Interesting Ways To Give A Presentation

Interesting Ways To Give A Presentation – If you are a designer, you need to know how to present your designs. They are very important for every designer and give you the opportunity to surprise your client. A bad design presentation can waste days of your hard work, and we bet you don’t want that.

You can prevent this with proper presentation skills. So in this blog we will review our newly launched feature.

Interesting Ways To Give A Presentation

Interesting Ways To Give A Presentation

. Plus, we’ll also take a look at the 11 best ways to showcase your design portfolio and the best tools you’ll need to do so. In addition, we will focus on providing specific design concepts such as logos, posters, advertisements, etc.

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Imagine that you received instructions from your clients to create different designs. You went through your notes and in about a week different design ideas came to mind. Now you are ready to present it to them.

But wait! Don’t rush to present your graphic design concepts without proper preparation. In this section, we will explore how to present your graphic design concepts and ideas to your client and gather feedback to achieve their business goals.

A design concept is the first step you take to solve a user problem. It starts with getting a brief, understanding the problem, getting to know the brand and its users, talking to different stakeholders, etc.

Additionally, it leads to visual layouts that can be flowcharts, digital screens, user journeys, etc. that explain the design concept. All this together solves the problems of users.

Effective Presentations; Do’s And Don’ts

But before we get into the details, here’s a quick infographic summarizing the top seven ways to present your design concepts. Don’t forget to learn the other 7 methods we mentioned after tip number 5.

Know who you are presenting to and adjust your presentation accordingly. Knowing the customer is essential for effective communication. This will make it easier for you to connect with them once you know what they are looking for

If you already know who your audience is, you can contact them by email or phone to find out what they expect.

Interesting Ways To Give A Presentation

Otherwise, you can connect with them on platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter and gauge their expectations.

Introduce Yourself Powerpoint Presentation Slides

Hi [name], I’m going to show you the different design options I’m working on at [insert date, time]. Could you please let me know if there is anything in particular you would like me to cover? I’ll make sure to include it. see you later! 🙂

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and try to understand them and their needs. Always remember that your presentation can fail if you don’t know your customer.

Take the time to prepare your design presentation. Obviously, the key elements of your presentation will be different layouts, fonts, typefaces, colors, calls to action (CTAs), user experience, etc.

Use the slide to set the context of the design project and describe the current business challenge. For example, a business challenge could be to get more signups through a landing page or reduce customer churn.

Other Ways To Say

Explain the instructions you received, the goals of the project and the end goals you want to achieve, etc. Setting the right context shows what you set out to do and helps everyone stay on the same page.

Remember, you are here to present your work, not for manuscripts. So make sure you use a good presentation template that doesn’t contain a lot of text. Instead, the designs and visuals themselves should tell the story. All of your slides help you build a narrative, so use them that way.

Whether you’re talking about different approaches to solving your problem or project goals, remember to have a focal point on each slide. This is the key focal point of the slide, helping the audience remember key points. And don’t forget to summarize all the important points on one slide at the end of your design presentation.

Interesting Ways To Give A Presentation

Regardless of what your design presentation is about, it should ultimately contain things that interest your audience. They are listening to your design presentation to solve a business challenge. So always ask yourself if the information you include in your presentation addresses this point. If not, he doesn’t deserve a place.

Swot Analysis Infographics Powerpoint Template And Google Slides Theme

It means trying to find answers to the questions you have been asked. For example, if you are presenting the following graphic design, here are some questions to answer:

People connect with stories and remember them for a long time. So structure your presentation as a story, tell them how your design came to life, what inspired you to create it, what challenges you faced and how you overcame them.

Storytelling is the best way to engage an audience. Most clients are unfamiliar with the design process, so if you share your design process with the client, they will appreciate your hard work on the project. It also helps your client understand the thought process behind your design.

You can present your designs in two ways: one to display on different screens and the other to involve in a real use case. Let’s look at these examples.

Powerful Ways To Open A Presentation With Impact

Assume that Dave commissioned a design project to understand the productivity of his employees. He prefers to receive notifications on his mobile phone.

Example 1: One way to do this is to display some mobile screens that show when an employee checks in and out, or how many hours they spend on different tasks, or when they take a break.

Example 2: Another way to do this is to show an actual use case of an employee – Michelle. In this case, you should talk to Michelle to find out what a typical working day in her life looks like. Create a questionnaire that will help you learn the facts about how he receives assignments and how he strives to complete them.

Interesting Ways To Give A Presentation

Then give it to Dave in the form of a mobile app to track real employee productivity. Through different screens, explain to him when he starts his day, how he records his work, how he acts on the feedback he receives and how he strives to achieve his goals. Finally, if you can show how much (%) Michelle’s productivity can be increased with your plans.

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And as promised, here are the remaining 7 tips for pitching your designs to clients and getting them:

Less is more. Briefly describe your plans. Don’t bore your customer with too much information. Don’t offer too many design options and overwhelm the customer. Remember, they are looking for solutions, and when you offer too many options, you confuse them more than you provide a solution.

Therefore, do not spend more than 20 minutes on your presentation. Your client will lose interest in your presentation if it takes too long. Avoid using too much text in your presentation. Avoid anything that causes your client to lose focus on your plans.

Every designer worth their salt cares about user experience (UX). And user experience is not rocket science. There are no hard and fast rules to follow. However, you must follow certain principles. Principles that will help you achieve the goals you set for yourself.

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For example, one of the user experience principles is that you don’t need to fill your design with too much text. Or you need to make your call to action (CTA) buttons visible enough for viewers/users to click. Or you may need to use contrasting colors to convey the meaning of your designs. Principles like these will help you stick to your principles and present your designs without clutter.

In the design below, the CTA button is a bit subtle and the designers can change it as they please based on customer feedback.

Plus, they portray you as a real designer, not someone who just happens to be in the design world.

Interesting Ways To Give A Presentation

Using fancy keywords, jargon and trying to sound smart is one of the dumbest things you can do when creating your pitch. Your customer will eventually lose interest when you spend too much time trying to be smart instead of being smart.

How To Give A Killer Presentation

Cursing and extra words make you look stupid. Plus, it will confuse your customer. Your presentation should be understandable. Get your message across the easy way. Try to have a clear and understandable voice.

When presenting, the most important thing is to believe in the work you are presenting. A lack of trust can lead to a poor presentation and you will end up losing the customer. Here are some tips for confidence when presenting:

One surefire way to be confident when presenting your designs is to prepare properly for the presentation. This brings us to the next topic, which is practice.

In order to deliver a killer presentation and earn the client’s trust, it is imperative that you prepare and practice in advance. Try presenting your work to your peers or friends, listen to their comments and improvise.

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