Short Story Essay About Life

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As a young child I followed in the footsteps of others; Never set your own goals or leave your own opinions on the world. I have never believed in the old saying, “You can go anywhere if you put your mind to it. When I believed that, I just plowed through life and didn’t put effort into it. Looking back now, I know that if I ever put a piece of my mind, body and soul into a task, I will go far in life.

Short Story Essay About Life

Short Story Essay About Life

Growing up as the youngest of four girls, I always looked up to my sisters and wanted to follow their every move. I was always told I couldn’t do ‘this’ or ‘that’; it’s just not possible. Over time, I began to trust them more and more. In saying that, I only did the bare minimum to survive in life. For example, I did very well at school, but I never thought about expanding my experience by getting involved in extracurricular activities; I lacked the motivation and confidence needed to succeed. Instead, I would go home and focus on other forms of entertainment such as watching TV or playing games. As I got older, I became more independent; I do most of the tasks alone, away from my family. Although I started to regain my motivation, I still lacked the confidence to pursue better and bigger goals.

Writing From The Tree Of Life…

After graduating high school in May 2010, I started working at a chain called Which Wich Superior Sandwiches in Cumming, Georgia. I knew I wanted to go to college just as I wanted to study it, but I never thought I could afford it, so I put it on the back burner and started chasing another goal. My next goal would not be easy either. I wanted to buy a car. As I watched my older sister struggle with car after car, I knew I wanted to be able to pay the full amount off my car the day I bought it. I knew it would require a lot of saving, but I also knew it would bring me one step closer to freedom. This thought haunted me day after day.

My chance finally came after a day of work after endless eight-hour, sometimes ten-hour shifts for five long months. I woke up early today knowing what tasks I wanted to complete that day. It was a freezing day on the twenty-third of December 2010. My mother and I got into her car, debit card in hand. I was nervous and excited at the same time. We went to meet my uncle so he could check the car one last time before the big purchase. After meeting my uncle we had to make one stop; flask. I withdrew the money I needed to buy my new car and we were finally on our way. We chatted, we listened to music, but the twenty-five minutes before we reached our destination felt more like an hour. The three of us went into the front office to consult with the salesman. After explaining to him that I want to buy the Chevy Cavalier he parked outside the house, he continues to pull out the papers. When everything was done, I went out to take one last look at my new car before handing over the money. As soon as I finished I looked at my mom and I knew it was time. I nervously counted the money for the master; a hundred, two hundred … a thousand and so on until I reached my total. He thanked me and gave me two sets of keys. I couldn’t wait to drive my new car. With a big smile on my face, I opened the door excitedly and got behind the wheel. After putting the key in the ignition and turning it a little, it started with a soft roar. Nothing will ever make me happier than knowing that I did it all by myself. This car was all mine; exclusively in my name, insured by me and paid one hundred percent.

Looking back now, I realize that no matter what other people tell me I can or can’t do, it only matters if I believe in myself. After buying a car, I learned that I can do whatever I want in life; all I need is the motivation and courage to do it. Although I still struggle with self-confidence, I remind myself that if I push myself more and more every day, the goals I can set for myself are limitless. All I have to do to achieve these goals is to believe in my heart that I will get there and not let anyone take it from me. The story of my life

I am privileged. Deeply, unequivocally privileged because I was loved from the beginning. And not just love, I was supported.

Contemporizing ‘subculture’: 30 Years To Life

Both my parents were born in South India to very conservative families. My grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, other cousins, and even the dog next door were all extremely religious, traditional, sexist, and completely cliche. Science may now say that parents pass on most of their traits to their children, but my parents are living proof that not all children inherit their parents’ traits. I mean my parents are not like my grandparents. In fact, they are quite the opposite.

After my parents and I moved from India to the United States, it was extremely difficult for me to adjust to the new environment. Even after I went to school, I always felt like the odd one out, which affected my education after a while. I started to hate learning and going to school. When I was younger, I let my parents down more times than I care to admit. Whether it was not getting the grades they wanted, or not working as hard as I should have, or lying about work when I wasn’t, my parents always had a strong belief in me from I’m young.

Now, unlike my parents, when we sometimes went to see my cousins ​​in India, I watched their parents verbally and physically abuse them just because they forgot to do some work or they weren’t the smartest kid in the class. I’m not saying my aunts and uncles are horrible people who can’t raise children. I’m just saying that her parenting style is a bit archaic and rather incompetent. After all, the most basic thing a parent can do is love, encourage, support and guide their children to be the best they can be. Unfortunately, it is not a familiar concept in India.

Short Story Essay About Life

I was confused about the complete difference between my parents and my cousins’ parents. My aunts and uncles were strict and impatient, and my parents were kind and considerate. And that’s when I really realized how privileged I was. Later in the year I really got my act together and started working hard at school. Not only would I do the homework given by the teacher, but I would also do extra credit assignments and stay ahead of the class, which was pretty impressive for a 5th grader. Before I knew it, my passion for I learned again and I was hungry for more. I came to school every day eager to learn and I left every day completely satisfied.

English Standard Essay On Raw

Throughout my life I have learned to be happy and look at things positively because that is how I was raised. I am passionate, hardworking, ambitious and most importantly I have a wonderful family. My family likes to have fun, joke around and just live life to the fullest. Regardless, my dad has a positive attitude and always tries to make other people laugh. And my mom has advice for me that I can apply to all aspects of my life. The values ​​my parents instilled in me helped in more ways than one. I have incorporated these values ​​into every aspect of my life and they have allowed me to grow as an individual. My parents never restricted my aspirations but encouraged me to aim higher and achieve the greatest achievements in my life. It was thanks to their support that my philosophy of life was based on hard work. And for that I will always be grateful to them. Works Cited

This essay is a personal narrative about the author’s life and his wishes for the future. The essay is well organized with a clear introduction, body and conclusion. The focus of the essay is the author’s personal growth and lessons about the importance of self-belief. Sentence composition is varied and effective. The grammar is mostly correct, with a few mistakes that do not detract from the overall message. It is the author’s voice

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