How To Write A Body Paragraph In An Essay

How To Write A Body Paragraph In An Essay – If you are an AP® Lang student learning how to write a synthesis essay, you may be wondering how to write a synthesis. The body paragraphs are probably the most important part of the synthesis essay, as this is where you can earn up to 4 out of a possible 6 rubric points. So let’s learn how to write an effective synthesis paragraph.

Your body paragraphs should prove your thesis. Each paragraph will have its own main idea and it is important to make sure that your paragraphs are in a logical order.

How To Write A Body Paragraph In An Essay

How To Write A Body Paragraph In An Essay

For most AP® Lang essays, students write 2 or 3 body paragraphs due to time constraints. Think quality over quantity. If you can only develop 2 main paragraphs, that’s fine. In fact, two strong body paragraphs are definitely better than three mediocre ones.

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So how do you write a body paragraph for a synthesis? Well, a strong body paragraph will have a topic sentence, layers of evidence and commentary, and a concluding sentence. Here is the general classification.

For the synthesis body paragraph, aim for evidence rather than commentary. Too much evidence can make your synthesis essay feel like a summary.

Remember that a synthesis essay is a sourced argument, so you don’t want to overload your argument with evidence. You need your own analysis. That’s why comments are so important.

As with other types of writing, the topic sentence in a synthesis paragraph should help reveal or support the main idea or claim of the paragraph. Since you only have 40 minutes to write an AP® Lang essay for the exam, you want to make sure that each paragraph has a clear main idea that directly proves the thesis.

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Here are some sentence frames for the topic sentence of your first synthesis body paragraph. Using these sentence frames is optional, but sometimes sentence frames help students express their ideas more quickly and clearly.

As you move into the second or third body paragraphs, connect your ideas to strengthen your line of reasoning. A smooth transition from the previous main idea to the new main idea creates a more pleasant experience for your reader.

For synthesis essays, evidence can be a direct quote or a paraphrase. When choosing direct quotes, keep them short (about 2-8 words).

How To Write A Body Paragraph In An Essay

When citing sources, look for facts, statistics, expert testimony, or real-world examples, as these often provide more logical evidence.

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A synthesis essay should cite three different sources. Be sure to include a parenthetical citation at the end of your sentence, just as you would in MLA or APA format.

For more information on how to cite sources in a synthesis essay, check out this blog post here or this video here .

Evidence must be followed by commentary. Why? Because the commentary explains the meaning of the evidence. Think of commentary as “why,” “how,” and “so what.”

Since the interpretation is your analysis, you want to make sure you have more interpretation than proof. Although it can be difficult to develop your comment, try to ensure that your comment does not repeat itself or simply summarize your evidence, as this type of limited or simplistic comment will result in a lower score.

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The concluding sentence is the last sentence of the paragraph. Use this sentence to “round off” the paragraph by connecting it to the main idea/thesis. Don’t try to outline the next main idea in the concluding sentence. Remember that the topic sentence helps create this transition.

Although it is called a concluding sentence, do not write “in conclusion.” However, you can use transitional expressions such as “therefore”, “so” and “as such”.

A closing sentence may seem trivial or unnecessary, but it can be a great way to remind the reader of your argument.

How To Write A Body Paragraph In An Essay

To fully answer the question of how to write a synthesis paragraph, let’s look at an example.

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Given that the harm people suffer from daylight saving greatly outweighs the benefits associated with it, daylight should no longer play a role in society. Many parents fear DST because it completely disrupts sleep and play schedules. At the same time, daylight creates long periods of darkness that pose a threat in winter and fall. Dark winter mornings are dangerous for children walking to school, especially alone (Source A). Teenage drivers, already sleepy, drive to school in the dark mornings observed during daylight saving time. Because of this, they are more likely to be involved in traffic accidents in which they injure themselves and others. Also, young children walking to school or bus stops face the risk of not being seen and being hit. Although not all of these accidents are fatal, they result in lifelong emotional and physical trauma, leading to generations of children who fear driving, an important life skill, because of their negative childhood experiences. Saving a little energy is not worth endangering citizens. In addition to causing an increase in accidents when clocks are adjusted, daylight saving time also disrupts people’s circadian rhythms, increasing the likelihood of heart attacks and accidents (Source E). However, in other scenarios, if doctors knew that the situation made the patient more likely to have a heart attack, they would recommend preventive measures. However, the best preventive measure in this scenario is to stop the summer savings. Therefore, if the concept of “spring forward” and “turn back” unnecessarily affects the health of citizens, then the responsible answer would be to abandon the practice, especially when summer saving has no immediate benefit.

Although the harms of daylight to individuals are generally overlooked in order to conserve energy, studies show that the energy saved does not outweigh the increased energy consumption caused by Fall Daylight Savings. According to the US Department of Transportation, US electricity use “declines by about one percent each day that Daylight Saving Time is in effect” (Source B). Yes, daylight has a small impact on the environment, but the big impact of that change is far greater. According to Matthew J. Kotchen and Laura E. According to Grant, author of a working paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research in the fall, “DST appears to increase consumption between 2 and 4 percent” (Source F). Heating and cooling needs supersede household lighting demand. In fact, it actually has more negative effects than positive. The period not only results in increased energy use, but also adds “social costs associated with increased pollution emissions ranging from $1.7 to $5.5 million per year” (Source F). These statistics show that the common ideology that daylight promotes energy savings remains outdated. In addition, there are more efficient methods of energy conservation, such as conscious energy consumption and the use of clean, renewable energy sources. By eliminating summer savings, the associated social and environmental costs would be significantly reduced, if not completely reduced. The body paragraph of an essay consists of three parts: a topic sentence, an explanation, and one or more examples. A topic sentence completely and perfectly summarizes your paragraph. An explanation is used to discuss and clarify the main point of your paragraph. And the examples illustrate the point.

I’m Teacher Phil, and in this tutorial I’m going to show you how to write long paragraphs in an expository essay (also known as a position essay or an argumentative essay). It is the most common essay written in college.

A body paragraph consists of a topic sentence, an explanation, and examples. To write it, think of the paragraph as a mini-essay, with the topic sentence as the thesis statement and the explanation and examples as support.

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Just to be clear, an argumentative essay is the same as a persuasive, expository, or so-called opinion essay. It is simply an essay where you present a thesis or argument and then prove it using evidence.

If you follow the paragraph structure I’m going to show you, your essays will have incredible persuasive power.

Let me show you the three-part structure of the body paragraph you would write in an essay.

How To Write A Body Paragraph In An Essay

A topic sentence (also known as a body sentence) is the first and most general statement in a body paragraph. It should briefly summarize the content of the paragraph. Thus, it tells the reader what the main point of the paragraph is.

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Treat the topic sentence as a thesis statement for your paragraph. Everything that follows must serve to support.

This is the part where you explain the point you just made in the topic sentence. It’s your chance to demonstrate your knowledge of the subject.

If you are writing a basic essay, such as writing for a test or exam, you do not need to cite sources. Just give a logical explanation or present facts you know.

If you are writing a research paper, you should provide well-researched information, taken from reliable sources and cited.

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But this section should still be somewhat general. Here are some types of information you can include in the Explanation:

This is the last part of the paragraph where you introduce it

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