Make Your Own Lash Brand

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Make Your Own Lash Brand

Make Your Own Lash Brand

An eyelash artist’s dream is to become an eyelash supplier! Creating your own brand of eyelashes is fun and exciting, but many people don’t know where to start! Where do you start? From building your brand, finding a good quality supplier, spending thousands on products, creating a website and attracting customers in this highly competitive industry is difficult and time consuming! So, we’ve done the hard work for you! In this online course you will not only learn how to build your own successful eyelash supplies brand, but you will also learn how to start your own eyelash supplies brand.

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Yes! There are already eyelash suppliers out there! But thousands of new eyelash stores are popping up every minute! That being said, many lash techs are known to struggle to find quality suppliers who always have stock! So there is still a place for you in this branch! The beauty industry is expanding rapidly and now is the time to start this journey before it’s too late! If you make a purchase from one of the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

If you love makeup, beauty and everything that goes with it, learning how to start your own eyelash business from home is the perfect opportunity for you.

In this post I will give you some tips and guidelines on how to become an eyelash artist, eyelash retailer or start your own eyelash brand.

From deciding where to run your eyelash extension business to how to do your initial marketing, we’ve covered the points leading up to those first customers.

How To Start Your Own Lash Business From Home In 2023

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The great thing about starting an eyelash extension business is that you can do it on the weekends. You don’t have to go straight away.

Ultimately, this business has a lot of potential to be a full-time career and become a full-fledged business with employees and all!

Make Your Own Lash Brand

If you enjoy helping people with eyelashes, you should pursue it. Put together an eyelash business plan and start working today!

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Running your own eyelash business gives you freedom and flexibility that you don’t get in a normal 9-5.

This makes it a great business choice for busy moms or anyone who wants a business that fits into their current lifestyle.

As you can see, there are many benefits to becoming an esthetician or running a beauty business. After all, it’s a great way to make money.

Although there are many advantages to starting an eyelash business, it is important to remember that it is not all easy.

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Starting your own business takes work, so you have to be willing to put in the time and effort if you want to make it successful.

That being said, there are many more benefits to owning your own business than working a 9-5 job for someone else!

If you are a certified eyelash technician, you will want to register your new business for tax purposes.

Make Your Own Lash Brand

The most popular business structure and easiest way to start a small beauty business is usually an LLC or sole proprietorship (make sure you choose an available beauty business name).

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An LLC limits your personal liability when it comes to the business. If your business goes into debt or gets into legal trouble, you are not personally liable.

You will also need an employer identification number. This is also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number and is required if you want to open a business bank account or hire employees for your business.

The important thing is that you can perform your eyelash services somewhere safe, clean and convenient for your clients and potential clients.

If you plan to start an eyelash line on a tight budget, visiting clients’ homes or running your eyelash business from your own home can be a cheaper option.

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Even if you work from your own home, you can provide a professional space to host your clients.

When you start growing, you can rent a room or chair in a hair or nail salon and open your own lash studio (if so, see our list of nail salon names).

This will make your lash business look more professional and trustworthy, as well as attract more business from passers-by (so you’ll want to choose your lash business carefully).

Make Your Own Lash Brand

When starting your own successful eyelash line, investing in high quality false eyelashes, glue and other eyelash extensions is essential.

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By using quality products, you can ensure that your work is of the highest quality, bringing joy and satisfaction to your customers.

It’s a good idea to find out what other local lash technicians are charging to make sure you’re competitive but still making a good profit.

Once you’ve decided what to pay, you can create a ‘menu’ of eyelash treatments. Be clear about everything you offer for customers to see in order to make more sales.

You can create a special offer for customers who want to come to you every month to have their eyelashes done.

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Before you start offering your eyelash services to the general public, you need to create marketing materials.

Because eyelash extensions are such a visual thing, it’s important to have great pictures of your work to show potential clients.

You can start working with your family and friends who are happy to be used this way!

Make Your Own Lash Brand

You can use these images in your marketing materials and social media to promote your services.

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If you want your business to be found by people searching for eyelash services online, you need to have a professional looking website.

Your website will be your customers’ first impression of your business, so getting it right is important.

You can build your own website with Bluehost, which starts at $2.95 per month and includes a free domain.

When you sign up for a hosting plan, you can install WordPress with a single click and have your site up and running in hours.

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The theme has a variety of templates to choose from so you can create a look you want. Learn more in our Astra 3.0 review.

You may also want to add an appointment booking facility to your website. A great option for this is Calendly which you can install on your website for free!

To give your customers all the information they need, you need to add some important pages to the website.

Make Your Own Lash Brand

By adding these pages to your website, customers are provided with all the information they need before booking with you.

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Now that your business is ready to receive customers, you want to start your business.

You don’t have to be active on every social media platform, but it’s a good idea to choose at least 2 platforms where your target audience spends time.

An important thing to remember here is that Lash Business is a local business, so you need to target people based on location.

A site like TikTok might get you a following, but they don’t want to book your services.

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Facebook allows you to target people with ads based on their location and other demographics such as gender, age and interests.

It costs 5 times more to get a new customer than it does to get repeat business from existing customers.

We hope this guide to opening an eyelash store has given you what you need to get started!

Make Your Own Lash Brand

Starting your own business can seem scary at first, but in most businesses it’s worth the leap. Having the freedom to create your own schedule can be life-changing.

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As you build your lash line and attract more and more potential customers, you will find yourself building a very successful and scalable e-commerce lash brand. Check out my Amazon FBA in 30 days case study for even more inspiration!

Running your own business gives you the power to control how much you earn each month, something you’ll never get in a 9-5 job working for someone else!

Are you still undecided about what type of business you want to start, but want more flexibility with your time?

Emily started her first blog in 2013, after which she was drawn into the world of online business.

Build Up Your Own Lash Box

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