Start Your Own Pr Firm

Start Your Own Pr Firm – Starting a PR business is not easy, especially if you have to bootstrap. unlimited resources; Small budgets and the need to wear hats are just some of the problems of starting your own gig.

Jakarta-based PR and communications expert Harumi Supit has been running his own brand and corporate communications consultancy since 2005. He served as head of corporate affairs for e-wallet unicorn OVO in before and after being acquired by Grab. .

Start Your Own Pr Firm

Start Your Own Pr Firm

On Comms on Asia Broadcast by C2 Media; Harumi offers some great advice for professionals thinking about bootstrapping their own businesses.

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In this blog post, We give you the main points taken from the interview about how to create PR and professionals who can manage their own agencies.

One of the biggest challenges of starting your own PR business is defining the services you offer. Harumi recommends “keeping it simple,” even when you’re just getting started.

“If you’re good at design, that’s what you do. Just do the design, the execution depends on the brand or freelancers you choose for them. By looking at one or two great service, you can do better. more.” He flew.

As a consultant, you must manage expectations and establish clear boundaries for how the client-advisor relationship should work.

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However, It is different if you are part of a company or business, he said. In addition to the above, for example, save you; industrial buildings; Or you need to think about things like dividing your power.

Although it can provide different services; When you first start out, you can spend time and money in providing these services to customers.

“If you offer design or writing services at scale, or something like a 360-degree service model, I don’t know if you can bootstrap from that date,” he admits. .

Start Your Own Pr Firm

So if you are working with a very small budget. Harumi recommends starting small and focusing on one area of ​​expertise, such as PR strategy or PR outreach.

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The advantage of focusing on a specific area is that the office can build a reputation and gain time before being able to grow and expand to provide other related services.

When it comes to bootstrap, Bootstrap prices are a serious challenge for many small outfits – PR teams included.

Harumi Supit is more than an expert in this field, having run her own consulting business since 2005.

As a network for large companies and organizations such as OVO and Grab; He works one-on-one with people on well-organized projects that require him to be a consultant and/or planner.

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“In my experience as a business founder, the challenges are the same as a comms company. If it’s more than a one-man or woman show, you have people working for you, that is your great price.”

Depending on the type of service you provide, in some cases, you may need certain “preferred office numbers” – and the bells and whistles needed to create a certain image. Especially when it comes to the types of customers you are looking for.

Start Your Own Pr Firm

However, only provide targeted PR services; He notes that there are ways to reduce costs, such as going digital or using personal business connections like LinkedIn.

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If you make a good website, you can make good PR. Public Relations is about building relationships by sharing information that is useful to others.

Start Your Own Pr Firm

Unfortunately, many rookies – and some veterans – are wrong. They believe that startup PR is all about blindly baiting journalists with urgent requests until they pay attention. Show how bad that idea is; Think about how you would feel if you were walking down the street and a stranger stopped you and told you their life story. Thinking less? Is it a little late? When the stranger asked why he said these things without being asked, the stranger replied, “You’re the one who said this, right?”

When And How

Sorry, it’s a journalist’s job to present news and relevant information to their followers. If your message isn’t relevant, you’ll annoy them. If your profile has not established a relationship with a member of the media it is relevant. With all the other PR requests in their inbox, how do they decide to listen to you? Think this way: Before offering a product, you will do a market analysis; So why not investigate a member of the media before posting them in a story?

Try to build real relationships as much as possible. Make a business connection. Instead of demanding attention, give yourself a resource. Expect good parts because they are good. Use of social media; Repost related content and offer to share articles. The best way to pat yourself on the back is to pat other people’s backs over and over again.

When you’re just starting out, you often don’t have the money to pay for marketing. You have better things to spend, like hiring your first employee or trying to balance the benefits of premium software packages. The good news is, for starters, there is no charge for public relations. Sometimes, PR firms work on your behalf to connect with advertisers. I say “usually” because PR firms will sometimes pay you to help shape your message and get the word out about you.

But you don’t need to pay a PR agency. You can build your own relationship with members of the media. It should be over. The relationship goes beyond paying PR firms to act as intermediaries. PR firms may have solid connections that can reach them faster than you can work for them, but they maintain access. When you connect yourself, you get direct access. Making connections this way saves money.

Step By Step Process To Starting Your Own Pr Firm

When I started doing PR startups for myself, I researched how to reach or “tell” advertisers. Here’s what I found:

Don’t tell advertisers anything that doesn’t concern them. In other words, if they’re not going to hide what you’re doing, why are you telling them?

Read the reporter’s past work to see what interests them and what they’ve covered. They work hard in everything they do, so try to learn about what they do.

Start Your Own Pr Firm

Don’t spam them with requests if they won’t get back to you. We receive so many requests that we cannot respond to everyone.

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Offer yourself as a source for their satisfaction. If you know that a publisher may come to you to get the information before the deadline. You’ll get more exposure than forcing them to work around your schedule.

Don’t think that just because you write about a topic, I want to write about it again when I’m done.

Keep your story short; suitable Try to be interesting. who you are, what you do Better than a little book that explains every aspect of your life.

Don’t follow up on emails if you don’t respond. Not business. There is no way to help your cause.

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