Mark Twain How To Tell A Story

Mark Twain How To Tell A Story – Twain made a distinction between a comic and a comic story to explain the factors that must be considered when telling a story. According to his book, How to Write a Story, he listed the key points to make the audience laugh. There are many types of stories, but for him he chose based on comic and humorous stories, and above all, that they are different in the sense that the first is American and the second is English. Twain talks a lot about humor, which makes it sound like a good story.

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Mark Twain How To Tell A Story

Mark Twain How To Tell A Story

For example, he said that a comic story uses simplicity in its interpretation, that the storyteller tells the story in a simple and innocent way that makes his audience happy without any doubt directly in defining the point of laughter. It may be longer than a comedy program, but it slowly turns the main point in an artistic way so that in the end the audience can enjoy listening to the paragraphs full of tricks so that the audience can understand the meaning. your story

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A humorous story that uses tonal contrast grabs the audience’s attention quickly, letting them know something funny in the speaker’s story before the speaker knows it deserves praise. Thus, the natural subject of telling the story is clearly visible. This helps your audience to pay attention because they know you are funny by nature and they cannot predict what you will say next. The story should be told in such a way that the word is the last, but still in a way that makes the audience laugh without waiting for the end. It should not be a case of the reader going around his audience seeking praise by repeating the same point over and over so that the reader can understand.

Another important factor is the ability to break space (Wachtell, 190). That is, the announcer must speak in a different way about the important point so that the audience does not easily say what the historian wants to say before he says it. That your lines are easy to understand language makes your story fake because the listener has no trouble understanding what you are saying, making it less. In order for the story to be funny, it is necessary to involve the public in making a mental picture of what they are saying, so that they can enjoy themselves after knowing the real meaning of the translator’s words. In simple terms, the storyteller must use various teaching tools in his interpretation that will help him to convey his message clearly.

The ability to use suspense as a form of narrative makes human history humorous. This is when you’re telling a story and there’s something you don’t want your audience to know right away, you pause and later continue to show an idea they’ve thought you’ve already thought, whether you really don’t know or no This makes the listeners laugh because they actually have an idea. Sometimes it can be embarrassing for them, but the idea of ​​knowing the answer alone makes them cry with joy! Thus, a pause that is not too short or too long at the end produces an interesting response, but at the same time, a pause that is too long can kill the interest and emotion of your audience because they will surely know that it will be boring. . surprise. he came

In telling a story, the storyteller should try to break the deadlock of the prose story and this can be done by cutting a studied sentence or a line known with some famous writers (Gray 12). This forces listeners not only to limit their ideas in terms of content, but also to think outside the box by comparing and contrasting ideas. It also shows the fact that the writer knows the content of the article well, and especially when the description is funny, people will let their voices be heard, which can make them jump out of their shoes. they. One of the functions of information / storytelling is to entertain, so in addition to performing other functions such as education, the audience must be ready to hear another story told about the same story.

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Although Twain tends to explain the above things as essential to the telling of the story, we see him making mistakes in the opportunity for laughs. Based on the 2002 film adaptation, we see Twain invited to be the keynote speaker at Bryn Mawr College’s graduation ceremony; He only used exaggeration to describe his experiences in the West. This is against what he preaches, because the historian must avoid exaggeration; Rather, it should be natural by clearly expressing their thoughts.

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Mark Twain How To Tell A Story

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Mark Twain Quote: “i Like A Good Story Well Told. That Is The Reason I Am

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