How To Start My Own Cleaning Service Business

How To Start My Own Cleaning Service Business – I’m not comfortable going into people’s houses, but I like to clean. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. So I think I would rather start a commercial cleaning business. How do I get a commercial cleaning contract?

Good news! Many of our partner Chris Mondragon’s strategies are great for companies that are wondering how to win a cleaning contract.

How To Start My Own Cleaning Service Business

How To Start My Own Cleaning Service Business

Chris does not require clients to sign contracts, but has mastered the concept of consistently booking work on Airbnb properties and has earned over $1.5 million in a single year with Queen Bee Cleaning Service.

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Important: You’ll also learn exciting details about Chris’ new course, The 7-Figure Cleaning Business Blueprint. This basic course is the best way to learn the “insider secret” to ensure consistent cleaning contracts from high quality clients.

While businesses are not required to execute janitorial contracts, many local business owners prefer janitorial contracts because they define customer expectations, cleaning duties, cleaning equipment, and payment schedules.

When we surveyed our YouTube community, 57% of the 2,300 respondents said they always need a service agreement before they start working.

A commercial cleaning contract is a legal document that describes the obligations of the cleaning company and the prospective client. These may also be called the terms and conditions of the contract.

How Much Does A Commercial Cleaning Business Make A Year?

New customers must sign a contract before work is completed. You need to put your signature on the form and just add the date before you send your company cleaning contract to potential clients. The contract must have the following characteristics:

You will need an attorney to draft an office cleaning service contract to ensure that it is legally binding. That said, I recommend that you take a little time to understand the cleaning company’s contract and add Alliant’s insurance requirements to the contract: your reading process guide.

If you are not ready to read the link above, we will give you a quick summary: you must have at least twice the standard $1 million per occurrence and $2 million for lifetime general liability. Larger businesses can expect commercial cleaning providers to carry other types of insurance. See Tuft’s vendor requirements for examples of requirements you may encounter.

How To Start My Own Cleaning Service Business

Most commercial cleaning clients have Net-30 or Net-45 billing terms (meaning they have 30-45 days to pay from the time they receive the invoice). When you first start, I recommend you start with flats.

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Trade accounts have accounts receivable and payable to suppliers, and payments take time. In the meantime, you have bills to pay and employees to pay. Just start with residential and then move to commercial.

You will have to decide what type of cleaning service you will offer. This means choosing the facilities you will work with, where your customers are located, creating a price list for cleaning services and preparing a commercial contract proposal.

You will have to decide which trading company you want to serve. We have divided the bidding process into 7 categories:

If you already have your commercial cleaning business running like a perfect machine, feel free to jump into different types of businesses.

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You will want to narrow down your areas for contracting services. clean When you first open a commercial cleaning service, you may not have an employee and need to secure regular cleaning contracts.

Most cleaning business owners recommend staying within a 30-minute radius so you can handle more customers per day.

Create a price list that you can give to customers with janitorial contracts. This will make you look professional and make it easier to estimate how much you will charge.

How To Start My Own Cleaning Service Business

Check out our Queen Bee Cleaning Services Price Guide blog for a price list that you can use for your own cleaning services.

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Hire a lawyer to help you get the offer to proceed in court. No one wants to go to court for breach of contract, but the business owner or property manager can refuse to pay. Contracts make your agreement binding.

Try LawDepot for easy service agreements in your state. They offer one-time, permanent and fixed unlimited contracts for a small monthly fee.

Learn more: We partnered with Chris Mondragon to create a 7-picture cleaning business masterclass. More about it here.

Focus on the types of commercial cleaning contracts available in your area. Get ready to research your competition, develop a marketing strategy, and join some trade organizations.

Cleaning Company Names To Get Your Business Started

Understanding what your competition is doing is essential to getting the best customers for your business. Check out their website and social media to find out the following:

The following sections will help you answer these questions and develop some ideas for your marketing strategy.

People want to know that what you tell them is working. How can they trust you if they don’t know you? Chris is a big believer in this:

How To Start My Own Cleaning Service Business

There’s nothing like social proof! Get reviews and social proof. Ask friends and family to write reviews. You need them!

Costs To Start A Business In Every Industry

While Chris used Nextdoor, Porch, and Thumbtack for client referrals when he started, he shared some updated tips in our latest interview:

Use them for banking connections, but if you want to do business online, you need to use Google. All these websites get their customers from Google. You can too!

Chris told us that when he first got his cleaning license he wanted to get one or more contracts a week. Then he explained:

I started cold calling property managers. The good news is that you don’t need a lot of property managers. Two or three are enough to start.

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Everywhere you go is a networking opportunity. Here are some of the easiest ways to find a cleaning contract:

Trade associations are a great way to network with other professionals in your industry. They also provide valuable resources and information to help you advance your career.

The International Association of Residential Cleaning Services (ARCSI) and the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) are professional cleaning associations.

How To Start My Own Cleaning Service Business

Requesting a quote, completing a reservation and paying for the cleaning service should be a piece of cake for the customer. Whether customers want online, in-person, or phone service, businesses should make it easy for new customers to get quotes, book services, and pay.

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Businesses should make it easy for customers to receive offers when they are online. Queen Bee Cleaning Services offers a great example of an online offer (see screenshot below). Although this is for residential premises, you can easily create a similar platform for commercial cleaning contracts.

While potential clients may prefer this online bidding process, Chris told us that for most commercial cleaning jobs, it’s better to bid in person.

Focus on concerns and needs first. Once you understand them, share your price list and walk with them to find out what they want and what others you can recommend. Chris recommends:

Using an iPad during an inspection increases the level of professionalism and transparency as the client can easily see what you are doing.

House Cleaning Invoice Template

Two different factors in my cleaning business are the online booking system where customers can book without having to speak to anyone and my phone service which has been available longer than most cleaning companies. This makes it easier for customers to book with us.

You may want to hire a call center to help you make calls. Chris recommends outsourcing it to a foreign company to keep costs down.

Most companies have to do more than people. Make working with your business as easy as possible by offering subscription payment models and using open contracts.

How To Start My Own Cleaning Service Business

If your cleaning company offers these conditions, it can make your life and the life of your customers easier. Advantages of these models include:

Cleaning Business Marketing: 5 Tips On How To Promote A Cleaning Business

Your marketing initiatives should lead to more leads for potential housekeeping contracts. Once you have found the lead, it is very important to close the deal and book the commercial cleaning job.

Sometimes people think it’s not worth it to go for the lowest hanging fruit because everyone is fighting for it. But let’s face it – sometimes people think you need a complicated, complicated answer, so they avoid the obvious, like searching for these words:

Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change. – Tony Robbins

Office managers, real estate agents, and others who need janitorial services are unlikely to look for a new office cleaning company unless they have a problem with their current one.

Need Cleaners? Here Are 7 Questions To Ask A Commercial Cleaning Company Hiring Them

Make it really easy for your ideal customers to verify that you meet the account clearance requirements. Each company you are bidding on may have different requirements for vendors and contractors.

Be open to increasing the level of coverage if the company needs higher insurance. It usually does not cost much, and the cost should be included in the client’s price quote.

Give a price list to a potential customer while you are viewing the customer’s property. That way, while you are asking questions and making predictions, they are also making predictions.

How To Start My Own Cleaning Service Business

Make sure you don’t offer a lower cost for your new customer discount than you need to provide for the entire service relationship. Prospects often want to negotiate and this is easy

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