If You Love Someone Tell Them

If You Love Someone Tell Them – If you love someone, tell them, because hearts are often broken by unspoken words. – Pamela Daranjo

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If You Love Someone Tell Them

If You Love Someone Tell Them

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If You Love Someone Tell Them

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Other uncategorized cookies are those that are under analysis and have not yet been categorized. I’m not sure if it’s always been this way or if I’m more in tune with it now that I’m an adult, but there seems to be a prevailing attitude in society that if you don’t agree with someone’s choices, you hate them.

If You Judge People, You Have No Time To Love Them.”

We may disagree on this, but I admit that the fullness of truth is found in the Catholic Church*.

However, the truth can be a hard pill to swallow. Father Dwight Longenecker recognizes this strongly when he said: “The truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth.

Sometimes this truth is an admission that we are harming ourselves. Sometimes this truth feels a lot like a cross. Sometimes this truth feels like an attack on what we consider an integral part of our identity.

If You Love Someone Tell Them

Within this truth is love: the love of Christ who wants a holy life so that we can experience eternal happiness in union with him. I’d rather find beauty in the ugly than live my life believing something is beautiful only to realize it’s hurting me.

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Knowing that the Catholic Church promotes all that is good, true and beautiful, I want to share this with others. I also know this will be met with rejection and anger. Although it is painful, it is still necessary to share the truth.

Jim Burnham goes so far as to say: “Hiding the truth of the Catholic faith would be even more cruel than denying the cure for cancer.”

Love means wanting the good of the other. Sometimes this means reporting someone if they are doing something harmful. Supporting someone we love unconditionally and not trying to help them get better is not love; it is selfishly placing our fear of rejection above the interests of the one we claim to love.

We also need to evaluate our motives. Are we sharing the truth because we think we have the moral superiority or are we sharing the truth because we love the other person? The truth is important, but if we share it because we mistakenly believe we are less of a sinner than the person we share it with, we are not helping them and harming our own souls.

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We need to treat them as they really are: people with immortal souls, created in the image and likeness of God, deserving of respect and defending their inherent dignity.

When people talk about encouraging others not to sin, they often refer to the relationship between parents and children. While these comparisons are certainly valid, I think it treats us as if we are morally superior rather than people who are sinful and long for God’s truth and love. Consequently, I will share a personal example of someone who told me that I was not doing what was best for me. Although it still relates to the relationship between parents and children, I was an adult at the time.

While still in college, Ben and I broke up for a while. It was an incredibly difficult time for me. My mental health issues were becoming almost unbearable, academic stress was consuming me, I was very sick with undiagnosed type 1 diabetes, and the man I was going to marry broke up with me. It is also worth mentioning that my relationship with God was not good at that time. Okay, that was bad. I longed for a love that I didn’t know needed from God and sought it in human relationships.

If You Love Someone Tell Them

A friend I had known for eight years was leaving and I shared all the pain I felt. He comforted me and it eventually led to a relationship. In my opinion, it was extremely romantic: we had known each other for years, but after both failed relationships, we were single at the same time we met. In retrospect, I realize that the comfort I received from nurturing and caring for another person was filling the void of longing for God, but at the time I just thought I was happy.

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However, my parents realized that this was not a healthy relationship. They expressed their discontent with the relationship, but I ignored it because being in that relationship made me feel better and I took that better feeling as a sign that I was doing the right thing.

It wasn’t necessarily a bad relationship. He loved me very much. He helped me as I began to understand my type 1 diabetes diagnosis. He cared about me. He wanted to take care of me and give me the love I wanted. If it weren’t for the mistakes I made after he and I broke up, I suspect we would still be friends.

However, I shouldn’t be in a relationship. I was completely devastated after my breakup with Ben. I felt hurt, broken, and unpleasant, holding on to what made me feel better rather than what I truly needed. Obviously I see it all now looking back, but at the time I couldn’t understand why my parents didn’t want me to be happy.

While at SEEK I started to realize that my relationship wasn’t as beautiful as I thought and I asked God to tell me what I needed to do. As soon as I finished this prayer, I received an email from my father. In it, he beautifully expressed how much he loved me and why he was worried about my relationship.

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Although this relationship made him and I happy, and could have stayed that way, there was something better for both of us. While in this situation there was something better for us in the earthly sense, for all who accept the truth, that something better is approaching God.

The key to this story is that my father found the right balance between compassion and truth. As Bishop Robert Barron says “Love without truth turns into sentimentality. Truth without love becomes cold and calculating.”

As Christians, we need to show our friends, family, and even strangers that we care about them as people. We need to recognize our common status as beloved children of God and also as sinners. If we don’t start with love, the truth will fall into oblivion.

If You Love Someone Tell Them

If we avoid the truth, we will be

If You Love Someone Should You Tell Them?

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