Price Of Developing An App

Price Of Developing An App – Wait, is that a very short answer? This is only a rough average, and of course the answer to the question “how much does it cost to develop an app” depends on many factors.

We promise to explain all the concepts and help you calculate the approximate cost of your application. But first, let’s cover the average cost of building an app (simple, moderate, or complex) and the basic time frame.

Price Of Developing An App

Price Of Developing An App

Attachments come in a variety of sizes—although it’s possible to provide a number, it makes things easier when you don’t need it. Let’s first look at some of the most common types of apps: simple apps, moderately complex apps, and complex apps.

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A simple app is an app with basic features and a UI (User Interface) based on a standard template. For example, consider brochure-type applications, maps, or GPS trackers.

Applications of moderate complexity are more advanced in terms of both functionality and design. The range of examples here is wide, as most apps on the App Store or Google Play fall into this category. Moderately sophisticated social networking, fitness, and photo editing applications continue to hit the market.

A sophisticated app means a fully customizable app packed with comprehensive modern features and sophisticated UI. It may include new technology that has never been used before and is developed from scratch. There is literally no spending limit at this point. The figures are based on a Goodfirm survey.

Depending on the number of innovations, application developers involved, and desired functionality, application development costs can exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Apps like Uber, Instagram, or WhatsApp cost anywhere from $100,000 to $185,000 to develop, not to mention the millions of dollars spent on research, marketing, and maintenance.

Here is a breakdown of app development cost. Keep in mind that these are approximate numbers—we based them on our calculations for a fitness app with basic functionality. Read on to find out how and why they can change.

In total, you’ll need about $56,000 to build your own basic feature app. And the application development process takes 920 – 1020 hours, which is equivalent to 4 months. If you’re looking for a custom number, search the web for app development calculators—they’ll help you estimate your project’s MVP.

Price Of Developing An App

If you need another example of an app development cost breakdown, check out our restaurant order management app Grecha: We built an MVP that cost $47,640 in 3.5 months.

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About a decade ago, every business dreamed of creating an app just for the sake of it. Startups focused more on what they could do and why they shouldn’t, so the analysis phase or discovery phase of a project was often neglected.

Even today, according to a Clutch survey, only 70% of clients go through the project analysis phase with the development team. However, the mobile application market is very competitive, so the decision to skip the first stage can only lead to reputational and financial loss.

As you can see from your distribution, the average cost of this stage is relatively low. But you can save thousands of dollars in the future.

Now that you have an outline of the app, it’s time to design it. The cost of UI/UX design can vary depending on the number of screens in your app and the designer you choose. If you change the functionality of the app or the entire original idea, you may face additional costs.

How Much Do Apps Cost To Build?

This stage is the longest and most expensive. The mobile application development team enters the scene and brings the designer’s layouts to life.

Here, the app development cost mainly depends on 2 factors. The first is the number of platforms you choose for your mobile app development project—iOS, Android, or both.

App platforms have their own specifications, so app pricing is different for each

Price Of Developing An App

If you want to save money and time, switch to cross-platform development. It primarily runs on the React Native framework, which allows code to be exchanged between Android and iOS apps. This way, your app will appear on both platforms with the help of the same app development team.

Mobile App Development Cost Breakdown [2023 Update]

Another factor is the number of features and complexity of use. Simple features like push notifications and user reviews cost less, while complex features like payment system development can be really expensive. We’ll cover them in more detail later.

Whenever the development team builds a new feature, QA engineers start looking for bugs so programmers can fix them.

The cost of QA testing is about 30% of the app development cost. However, it is important to remember that application maintenance is not a one-time process. Once developed, every application needs continuous post-release support.

Project management accompanies the development process from start to launch. This is about 15% of the total cost of app development.

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A project manager acts as a liaison between you and the development team. Not only do they manage employees and meet all deadlines, but they also advise the startup and help them make decisions.

Now that we’ve spilled the beans and revealed our calculations, as well as the average app development cost around the world, let’s take a look at how things are faring in specific geographies.

We mentioned that one of the factors that affects the cost of building an app is the number of platforms you want to cover.

Price Of Developing An App

The location of the app development company is also very important. Hiring experts from countries with low market cost for mobile development can significantly reduce the cost of app development. If you want to take the risk of connecting abroad, consider this option.

How Much Does It Cost To Build An App (in 2023)

Check out mobile app developer prices by country — they’re calculated hourly:

There are other ways to calculate the costs of developing other applications based on their types. Some features have their own small app development budget. We provide 4 examples of the most requested app features — to help you understand their general purpose and meaning.

This feature allows you to stay in touch with your audience. Every time you send a notification to your user, they’ll be reminded of you and your app—a great way to engage users.

Another advantage of push notifications is increased user retention. You can use this feature to introduce new features and offer any benefits or bonuses to your users. This increases their chances of accessing your app and doing what you want them to do.

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This feature provides a convenient way for users to view important information. In financial applications, dashboards help track expenses and isolate spending patterns. And if we’re talking about a health app, a feature like this can chart your calories burned or time spent exercising.

Many apps base their selling points on customization. The type of content you can view and other product settings are not possible without individual user profiles. They usually contain all the necessary information about the user: name, phone number, avatar, etc.

The appearance and focus of user profiles depends on the application they are in. For example, some apps enlarge avatars — e.g. Dating apps. Other apps, such as review aggregators, highlight previous user reviews.

Price Of Developing An App

Many apps have a feature. There are various reasons for this. For example, health apps tell calendar users a specific pill schedule or next doctor’s appointment date. Fitness apps use it to indicate an upcoming workout session. This feature is very versatile.

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One of the most common monetization models is premium subscription. Many apps hide additional features behind paywalls. If the service is good enough, users will still buy a subscription – no matter how inconvenient it may seem.

Running a payment module and collecting personal data such as card numbers requires a separate feature – financial transactions. This feature makes it easy to monetize the product. Without financial transactions, in-app subscriptions cannot be implemented.

We assume that you have already compared your future app with your current app. We have collected some data on app development cost of famous apps.

This social dating app recognizes the user’s location and provides profiles of matching users. Tinder’s signature feature is swiping – users can like or dislike specific profiles by swiping left or right. What else is hidden in the Tinder code? It protects Facebook or phone number access, unlimited messaging, video chat, search filters and user profiles.

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A feature-rich app that not only allows users to post and edit their photos and videos, but also offers many other features. Live videos and IGTV, direct messages and phone calls in the app, search, follow and block users. There is also built-in trading capability and business-specific account settings.

The core logic of the Uber application is to detect the locations of the user and available drivers, connect the two, and track the trip in real time.

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