How To Start Writing About Your Life

How To Start Writing About Your Life – Do you look back on your life and think it would make a great memory? Do you have an amazing life story that seems to have a narrative arc already built? Have an amazing personal story that you think should be committed to paper? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are probably thinking about writing a book about your life.

Life story? This is, understandably, a difficult task. That’s a lot of content to write for free – right? So how much planning should be done before starting to write? And how do you give form and meaning to the randomness of everything that happens in a person’s life?

How To Start Writing About Your Life

How To Start Writing About Your Life

There are other issues that people who write books about real life can avoid. By contrast, caste

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Too much material to work with can feel paralyzing and a lack of direction can lead to writer’s block. Also, self-reflection can be exhausting!

Then there are short questions about writing processes and techniques. For example, you should write appropriate dialogue, when what people

If you want to create your own life story, writing a book is a great way to do it. To get started writing a book about your own story, check out some great life writing examples. Just as we advise a novelist to learn from a fictional book, it makes sense for you to learn from a real-life story.

Take other people’s biographies or non-fiction stories that caught your attention. Find a great memoir or autobiography—one that tells a personal story or shocking true story as vividly as fiction. Then consider what the memoir focuses on: does it reflect the main events of the person’s life? Does it summarize their life history, then select a few moments or memories to highlight the overall story and overall theme? Or at least try to say it

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Don’t worry if the idea of ​​writing an autobiography seems daunting; Many writers struggle to write about their personal experiences, even in fiction. And when you’re telling a true story from your life, when you’re portraying a family member or recalling a particular memory that might be painful or sensitive, you’re telling it loud and proud. These are all real life events. .. Well, this is a bold decision!

Alice approaches her position as a writing coach, working hard to help writers find their voices and follow their passions. If you’re working on memoir, YA, or children’s books, Alice may be the writing coach for you: not only is she the award-winning author of five novels and six books for young readers, she’s also a best-seller. There is also a ghost writer. A wealth of experience in writing memoirs.

If you want to turn your personal story into a book about your life, be sure to read Alice’s tips for cutting down your life story.

How To Start Writing About Your Life

When my agent reached out for a writer, I found a way to write memoirs and biographies. The life story in question was that of a young woman, Carley, who died of aggressive cancer. The publisher and his family needed someone to collect the raw material of his life. Immediately, I withdrew. I don’t know how to write a true story like this: I wrote fiction. I didn’t know how to frame his particular experience. I didn’t know how to start writing.

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Despite my initial doubts, as I sat down with the idea, I was drawn to Carley’s story for all the reasons I had been drawn to it before. The intimacy and bravery of her life story is fascinating and her life experiences and unique story will be unique and challenging to write. The more I learned about Carle, the more I saw how she wrote her book.

Discovering her coming-of-age story and how to tell it opened a whole new writing life for me. Now, in addition to my own books, I work as a ghost, anonymously listening to the life stories of famous and not-so-famous people, exploring the broad themes of their memories.

A few weeks later, I found myself in Carley’s old bedroom, the bed still made. Her pink walls had quotes about dancing. Her blog was a testament to the son she loved. It was original and rare. Discovering her coming-of-age story and how to tell it opened a whole new writing life for me. Now, in addition to my own books, I work as a ghost, anonymously listening to the life stories of famous and not-so-famous people, exploring the broad themes of their memories.

The memoirs I’ve written for other writers have been one of the most unusual highlights of my writing life. Being a ghost has taught me how to write better. I learned how to listen for the narrative arc each story needed, broadening my understanding of how to write and act. It helped me to understand how each story has a central message and to find an underlying theme throughout my life. It helped me create more complex portraits and create strong characters – even supporting characters in one’s life story.

Why You Should Write Your

Listening to someone’s autobiography and helping them share it on the page has also given me many ideas about how you can help write a book about it.

Marcus Aurelius said something like this and what it means here is that your life is going to be full of stories and events. While not every moment of your entire life story can make it into a book—in fact, most of this raw material will never see the final page—at this early stage, you don’t yet know which bits you want.

When I start a ghost project, I invite my author to speak. and speak and speak We want to dig deep. What this means for you is to be open when you start writing. Write for free to play. Make notes of important moments that you might want to explore. Make notes of moments you are unsure of. Make a note of the moments that you don’t find interesting at all. Open those memories, as Mary Carr advises in her beautiful book The Art of Memoir:

How To Start Writing About Your Life

But mostly we keep the memories away. I sometimes liken that moment of sudden unpacking to a circus clown crawling out of the trunk of a small car – how did so much fit into such a small space? – Mary Carr, The Art of Memory

The Story Of Your Life…

Your life is rich and full and explore it all as you begin. You will find the full story later. For now, it’s about creative ways to dig into one’s life and find fascinating nuggets. We’ll have some prompts throughout the week in our memoir group to help you do this, so be sure to sign up for a writing course at Novelery if you haven’t already!

For example, many writers like to go back and forth in time while writing their autobiography. Because that’s how memory works.

But often, with memoir, life itself has a unique and ground-breaking element. A simple structure can actually make a story easier to navigate. Not always, but following a chronological timeline is a very useful tool to start your writing process – in line with our ‘tools not rules’ approach at The Novelary.

Remember, this doesn’t mean your final design will follow this pattern; It just helps you organize your life story as you begin your quest in autobiographical writing.

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Once you’ve started thinking about all of your life experiences, jotting down some notes, and looking at possible orders, you can think more about what your entire book will be.

Will it cover you from birth till now? Will it happen before then? Every relative and ancestor? Or will it be a wonderful summer that you find yourself on a trip to the Arctic?

A memoir tries to focus on a small point, an autobiography is your entire life. You have to choose.

How To Start Writing About Your Life

Consider how other writers have approached writing a book about their lives. One memory I like is that of Fred Sasakamoos, a hockey player on the Ahtahkakoop Cree Nations Reserve on Treaty 6 territory in Saskatchewan. ‘I just wanted to play, I just wanted to play,’ he says. ‘Game play. love the game But I never thought about history.”

Ladies And Gentlemen, Start Your Pencils

Yet his memoirs are worth reading about how history influenced his life, from childhood to manhood.

, a new story of self-discovery from self-doubt to self-enlightenment at Summer House, a glimpse into the range of possibilities when you write a book about your life.

Here at The Novel, we have courses on how to write a great fiction book. These classes are really very useful when you are writing a memoir. You have to stick to the facts, yet have a character (you!).

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