Tell About Yourself Example Essay

Tell About Yourself Example Essay – This sample essay was written by the writing staff as an example of a reflective essay. It shows step by step how to write such an essay on a simple but popular topic.

The question of who it is seems to be the easiest question to answer. But when I took the time to examine myself, I realized that this question requires serious thought. In general, the answer to this question is that I am a normal person who likes to spend time with the people I value. In addition, I am dedicated to fulfilling my duties and my dream of becoming an adult. However, there are many other things that make me human. I always try to use every opportunity to have more free time.

Tell About Yourself Example Essay

Tell About Yourself Example Essay

To be an adult in life, it is important that you ask yourself this question, especially considering the fact that it is a question that helps a person to examine himself. In general, the question of who is who can be answered by dividing the general characteristics of a person’s life into three parts. The three aspects are spiritual, personal qualities and how I see life and the community around me.

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In terms of the spiritual makeup, I would consider myself somewhat spiritual based on the life I have developed. The truth is that all my life I was raised by parents who were sincere Christians and taught me the importance of living a spiritual life. When I was young, I could say that my life was dominated by religion as I often remember going to church, singing gospel songs and praying.

Whenever I was in trouble, I never thought of any solution other than praying to God to help me. For example, I was taught from a young age that God is the solution and provider of everything that people need. That’s why I believed that until today. Furthermore, I can also confirm that all my behavior is based on religion. However, it would be a lie if I said that I still care about spirituality, just like I did in my childhood. And to be honest, it hurts me to believe that.

As a person grows up and discovers many things in the world, especially in the teenage years, we start questioning the ideas we were taught, and in my case, spirituality. In other words, my high school days helped me a lot. Although I have reduced the issue of gods to a certain extent, I still try to care about spirituality and I can prove that I am more independent in making spiritual decisions than when I was younger. This is due to the changes and changes that have happened in my life since I was a teenager. In my religious journey, I found it important to learn about other religious views in order to get familiar with some of them. I firmly believe that it is completely wrong to stir up conflicts between religions.

Furthermore, I feel that we all have the right to worship in any religion or religion that we feel is closest to our heart and soul. Through my interfaith education, I have become a person who loves and always supports diversity in different places.

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Regarding my personality, I think that I am a very friendly person, which can be seen in the way I interact with my peers, my children and the elderly. Personally, I like to be optimistic and talk about the good things in life because I believe that people have the ability to achieve great things if they believe in themselves. One of the things I’m reluctant to do is judge people based on the decisions they make. I also like to treat people equally because I believe that everyone has the right to be treated that way. However, that does not mean that he is very forgiving and uncaring.

I’m not wrong, I get angry like everyone else, and sometimes I have a hard time dealing with my anger. Therefore, I can say that this is the biggest challenge that I am facing. That’s why I’m doing my best to learn to make rational decisions when I’m angry. I have good self-esteem, I am confident and I am not afraid to talk to people individually or in a group. Overall, I would say that he is a kind and loving person – someone who always works to do what is right in society.

Finally, when I talk about my opinion about the world and society around me, I think that I am an open-minded person who believes that the world is a good place to live, just that it has been ruined by humans. That is why our calling as human beings is to do our best and contribute to making the world a much better place. I believe that change starts with each individual, but many people are afraid of this change. When I examine the society I live in, I believe that its imperfection is caused by human actions. Therefore, the solution to the weaknesses of today’s society can be found by teaching children to be honest people when they become adults. In general, I agree with all of the above – this is what I stand for.

Tell About Yourself Example Essay

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I’m afraid of the type of person I will live with. I am afraid that I will sit in a room with a hostile or unclean person. I also worry that building a meaningful and respectful relationship with a new colleague can take time. I understand that it is important to cooperate with our fellow citizens in the shelters provided by this institution. Building good relationships with others is important because college is a great way to create lifelong friendships. However, the fear that we may not agree on some issues worries me in the first year of study. For example, I fear disagreements about issues such as noise levels.

Every time I travel to a new place, I fear making new friends. I am afraid that the college environment will increase my anxiety. The student body at such an institution is often diverse. Students come from different social, economic and political backgrounds. As a result, each person has unique characteristics that distinguish them from others. The diversity will make it difficult for me to choose carefully who I want to work with and for what reasons. My fear comes from the belief that people have different motives and agendas. I refrain from making friends because I am suspicious of people’s motives. Therefore, it is difficult for me to interact freely with others in a new environment.

I’m afraid to take responsibility for my own affairs while I’m adjusting to a new lifestyle. One of mine

Tell About Yourself Example Essay

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