How To Start Writing A Technical Blog

How To Start Writing A Technical Blog – So, you’ve finally decided to start a blog? By making up your mind for blogging you have already completed 50% of the task. What remains to be decided is what to write and where to write.

From my personal experience, I have seen many ‘experts’ who keep their knowledge sacred to them and do not share it with others to guide them so that they do not make the same mistakes. But they often miss the reality of how rewarding the experience can be when someone gains valuable information from your content and values ​​sharing that information with others. There are many people who want to do things differently, and reading your unique experience will help them see things from a different perspective.

How To Start Writing A Technical Blog

How To Start Writing A Technical Blog

In this article, I will try to give some guidance on why you should start blogging and what tools and platforms you should choose to start your author journey. Continue to the end and contact me on Twitter if this provides value to you.

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No matter how much we think about it after looking at someone else’s post, research deserves first place. Collecting information and verifying the authenticity of that information takes a lot of time and effort. The first thing you want to avoid is sharing false information with your fellow community members who rely on your information for whatever reason.

I personally blog about the Azure cloud, which is a huge topic in itself, and of course you can’t be an expert on everything it has to offer. However, starting small and taking one topic (service) at a time gives you enough evidence to switch gears and talk about something else or continue on the same journey. You don’t need to put in the beginning as it really depends on your skills and interest which will come out with time as you grow.

First choose something that isn’t too narrow but wide enough that it won’t be all over the place. If you like cloud computing, start with Azure, AWS or GCP and stick with it. Don’t mix content and start talking about coding (unless you code) or web development, blockchain or anything else unrelated to your core subject and expertise. Maybe people signed up to see more cloud related information from you instead of blockchain or web dev.

When you write about a topic of your interest, research time literally cuts down significantly. You’ve probably been doing that ‘thing’ long enough that you don’t need to spend 4-8 hours preparing a demo or reading documentation to understand the basics and explain it to your audience. Start writing about something you are already familiar with and build on it.

Technical Writing: Your Engineering Superpower. How To Write Well

Additionally, if you learn a new technical skill, you can share it with your audience at the same time. This way, you can not only learn, but also retain information for a long time by going through the whole process of learning and sharing.

You don’t need to be an expert to teach someone what you already know! Start, start later! Why should you blog?

All subjects already have a lot of content. Why would you write about something that already exists? Why would anyone read your content?

How To Start Writing A Technical Blog

I had similar questions before I started writing and this thought kept me from blogging for so long that I finally made up my mind and decided to write anyway. The results were surprising and unexpected. Although I was working in the IT industry, I had no contacts that I could connect with and share my knowledge with. Little did I know that there were so many people looking for the exact information I was hiding and it wasn’t put into words for them to hear or read.

The Importance Of Technical Writing In Marketing

Of course, you will blog on ’empty’ for a while when you start because you don’t have enough content to get someone to follow you and follow you. But, if you keep posting consistently, it won’t be long before you start seeing engagement on your content.

I blogged in a vacuum for about 2 months before I got active on Twitter and saw what I was missing. I decided to be active on the platform, share my knowledge, post blog updates and comment on content I find useful. The results were surprising. Here are my Twitter stats from October to November 2020, most of which I’ve been blogging and learning every day.

It’s not perfect by any means, but for me, seeing the engagement and traction I got from community members made a big difference. If you’re especially getting started with cloud computing, be sure to follow #100DaysOfCloud on Twitter and the Discord channel. If you’re just starting out, you’ll find community members in your area of ​​expertise.

Enough talking, let’s get into some of the top reasons why starting a blog could be the best decision of your life.

Business Writing Info Blog

You may have heard the mantra “Knowledge is power” and it is absolutely true. Knowing something is powerful, but even more powerful is sharing that knowledge with others. By sharing your journey, content and experience, you are not only sharing content but also building trust with your audience. Carve out that unique niche for yourself as a leader or mentor to someone who relies on your knowledge to get ahead in life.

The first thing you do by writing your Strange Journey is that you solve a problem that someone is looking for an answer to. Let me simplify.

Have you faced a problem at work or in life and couldn’t find a solution on the Internet? not even in

How To Start Writing A Technical Blog

Now, if you solve that problem and write a solution to the same problem, the next time someone faces the same problem, can your article serve as a guide for them to follow? Sharing your unique journey and approach to problem solving empowers many people and gives them a new perspective to think about.

Tips For Writing Blogs About Technical Topics

There is no better way to learn and retain knowledge than to share what you are doing with others. Whether you’re learning a new technique or looking to add new skills under your belt. Sharing your journey improves the credibility of your knowledge and builds your confidence over time.

About a month ago, I started learning about Azure Web App and came across Next.JS, which is relatively new to the development industry. Not knowing anything about Next.JS, I decide to include it in my app service hierarchy. To my surprise, I wrote some articles around Next.JS and App Service and I started getting messages on LinkedIn from people who were reading the blog and had the same problem using a web app on Azure. At the time, there was an open issue on GitHub for the same exact problem in the Versal repo, with no solution.

Apart from my blog, there are no articles on the internet about Next.JS and Azure without using a static web app, which gave me great motivation to delve deeper into that technology and solve more real problems faced by other community members. A few months later, I saw my blog listed on the first page of Google results for “next.js on azure”.

It usually reminds me of the title of a book I read by Cal Newport, “So Good They Overlook You,” which talks deeply about what you need to do to succeed and get ahead.

Simple Tips To Enhance Your Technical Writing Skills

It goes back to blogging in a vacuum. You’ve probably heard it all about how important and powerful connections are. Connecting with like-minded people not only exposes you to a whole new world of information, but also encourages you to continue what you’ve started and push yourself for more. People from all over the world have made almost lifelong friends by connecting with them and supporting each other on their journeys. I’ve seen many people navigate different work roles through their connections who have referred them and helped them with new opportunities.

Don’t be alone in this journey of a lifetime, start getting involved with your community members, whether it’s web development, cloud computing or security. There are many people willing to help you if you ask!

With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to choose which blogging platform you should start your blogging journey with. Being here, I consider it a very important decision

How To Start Writing A Technical Blog

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