How To Start A Topic Sentence In An Essay

How To Start A Topic Sentence In An Essay – What is a topic sentence? The topic sentence is the most important sentence in the paragraph. Sometimes called a focus sentence, a topic sentence helps organize a paragraph by summarizing the information in the paragraph. In formal writing, the topic sentence is usually the first sentence in a paragraph (although it doesn’t have to be). Continue reading for the two main parts of a topic sentence and examples of topic sentences in different topics.

Topic sentences introduce the paragraph and connect to the essay’s thesis statement, which is the topic sentence of your entire essay. Every topic sentence has two parts: a topic (what the paragraph is about) and a controlling idea (the direction the paragraph will go). Look at these examples of topic sentences where the subject is in bold and the main idea is in italics.

How To Start A Topic Sentence In An Essay

How To Start A Topic Sentence In An Essay

The topic tells your audience what the paragraph will be about and ties into the thesis. The controlling idea tells them how you will explain it in this particular paragraph.

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Now that you know the main parts of a subject sentence, see how they look at different subjects. Note that each example includes both a subject and a controlling idea.

Skilled writers use topic sentences to introduce paragraphs and transition from the previous paragraph. Topic sentences as transitions help the reader to make the essay smoother and more cohesive.

It’s one thing to come up with a strong topic sentence, but how do you back it up? Using your topic sentence as a framework, you can then fill in the reasons or evidence you described in your controlling idea. For example, a paragraph that supports a topic sentence might look like this:

Cats make excellent pets for many reasons. They are naturally good caretakers because they take care of their kittens, so they want to take care of their owners as well. Cats are very clean, and if you teach them to use the litter box, they hardly need to clean the area. Finally, cats are independent, so you don’t have to worry about them being alone while you’re at school all day. They are truly ideal pets for almost any owner.

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Notice how the writer gives three reasons to support the phrase “multiple reasons” in the idea of ​​control. All three reasons are related to the theme “cats are very good pets”. Also, the last sentence of the paragraph connects directly to the topic sentence (although you can also make this sentence a transitional sentence to the next paragraph).

Remember that topic sentences set the tone of the paragraph and should relate to the thesis or main idea of ​​the paper. A well-crafted topic sentence helps you, the author, stay focused. It also gives readers the tools they need to clearly understand what you have to say. If you’re ready to start your next writing assignment, learn how to create a five-paragraph essay outline that will keep your writing organized 2 Topic Sentences A topic sentence is a statement that tells what your paragraph will be about. . I took a few words

Topic sentence Topic sentence is different from thesis statement Thesis statement = the main point of the entire paper Topic sentence = the main point of the paragraph The topic sentence serves to support the larger thesis statement I removed some words

How To Start A Topic Sentence In An Essay

Topic Sentences A good topic sentence does four important things. Help you stay focused on the main idea of ​​your paragraph. To help readers know what your paragraph will be about without giving EVERYTHING away, I’ve removed a few words.

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Topic Sentences A good topic sentence does four important things. 3. Make a positive impression on the reader 4. Support the overall thesis statement. I took a few words

A literature analysis topic sentence should include… Title of book and author Name of character(s) if mentioned What will be discussed/focused Answer the prompt directly Have a formal tone (no “I , me, we” , etc.) ) I took a few words

State the main idea Include or summarize reasons that support the main idea Make a claim about the main idea of ​​the paragraph I have removed some words

Let’s read the topic sentence and see if we can identify the main idea (what you are writing about) Support (what you think about the topic) A healthy diet includes a variety of fruits and vegetables. Main Supporting Idea What claim is being made? For a healthy diet, it must contain fruits and vegetables.

Writing The Introduction To An Essay

1. Ask yourself: “What am I writing about?” The answer to this question will be your main idea. 2. Ask yourself, “What do I know about the main idea?” The answer to this question will be your support. 3. Make a bubble map. The main idea of ​​a healthy diet Vegetables Fruits Support

1. Write your main idea in the middle of a sheet of paper. 2. Draw a circle or frame around it. King Jacobsen was a better king than Ryan. I took a few words. This will be the topic of your paragraph.

Make a bubble map 3. Draw a line from your bubble. 4. At the end of the line, write a reason that supports the main idea. 5. Draw a box or circle around each idea. 6. Repeat for other reasons. King Jacobsen was a better king than Ryan. I spoke a few words, he made his own decision and regained his power

How To Start A Topic Sentence In An Essay

Main Idea King Jacobsen was a better king than Ryan He made decisions himself. He got his power back Support What is the main idea? What reasons support the main idea?

Topic Sentence Concluding Sentence Worksheet

King Jacobsen was a better king than Ryan. He made the decision himself. He got his power back. Can you write a topic sentence using this main idea and your supporting summary? King Jacobsen’s main idea was that he was a stronger king than Ryan because he showed superior decision-making leadership. Support What kind of requests are submitted?

Class practice Can he identify the main idea and support? “Cooking is a passion that requires patience, creativity and various special skills.” “The fortune hunters encounter many terrifying difficulties as they explore an ancient wreck.” “Adolescent pregnancy can be prevented with better education and more support for adolescents.”

16 Tips and Reminders A topic sentence is like a map that tells your reader where your paragraph is going. A topic sentence is a declarative statement addressed to your reader. Topic Sentence Has an Idea and Support You shouldn’t get lost in your topic sentence in a paragraph. If you have a new topic, start a new paragraph. In a larger essay, all topic sentences support the thesis.

In The Giver, author Lois Lowry uses a great deal of figurative language which makes her writing style unique and almost poetic. One of the most important conflicts of S.E. In his novel Outsiders, Hinton emphasizes the struggle of man to overcome the negative influence of the environment. Author Rick Riordan focuses on the responsibilities of superpowers in his epic fantasy series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Writing Terrific Topic Sentences

I believe that in The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Katniss is a strong character. In Matched, the plot follows Cassie as she learns terrible things about the society in which she lives. Roland Smith’s novel Peak is about a young man struggling.

19 Try somewhere in your notes, try to write an example of a topic sentence in these instructions… What are the advantages or disadvantages of using mobile phones in class? What is the best tasting ice cream and why? Plot summary of The Outsiders S.E. Hinton

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How To Start A Topic Sentence In An Essay

A recipe that has three important ingredients: 1. a strong topic sentence 2. state the main points your essay will cover 3. a concluding sentence  Copyright 2012                                  Copyright 2012

Write A Great First Sentence And Introductory Paragraph

1. Write a topic sentence Here are a few ways to do it:  start with a hook             (use a question or quote)  start with an outline             (tell your reader what to expect)  start with      (curiosity) (curiosity)

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