How To Make A Website On Squarespace

How To Make A Website On Squarespace – If you’ve been following my blog for a while, You may have noticed that I talk about Squarespace a lot. Love it. I can’t help it — after years of coding websites from scratch and trying out different platforms, I finally found happiness with Squarespace, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to clients, friends, family, and anyone else. Ask me what they should use to build their website.

But between all these posts I’ve never really written how to get started with Squarespace, so it’s time for a change. In today’s post This is what I will talk about. I will explain how to create your website strategy. How to Create a Website with Squarespace explains which Squarespace template you should use for your website. Important things to do before creating a website with Squarespace and, of course, how to customize your Squarespace website.

How To Make A Website On Squarespace

How To Make A Website On Squarespace

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How To Create Your Own Website With Squarespace (version 7.1) — Louise Henry — Tech Expert & Online Business Strategist

I’m definitely joking. These two things are completely optional. But I find that I always work better when I have a nice cup of hot coffee. Grab a glass and have your favorite song in the background. So if that’s you then go ahead and get those things done. I’m waiting.

Before we dive into the entire process of designing and building a website, I want to explain what goes into creating a successful website. And what starts with a successful website?

Your website is your online home. It’s where your followers and potential customers go to learn more about you. It’s where people come to your website. Your content (whether it’s a web page or a blog post) appears as a relevant search result when they search for terms on Google related to what you do.

For this reason, your website might be a good fit for you. It should do most of the selling for you. and should help potential customers and customers You’ll also need to “pre-qualify” most of this for yourself, otherwise you’ll have very expensive but relatively useless internet real estate.

Seo Power Pages

First, create your website strategy. (This doesn’t sound exciting, but it’s important if you want to rely less on paid advertising and more on organic traffic.)

You build and design your website to align with that strategy. (Which is the super exciting part and the real reason you’re reading this post.)

Stay with me and trust the process. And I promise you that You’ll leave with a website you love and one that will convert those random visitors into your loyal members, clients, customers, and fans.

How To Make A Website On Squarespace

First things first: let’s take care of the preparatory work I mentioned earlier. Doing this ahead of time will help simplify the entire website creation process later on. And it helps your website start up much faster. It also helps you decide and define the features your website should have so you know what to include.

Squarespace Templates: The Secret To Building The Author Website Of Your Dreams — Powerhouse Strategy

So, the first thing you need to do is decide what type of website you want. Most websites generally fall into the following categories:

OK, now you’ve decided on the type of website you want. It’s time for the second part of the preparatory work. And the purpose of your website is definitely clearer. Goals seem scary, I know, but I promise you, your website goals aren’t like those New Year’s goals where you set out to hand out chocolate and then get caught when you find a hidden Reesee cup. Is it just me? right…

Now your website goals should align with your overall business goals. And help you grow that same business.

Choose between 1-3 goals for your site. Because anything more than that would be too confusing for visitors. And it makes it harder to design websites that convert well.

Ways To Make Your Squarespace Template Look Custom — Creative Day

When you set your goal You will need to decide what you need to include on your website. This might include things like setting up a Google Analytics account, creating an editorial calendar. Creating a magnet to attract customers Email service provider integration, etc.

The next step is to make your ideal customer as clear as possible. Your ideal customer is someone who is a perfect fit for your products and services. And when you know your ideal customer Everything will be much easier. The text on your website is easier to write. Posting on social media takes half the time. And you are attracting the right people to your business.

And I’m going to let you in on a little secret: your ideal customer is probably a lot like you. So feel free to reflect on your past.

How To Make A Website On Squarespace

Now, I understand that these questions can seem daunting. But this is important. This is not a test. Try your best guess now or better yet. Find that one person online (in Facebook groups, on Instagram, or anywhere else) who you think is a great fit for your services. Check out their social media profiles. (in a way that isn’t creepy!) and pay attention to how they talk about the issue. What do you do in your daily life? And what is most important to them? Then use that knowledge to answer.

How To Build Your Squarespace Website Efficiently: Essential Tips And Tricks For Squarespace Website Owners — Jodi Neufeld Design

Keep in mind that your ideal customer profile will change over time as you grow your business. But it’s important to have some basics to start with.

My ideal customer profile has changed a lot over the years. Because I have more clarity about what I want to present. And that change also affected the development of my business. It is something that is connected to each other. Therefore, having an idea of ​​your customer profile is very important when building your website.

Wow, that’s a lot of what we covered in step 1, but now get ready for some serious fun. This is where we start to bring your website to life.

The most important thing to remember about this section is to remember that your website isn’t really about you. It’s about your ideal customer. In other words Your website style should attract your website visitors. While your personal preferences take a slight back seat, however, it’s entirely possible that you and your ideal customer are very similar. So don’t feel like you can’t use your favorite shade of blue.

Squarespace Tutorial: A Step By Step Guide For Beginners

For this part of the exercise The best course of action is to go to Pinterest and start searching for website examples.

Create a secret board. Search terms such as website examples. website design Website templates and the like and pin them while you paint Instead, add a little note to yourself about what it is about the particular site that catches your eye. Is it a color scheme? Source? Or the overall appearance?

The point of this exercise is not to copy someone else’s design. But to get a feel for the look and feel you want your website to have, for example, if you pin a website design that has a lot of bold, dark colors. It makes sense to use bright colors and bold fonts on your own website.

How To Make A Website On Squarespace

Another thing to look for on Pinterest are words and phrases that reflect how you want your visitors to feel when they visit your site. For example, if you want them to feel happy and inspired, in action You should avoid dark and moody images.

What Actually Goes Into A Squarespace Website Build? — By Crawford

Things to discover include logos, templates, icons, fonts, mood boards, fashion, interior design, food, coffee… any image that captures your attention and gives the feel you want your website to have.

I have a video that goes a little deeper into this process for you. You can find below how to create an inspiration or mood board with Pinterest.

Once you’ve created your inspiration board, open Google Docs and compile all those notes into a single document that you can refer to later. You need to notice the dominant colors, overall style, how you want your visitors to feel. and features from each website that you want to have. This may include things like:

So. All the inspiration has been collected. Now it’s time to make design decisions. In this step, you’ll decide on the final colors and fonts of your website. Including creating a brand display board for your website.

Squarespace: How To Make Your Own Creative Website, With No Code

Essentially, a brand board is a guide for your website. It serves as a guide to help you decide on the final form of your website. (And it influences every other design decision.) It’s the one document you’ll want to refer to again and again. Not just for your website but also for social media graphics. and other supporting documents that you have to design

I have a free Canva template that you can copy and use to create your own branded boards. Then write down: ก

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