Paperwork For Terminating An Employee

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Paperwork For Terminating An Employee

Paperwork For Terminating An Employee

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Employment Termination Checklist

Create and manage termination agreements more efficiently with this free template that empowers HR professionals and business leaders to handle this sensitive contract at scale.

Click on the image above to learn how to use the full termination agreement template.

Our samples are for general information only. You should not rely on them and you are not responsible for relying on them. Templates may contain errors, including illegal provisions, and may create risks and liabilities when used. The templates are not legal advice or a substitute for legal advice. By accessing any sample, you agree to these terms and agree that any use is at your own risk. Some of these templates are built using generative AI with human-assisted prompts.

Whether you expect it or not, a significant number of us will experience layoffs at some point in our careers. Whether due to layoffs, performance issues, or a mutual agreement, the process often includes a termination agreement.

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They are an essential tool for businesses looking to ensure a smooth and legal termination process. But what is a termination agreement, who uses it and how do you do it? Let’s find out.

A termination of employment agreement, also known as a severance or separation agreement, is a contract that outlines the terms of an employee’s departure from the company. It usually contains information about severance pay, benefits and the return of company assets.

The contracting parties use this type of business contract to agree on the terms of termination of the employee’s employment and to prevent potential lawsuits in the future. Thus, termination agreements offer clarity and protection for both parties when it comes to sensitive issues such as indemnification, confidentiality and non-discrimination clauses.

Paperwork For Terminating An Employee

Although termination can be a complex process, these agreements are an important tool for businesses to ensure a clear, fair and legally compliant termination process. However, drafting and reviewing large-scale severance agreements can quickly become a challenge for HR and legal teams in fast-growing businesses, who often report feeling overwhelmed by their workload. Outages are a daily reality in a large company, but they don’t have to be an administrator’s headache.

Employee Termination Letter Email Template

When a company goes through a restructuring or downsizing process, they often use these agreements to outline the terms of the employee’s departure, including severance pay, notice periods, and job transfer support.

If an employee is terminated due to performance or conduct, a Termination Agreement can help formalize the process and protect the company from potential legal disputes.

Sometimes the employee and the employer can mutually agree. In such cases, a termination agreement will help you determine the terms of your departure, including any final payments or benefits.

When an employee retires, a termination agreement can be used to outline any final payments, retirement benefits and return of company assets.

How To Terminate An Employee Fairly (checklist Included)

Termination agreements can affect different teams in different ways. HR professionals, legal teams and business leaders will often need to create and review these contracts. As with most HR contracts, you are a potential user if you have sensitive information you need to protect or want to ensure a smooth and legally compliant termination process.

However, you may find that legal advisors often draft and own sample termination agreements and usually have approval rights.

Information on how to terminate your employment contract will depend on the needs of your business and the specific circumstances of your termination. However, some categories of information almost always provide protection. Here are some common examples of breach of contract protected information:

Paperwork For Terminating An Employee

Termination agreements are legal contracts, which means they are legal and legally enforceable if properly drafted and used. However, some clauses are not enforceable if they are used to prevent disclosure in the public interest, which often involves informing the authorities of illegal or dangerous behavior at work.

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It should also be noted that some jurisdictions take a broader view when deciding on termination agreements. For example, some US states have specific laws regarding severance pay and release of claims. With all the complexity surrounding a termination agreement, it’s important to get the agreement right the first time.

For any large or rapidly growing business, it is important to find a way to create and process termination agreements at scale. Whether you’re struggling to decide what to include in your severance agreement or just don’t know where to start, managing severance agreements can quickly become a roadblock holding your team back.

Below, we discuss how to draft a termination agreement, the challenges you may face, and the provisions you should definitely include.

Drafting a comprehensive termination agreement template is key to making your company’s termination process smooth, fair and legal. This means that all important information and necessary clauses must be included in the termination agreement.

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Don’t know what to add? In addition to the main details of the contract, the termination of the employment contract usually contains the following provisions:

1. Information about the parties involved: Your termination agreement should contain basic information about the parties involved and the people affected by the agreement. This should concern both the employer and the employee to whom the agreement applies.

2. Reason for termination: The contract must clearly state the reason for the termination of the employment contract. This could be redundancy, performance issues, mutual agreement or any other valid reason.

Paperwork For Terminating An Employee

3. Severance pay: If the employee is entitled to severance pay, the amount and conditions of the payment should be specified in the agreement.

Wrongful Termination Laws: Illegal Reasons

4. Benefits and Pension Agreements: The contract should outline all agreements regarding employee benefits and pensions, including what happens to them after termination.

5. Confidentiality clause: The agreement should contain a clause requiring the confidentiality of certain information even after the employee’s employment has ended.

6. Non-Discrimination Clause: This clause prevents an employee from making negative or damaging statements about the employer after termination of employment.

7. Return of company property: The agreement should state what company property the employee must return after termination and how to do so.

Franchise Agreements & Franchise Disclosure Documents

8. Release of claims: The agreement should contain a clause in which the employee undertakes not to sue the employer for wrongful termination of employment or related claims.

9. Jurisdiction: The agreement must state which laws of the jurisdiction will govern the contract and where any legal disputes will be resolved.

10. Additional Clauses: Depending on the circumstances, some termination agreements may require additional clauses on matters such as non-competition agreements and restrictions on future employment, all of which must be set forth in the settlement.

Paperwork For Terminating An Employee

Even with a comprehensive list of what to include, creating a termination agreement from scratch can be difficult. In fact, HR professionals and business leaders often complain about how tedious the process can be. In the worst case, the process looks like this:

Covid 19 Employee Layoffs And Terminations In California

A manager or HR person emails a member of the legal team and says, “I need a termination agreement.” A legal advisor buried in work prompts the user to find it on a shared drive; they may eventually give up and email one.

In any case, the user finds a template (not necessarily the latest version), fills in the various fields in square brackets, and emails it to the legal team for review. Law will correct the various details and send them back to the user via email.

The user then sends the termination of employment agreement to the employee for review. They annotate and mark up contracts in Word and email them. If they still don’t agree on terms, each party redraws the document and sends it back and forth, usually always saving and sharing the new document.

Finally, an agreement is reached and signed by both parties using a wet signature and sign/scan/send process or an electronic signature provider. This is usually Adobe Sign or DocuSign, or a DocuSign alternative that the company pays for separately. Once signed, the termination agreement will be emailed to the relevant parties and stakeholders (HR, legal, etc.) and hopefully saved to a shared drive.

Employee Termination Checklist For Small Businesses

Low value work: “I am the general counsel, responsible for the company’s legal affairs, and I repeatedly tell my business colleagues where to find a document on a shared drive”


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