General Dollar or the Family Dollar.

According to movie 2, when Al steals Woody, he claims that Woody has “a hand-painted face, a vest sewn from a natural dye blanket, and a hand-sewn polyvinyl hat.” The cryptic toy repairman who fixes Woody in film 2 shows that Woody has a plastic head, face and hands; the rest of it is stuffing.

He has large, round, white eyes with brown pupils (in movie 2 the toy fixer cleans Woody’s eyes with a Q-tip and probably some kind of polished finish), and painted brown eyebrows that are lined evenly (Thinkway never did. Woody with the eyebrows lined), and the real Woody in the movie has no eyelashes! She has textured hair that has been dyed brown, with sideburns and a widow’s peak. It has a long pointed triangular nose, and pink cheeks (as in the tip of the nose).

Toy Story Collection Woody Doll

Her dress is very detailed. He has cowboy boots probably made of the same material as his cowboy hat, with gold spurs on both sides of his boots; probably a sheath made of polyvinyl like his hat; and his shirt was apparently made of the same “stitched natural dye blanket” as his vest; with a belt probably made of polyvinyl like his cap, shoes, and holster, and jeans; and a gold plastic sheriff’s badge with the word “SHERIFF” in the middle. It’s complete with a drawstring in the back so to speak, with a white ring attached – this can definitely be mass produced in a factory in China (without all the hand painting and hand stitching!).

These Creepy Woody In Hong Kong Pics Will Give Toy Story 4 Fans Doll Ptsd Like The Movie

The Woody (Thinkway) Toy Story Collection edition had many high quality features and details that were very accurate to the film; like Woody’s jeans are real jeans material, with the back pockets. The Toy Story Collection edition is the most accurate Woody doll from the film, but it is no longer in production – it has been replaced by a more expensive, but lower quality, Signature Collection Woody edition. The only thing that keeps the Toy Story Collection Woody from being perfect is that his eyebrows are not symmetrical, he has eyelashes, and he has an open mouth smile.

(Tinkway Toys) Toy Story Collection Wooden edition, the most accurate version of the movie that Thinkway has made to date … but out of production, replaced by the lower “Signature Collection” line (but more expensive).

Even Disney’s Toy Story Signature Collection, which currently sells for $90 at Target (and replaced the first edition, Toy Story Collection line), doesn’t get the toys right, and in fact it inferior to the first edition. The movie already gives all the blueprints Thinkway to make an authentic Woody toy movie (because it’s a real toy in the movie!)… So I don’t understand the reluctance to actually make a legit Woody doll. US $ 70.39 (approx.) S$95.32) Reliable international shipping company worldwide including detailed tracking and hassle-free returns. Learn more. See shipping details

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Toy Story Signature Collection Woody Thinkway Toys English Version 2202 Y

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Toy Story Collection Woody Doll

The price shown includes GST. The final charge may differ depending on the delivery address. Learn more Learn more about Goods and Services Tax. Thinkway Toy Story Collection toys are certainly not just released, but in order to continue providing quality content on our website, we have taken a bunch of original photos for you to check out. In case you haven’t heard of this collection before… there is a special set of Toy Story toys based on it

Toy Story Thinkway Toys Signature Collection Sheriff Woody Doll Disney Pixar

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