Different Ways To Tell Time

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The Time Piece Clipart Set includes a ton of pictures to teach kids the different ways they use to tell time: Big Ben, grandfather clock, mental clock, sundial, clock, digital clock, rooster clock, hourglass, pocket watch. Patterned clock studies, potato clocks and alarm clocks Each image comes in full color and line art

Different Ways To Tell Time

Different Ways To Tell Time

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Different Ways To Tell The Time

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Different Ways To Tell Time

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Different Ways To Tell Time

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Clock reading is an important life skill, as you see analog clocks and watches in your classroom, on people’s wrists, and in many public places. You never know if you will not have a digital clock or a digital clock on your phone

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An analog watch is a timekeeping device with hands that rotate around the edge to tell the time. We use clocks to see past time

Anything that keeps moving is analog, so the big round three-stick clock in your classroom is called an analog clock.

If a normal analog clock shows 8:22 and 55 seconds, that means 8:22 a.m. or 8:22 p.m. The time is morning (night) or afternoon (pm) if you can’t tell from an analog clock.

Different Ways To Tell Time

Most analog watches have three rods that rotate around the clock to tell you the time. These are called the hands of the clock. These three hands are for the hours, minutes, and seconds.

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The small hand is the hour hand The hands of a clock tell you what time it is If the hour is between two numbers, it tells you that we are between those two hours The small hand or hour hand makes one full turn around the dial in 12 hours

The longest hand on a clock is called the minute hand The long hand or minute hand rotates the dial circle once per hour

The thin hand which is usually the minute hand is the second hand It moves around the dial in one minute and shows the second of every minute

The hands of a watch go around what we call the dial or face of the watch. Usually, the dial is numbered 1 to 12, with 12 on the top, 6 on the bottom, 9 on the left, and 3 on the right. Some numbers are within that number

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All numbered dials mark the hour. Between the hour marks are four small marks, each showing one minute. The same marks show the seconds.

In some watches or clocks, Arabic numerals may be replaced by Roman numerals, but the hour reading works the same.

One layer is the clock, which is just numbers The other two levels are minutes and seconds – all the number positions and all the little symbols in between

Different Ways To Tell Time

To read an analog clock, start with the clock. Just look at the small hands; This is the hand of the clock

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The hour hand points directly to a number only 12 times in 12 hours Most of the time, you will see it displayed between two numbers

If the hour hand points to the hour number, you know it is the correct hour. If the clock hand is between two hours, the number on the back of the hand is the current hour

For example, if the hand goes past 1, then we are somewhere between 1 o’clock and 2 o’clock. If the hand is already past 3, then we have passed 3 hours and are approaching 4 hours

Next, we choose min. To measure minutes or seconds, we need to multiply the number multiplied by 5:

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If you divide the dial into four parts, if the minute hand points to 12, it is a new watch. When it points to 3, we have passed one hour

When the minute hand points, it has passed two hours, but we say half an hour because the minute hand has turned the dial. Like half an hour ago

If it points to the first small marker between and, it shows that 6 minutes past the current hour.

Different Ways To Tell Time

The second hand works in the same way It only shows seconds instead of minutes, and when it turns one full hour, it shows that a minute has passed.

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Some very good watches do not use printed numbers You are expected to know what the bold marks mean Telling the time on a watch without numbers works the same as a watch with numbers Show that the numbers are there and choose where the hand is pointing

At first, memorizing verses and numbers may seem difficult, but with practice you can learn to tell the time without the need for numbers.

In our example below, the clock hand has passed 88 but not yet reached 99. What is the time according to this clock?

After choosing the hour, it is important to know the minute that the hour starts. We look at the long hand (big hand), it will move faster than the clock hand.

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It was 8 o’clock, so we are at 8:22 Remember, we have no way of knowing if there is a clock

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