The Story Of My Life Essay

The Story Of My Life Essay – Happiest Day of My Life Essay – Long and Short Essays on Happiest Day of My Life for Competitive Exam Aspirants, Kids & Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 Happy days of my life essay 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 words in english help students for their class assignments, comprehension assignments and even competitive exams.

There is almost no living being, which has never faced ups and downs in its life Life is full of good and bad things Some of them may be forgotten with time, while others leave a lasting impression on the mind A person feels happy when he is fortunate, but when he is faced with misfortune he becomes depressed A wise man is one who does not rejoice too much in prosperity and does not think too much about adversity

The Story Of My Life Essay

The Story Of My Life Essay

Last year I passed the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination Although I gave my best, I am not sure that I can score well Anything less than first division will definitely be a hindrance to my future career A day before my expected results, I spent a restless night The next morning, I and many friends rushed straight to school and went straight to the display board

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Starting at eye level, I go down the list with my heart rate rising as I go down. I stared at the list with a heavy heart that my name was not there And there! I looked again Yes, my second name in the list I not only secured first division, but also stood second in my class God granted my wish I feel grateful to him My friends also passed with good grades To celebrate our success, we decided to have a picnic

We reached at 12 noon at Chahala, a beautiful picnic resort The large number of visitors did not dampen our enthusiasm to find the giant trees along the canal We spread the bed and opened the food basket Live music and delicious food washed away all the tension of the past few days A loud voice suddenly broke the idealistic atmosphere The sound came from across the canal. I immediately rushed to the canal and was shocked to see a boy drowning He cried for help.

I jumped into the canal and swam towards the drowning boy. After much struggle I dragged him to the bank His condition was very bad. When I looked at him closely, I was surprised to see that he was an old classmate of mine He was given medical attention and regained consciousness after a while. I am glad to see that he has recovered. My joy knew no bounds as I saved the life of my son, who is my old friend

The day was full of joy and happiness I not only secured second place, but also did a brave and noble deed by saving a boy from the jaws of death. Today will be the happiest day of my life In my childhood, my dream was always to become a doctor Apart from that, I also prayed hard that my childhood girlfriend would marry me and that she could also pursue a medical major like me.

The Story Of My Life: Analysis Of The Autobiography Of Helen Keller: [essay Example], 1388 Words Gradesfixer

My then boyfriend and I were at the same level of primary and secondary education when we went to different colleges. In college, my dream of pursuing medicine came true when we took a class with other friends. Interestingly, my boyfriend also had the honor of being accepted into medical school at a different college.

During my college life, I interacted with different people from different castes and developed the best relationship with them I advise my girlfriends to follow the same in their respective colleges as it will create the best business relationship with them in future. My future hope is to establish the most successful and entrepreneurial cancer center in Washington DC in partnership with my future wife.

I hope my love for him will reach a point where we can get married together and be business partners at the same time. When I was a sophomore in college, the two of us founded a cancer treatment foundation in New York City, known worldwide for the best entrepreneurial qualities and skills in dealing with the development of cancer. With developments like this, we are always invited for inspiring talks on various campuses and universities

The Story Of My Life Essay

Additionally, my next goal from that exposure is to develop a clinic in Washington DC when I reach my senior year of college. As I reached my senior year, I received many awards for my work with my girlfriend and as a result, we were honored to receive government sponsorship to spread my medical skills to other neighboring states and continents. Similarly, my parents were so impressed that they always provided the moral support I needed whenever I needed it I later graduated from college with honors a year later I achieved first class honors in my medical studies, while my boyfriend earned equally good points, both of us receiving free government-sponsored scholarships.

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Some of the medical care I received while saving for my future hope of becoming the most acclaimed cancer center in Washington, DC. Generally, all my activities go smoothly because I always have physical and mental support from my boyfriend. . We have long loved each other since childhood, and therefore have reason to plan our future endeavors

We were busy at the time, but it was too early to get married at such a young age because we were still in our 20s. However, during my undergraduate studies, I chose to take the same medical course, but my then boyfriend chose a new field. Engineering Field At that time, there was a visible gap between us as most of the time we were in different fields of activity, except on holidays when we could get together for a refreshing vacation at a nearby beach.

Despite this, our relationship is very close, and our partnership with the Foundation is growing stronger Apart from daily educational and commercial activities, every month we both visited different places for recreational vacations. Some of the places we visited during the four years of our relationship included Bangkok, Dubai, Mombasa, New York City, Seoul, and London. It is an expression of admiration and love for my childhood “sweetheart”. I bought him a Mercedes Benz car to appreciate him for giving me time throughout the years of our existence.

A year later, our cancer foundation received exceptional recognition from multiple states, and as a result, we provided financial support to more sponsors to help make it more accessible. Meanwhile, my boyfriend had a separate engineering company of his own, which was also very profitable He was selected to join an engineering school for a graduate education program and thus had an idea on me to manage engineering activities. I only have educational qualifications in medicine, compared to him who developed skills in both fields, medicine at the college level and engineering skills he acquired during his undergraduate studies. When we both reached the age of 30, I proposed to marry her legally but she refused saying it was too early to take such a decision.

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However, we always maintain our engagement because we date frequently During my first date with her, I organized a fun activity, and we both enjoyed it. On the night of our date, I decided to give her her engagement ring as I prepared to marry her I moved to a large, well-furnished house in Washington DC just as my dream of becoming the city’s most prestigious cancer center was on the horizon. I am absolutely convinced that it is time to marry my long-time girlfriend because we have moved into the palace together as per our plans regarding the structure, infrastructure and various functions of our future center.

I put some money into buying a 24-story building in the city to house all the activities in that place

On my second date with her, I noticed that she was wearing a nicer ring than mine, in addition to my outdoor ring. I didn’t hesitate to ask him but the answer he gave almost killed me She confirmed to me that she was dating another guy from her engineering school and they.

The Story Of My Life Essay

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