How To Make A Blog On Squarespace

How To Make A Blog On Squarespace – If you’re wondering how to create a Squarespace blog template, I’ve got you covered! It’s so easy, I think it makes the blogging process so much faster!

There are many reasons why you should create a Squarespace blog template. This is the main reason why I do!

How To Make A Blog On Squarespace

How To Make A Blog On Squarespace

Creating a Squarespace blog template is a time saver. Once you’ve set it up the way you want it, copy the blog post and it’s ready to go. If you don’t create a template, you’ll need to add everything you need to each post every time you create a new blog post. What a waste of time!

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Once you’ve updated a blog template with Squarespace, it means all blogs are designed the same way! Make sure your brand shines in all areas of your blog. This is the key to achieving your brand identity.

Having the same content makes it easier for your returning readers to digest your content and creates a consistent look for each blog.

You can make your Squarespace blog template as complex or simple as you want, but here are some things to add to your blog template.

If you plan to promote affiliate links from creators, Amazon or any other product, this plugin is essential! According to the FTC, this is a requirement, and not having an affiliate agreement can put you and your business at risk. This disclaimer plugin gives you the code to display your affiliate information at the top of every blog post. Note that it is your responsibility to create affiliate information and ensure that it complies with FTC regulations. This plugin is from Beatriz Caraballo!

How To Add A Blog In Squarespace Version 7.1

If you want to make your blog content more readable, you can add a table of contents. A table of contents makes it easy for your readers to jump to the content they want on your blog, but it also helps with SEO rankings.

If you want to grow your email list, you must enter your email subscription form. I used to have the Convertkit version and the Flodesk version, but about a year ago, I started using ConvertBox for my version. ConvertBox is not an email provider, but it helps me grow my list! Plus, I can add specific blog styles and styles and it does it right from their platform!

Anyway, I bet you will add your style to your blog to help your list grow! I put my style in many parts of my blog and the popup appears on the left side of my website.

How To Make A Blog On Squarespace

Throughout your blog, you should add related posts to all of your content. You can do this by combining text and content or creating a message box like the one in the example above. I will be creating a tutorial on how to do this soon!

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At the end of each blog post you link to other related content. I do this in a few ways:

Squarespace 7.0 used to include these, but for some reason they removed them in 7.1. I don’t know why because it’s important to make it easy for your audience to share your link on any social media platform or email to others.

I’m drinking Pinterest, but I’ve noticed that people are still sharing my blog posts with Pinterest CTAs. I create the easiest PIN and use the call to action below my post.

I don’t know if it’s because I grew up on sites that often had sidebars, but I feel like these are important for your desktop site. You can add more content to the sidebar to make it easier for your website visitors to navigate. Such as

How To Embed Medium Blog On Your Squarespace Website For Free?

Since Squarespace removed this feature a long time ago, the best way to add it is to use a plugin. I got mine from Omari

Once you’ve created a blog template you love, set the publishing date as early as possible. With Squarespace, blog posts can be scheduled up to 2 years and 3 months in advance. Saving it for the future means it will be at the top of the list of blog templates and Squarespace makes it easy to access. Don’t forget to click save

When you are ready to publish a new blog. Go to your Squarespace blog template, click the three buttons to the right of the template name and from the drop-down menu, and click Duplicate.

How To Make A Blog On Squarespace

Add your content to your new blog, don’t forget to edit settings and set a publishing date!

Squarespace Template Coach Business Website Squarespace

I told you to create an easy Squarespace blog template! Now, what are you thinking? Go ahead and start saving time and creating your own blog post template!

As an Amazon Affiliate, I earn money on qualifying purchases. This post may contain affiliate links. This means that I may be rewarded in cash or otherwise when you use them to make eligible purchases. Read my statement here.

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Previous How to hide a domain on Squarespace Next How to add a free logo on Squarespace Where bloggers (or soon bloggers) are at home?! Creating a blog, whether for your business or as a regular website, is a good decision. This is the time for SEO rankings and content marketing! Having a blog for your business is one of your growth strategies. When it comes to blogging, I’m a strong advocate because having a blog allows you to post valuable content that your visitors can enjoy (it lets them know that you care about your business well they are not just selling products) . It allows you to create long-term relationships with visitors. Whether you’re thinking of starting a blog because you enjoy blogging or it’s one of the tools to build your personal brand, a Squarespace site can meet all your blogging needs.

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Where the confusion comes in is deciding whether you want to host your blog on a blogging site like WordPress or host it on Squarespace. Not to be shady, but from experience, building your blog on a Squarespace site is the way to go. I always say in my previous posts, you should not invest in Squarespace and underutilize it (there are many benefits – one of them is creating a blog – available in your Squarespace site). And if you’re still not sure if Squarespace is good for blogging compared to other platforms, that’s not a problem. I will highlight a few reasons why creating a blog with Squarespace is a great choice.

Dear business owners, Squarespace is a lifesaver when it comes to ease of use. The configuration is simple, there are custom features only for blogs, you can organize posts, add tags, add articles, add images, videos and even add your Convertkit version to your posts. I mean you can make your blog work on demand with Squarespace! You also don’t have to manage your blog on another website (which can be tedious). You can manage everything on the backend of your website. That’s what I call comfort and style.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the blogging features of your Squarespace site. If you’re using Squarespace 7.1, blogging just got easier! In 7.1, every template you choose has the same blog design as the others.

How To Make A Blog On Squarespace

You can display a summary of previous or similar blog posts that you want readers to visit after you’ve made a post. In addition to this, you can change the layout of your collection block to a grid, carousel or list type. Is it good? With WordPress, you’ll need to use a plugin to achieve this, but with your Squarespace site, you’re covered.

Top 5 Squarespace Website Templates For Bloggers

Soon, a bunch of useful blogs on different topics will appear and the need for organization will arise. Fortunately, you can customize similar themes in Squarespace by adding a drop-down menu or search field to your main blog page. . This will make it easier for your users to easily navigate to the section they want, thus promoting a better user experience.

Another cool feature you can enjoy is snippets. Sometimes it is inevitable to have a long post. You can make it easier for readers to navigate through your blog section by creating snippets.

Having a comment section on your blog is always good. It helps to increase active participation in your post (which is a great tool for converting readers into customers). You can enable or disable your comments based on your preference. For example, not being able to answer questions in the comment section because of your busy schedule can leave a bad impression on your readers, so it’s not a bad idea to turn off your comments. You are free to edit your comment once you have finished

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