Make Your Own Modeling Chocolate

Make Your Own Modeling Chocolate – Moldable chocolate, also known as candy clay or chocolate clay, is easy to make and can be used to carve shapes, cover cakes or decorate treats. Although the modeling chocolate recipe is simple, there are a few tips and tricks you need to know to make smooth, creamy modeling chocolate every time.

As I mentioned before, I usually use candy coating (candy melts) for my white and colored candy clays. There are many types of candy coated waffles to choose from. Here are the top brands…

Make Your Own Modeling Chocolate

Make Your Own Modeling Chocolate

If you’re a visual learner and prefer to watch me model chocolate in video format, be sure to check out the Sugar Academy Chocolate Modeling course.

Sturdy Yet Moist And Fluffy Chocolate Cake

*Each type of chocolate has a different fat content, so the amount of corn syrup will need to be adjusted based on the fat content.

In November 2016, I published Candy Clay Creations, a 102-page book available in print or e-book that is the ultimate guide to working with candy clay (modeling chocolate).

This book includes beautiful color pictures and instructions on how to make the perfect candy clay so you can use it to decorate cookies, cupcakes, rice cups, pretzels, and even caramel apples.

Take a chocolate making class and learn how to create chocolate shapes using pure chocolate and candy melts. Plus, learn how to fix dry, crumbly and greasy modeling chocolate and how to make modeling chocolate decorations, including adorable bunnies.

Modeling Chocolate Recipe (candy Clay Or Chocolate Clay)

You can overheat the chocolate clay and make it greasy, add too little corn syrup and end up with dry candy clay, or let the modeling chocolate sit too long and end up with hard candy clay.

The soft and pliable chocolate clay can be used to carve shapes, cover cakes or decorate food, and it hardens and holds its shape when dry.

*Each type of chocolate has a different fat content, so the amount of corn syrup will need to be adjusted based on the fat content. Start with the amounts above, then stir in more corn syrup as needed.

Make Your Own Modeling Chocolate

Hi, I’m Beth Klosterboor, a professional chocolatier and baker, cookbook author and event planner. I love sharing recipes for happy occasions on Hungry Happenings. I also created easy treat recipes to share on, rice krispie treat recipes to share on, and easy cookie recipes to share on This post may contain affiliate links, but all opinions are affiliate links. opinions are my own! Read my full disclaimer here!

How To Ganache A Cake

Usually, if there’s a fudge in the cake, I say no. Or try to figure out how to finish the look with cream. Mainly because it’s my favorite medium and fiction bothers me (and a lot of people). Another factor is the timing involved and what I can reasonably get in my area, but that’s another post for another day!

Anywho…a little trick I like to keep in my back pocket for special cakes that just require a little extra detail and time is chocolate modeling! You can make almost anything with this edible clay and it tastes just like a mini roll! It’s so easy to do once you know what you’re doing, you’ll regret not trying it sooner! All you need is chocolate (melted candy, regular, white; they all work!) and corn syrup. See the links below for my favorite varieties!

For every 16 ounces of chocolate (or melted chocolate) you use, you’ll want to add 1/3 cup of corn syrup. Melt the chocolate completely according to package directions. If you’re using Wilton melts, you’ll typically heat at 50% power for 1 minute and then continue heating at 20-30 second intervals.

Once completely melted, allow it to cool slightly to avoid separation. You don’t want it to start setting again, you just don’t want it to heat up.

Composimold Make Your Own Diy Molds Moulds Model Crafting Material 10oz

Once the chocolate has cooled slightly, add the corn syrup and mix well.

Even if your hands are tired, keep stirring! Make sure all the chocolate is incorporated. It will start to come together into a thick ball. Make sure there is no runny chocolate, and once you’ve got it all, you’re good to go!

Place it on parchment paper and let it cool. It will look a little greasy and that’s okay!

Make Your Own Modeling Chocolate

I repeated the process and made some with white chocolate. I love having white on hand because you can use a little gel food coloring on a toothpick to make it any color you want! You just knead the color evenly.

Types Of Chocolate To Use For Chocolate Molds

You’ll know it’s ready when it starts to lose its sheen. Again, this may seem difficult, but that’s okay!

When ready to use, simply break off a piece and knead it in your hands. It will take on the consistency of clay and is perfect for rolling or shaping! If desired, microwave for 10 seconds to make kneading easier. I usually make everything into a ball to store the excess when I’m done.

See how I used it for this adorable little gnome cake? His hat, nose, mushrooms, rocks, his arms and legs are shaped like chocolate! His hat is actually a giant cake. I will share a tutorial soon!

This is a small cake I made in my early cake attempts, almost completely covered in chocolate. Super beginners, take note. But it’s still really nice!

Treasure Chest Cake {with Kit Kat}

Let it happen! So simple and so delicious! My kids love playing with leftovers and this is definitely a fun, edible play puzzle for kids! Turn any type of chocolate into soft, pliable, vegan cocoa that can be used to decorate cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more. All you need is corn syrup and your favorite chocolate. It really is the easiest thing ever!

Chocolate molds, also known as chocolate clay, are easy to make and fun to use to decorate cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more. All you need to make a chocolate model at home is chocolate and corn syrup. Once you’ve mastered the basics of making chocolate models, you can use it just like fudge (without the nasty taste). Look how great it looks with the Bee Mine Valentine Cake!

You can use any type of chocolate that contains cocoa butter, including regular semi-sweet, dark, milk or white chocolate. You can also use dark, light, or white candy coating, candy melts, or almond bark that contains some oil. Just pick your favorite because you will really enjoy it.

Make Your Own Modeling Chocolate

Calories: 2621 kcal | Carbohydrates: 361 g | Protein: 18 g | Fat: 155 g | Saturated fat: 91 g | Sodium: 143 mg | Potassium: 1317 mg | Fibre: 25 g | Sugar: 321 g | Calcium: 124 mg Iron: 13 mg

Modeling Chocolate Vs. Fondant Vs. Gum Paste

Nutritional information provided is approximate and may vary depending on cooking methods and brand of ingredients used.

© I don’t have time. Content and photos are copyrighted. Sharing of this recipe is encouraged and appreciated. Copying and/or posting the full recipe on social networks is strictly prohibited. Chocolate Modeling 101: How to Make and Use It, and Why It’s Easier Than It Looks One of the easiest and tastiest ways to decorate a cake.

Decorating a cake is not an easy task, especially for a special occasion. There’s something exciting about pulling out the bag, creating subtle swirls of frosting, and finishing with the perfect text message.

It’s time to forget it. There’s a cake decorating technique that requires just two ingredients, no fancy tools, and can turn any cake into a gorgeous creation: chocolate modeling.

Christine Mcconnell Deceptive Desserts Baking Tips

When I first saw the modeling chocolate cake in our test kitchen, it had a professional-looking finish with cute pink dots and fun yellow stars, and I immediately thought:

? To me it’s all looks and no taste. But instead of making fondant out of shortening and gelatin, this cake is topped with something I think is undeniably delicious: chocolate.

While you might think this cake is covered in fondant, it’s covered in super-smooth Swiss buttercream and covered in colorful modeling chocolate.

Make Your Own Modeling Chocolate

Molding chocolate is made from a simple mixture of melted chocolate and corn syrup. The ingredients are heated and then mixed to create a chocolate with the consistency of Play-Doh; it is easy to carve and shape by hand and becomes malleable the more you work with it.

Chocolate Balls / Balloon Spheres Cake Tutorial

The resulting chocolate can be rolled and cut into various shapes and designs. It is the perfect edible decoration for cakes, cupcakes or any dessert you want to decorate.

You will need 1 1/3 cups (227 grams) of chopped semisweet, bittersweet, or white chocolate. Avoid using chocolate chips – chocolate chips contain stabilizers

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