Short Story About Love And Trust

Short Story About Love And Trust – (Continued) Shortly after their first meeting, he sent her yellow roses to brighten her day and stated that the flowers upset her because her girlfriend interpreted the color yellow as goodbye. To “fix” the situation, he became very careful, checking everything for signs that she wasn’t sure about him. Nice, he said, “For the past few weeks, you’ve done nothing but please me. I mean, you went out of your way to please me, and that’s the problem. I don’t understand this situation because I’m not sure if it’s really you. Do they understand?”

He was confused, but more importantly, now they finally admitted to each other that they had trouble communicating their feelings.

Short Story About Love And Trust

Short Story About Love And Trust

A few days later, he bought two dozen red roses and began destroying the flowers by cutting off the petals and placing them in a Ziploc bag. There was a note attached to the bag: Tonight, as you lie in bed, let these petals float in your imaginary body, let each petal kiss you softly as my mouth grows hungry. She wrapped the gift in gold leaf. First thing in the morning, she personally delivered the package to her office, asking her secretary to give her the package as soon as it arrived.

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Later, when he returned from lunch, Kris, a co-worker, stopped him and said she had a phone message, and her sassy blue eyes danced at his expense, “the woman who called said ‘anger, not excitement.’ He thanks Chris and quickly exits to the left.

An hour passes and he leans back in his chair and imagines more laughter from his colleagues, she calls. “Are You angry?”

He heard her, but his thoughts were still focused on the roses. “Hi?” “Sorry.” – Yes. By the way, what pissed me off about roses?

“I have no idea? That’s exactly what I thought. Last night I thought it was a good idea.”

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When they reach home, she brings him back to reality: “You’re lost in thought, sir.”

(Roses of Love (2012) is a fictional work based on the song “Oczami nieniemie” (2005) and the poem

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