A Year Of Journal Prompts

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At the end of each year, I like to take the time to reflect on all the good and bad things that happened in the last 12 months.

A Year Of Journal Prompts

A Year Of Journal Prompts

Things are constantly changing and sometimes we are so overwhelmed with the stress and rush of life that we don’t take the time to be in the present and think about what really happened.

January Journal Prompts For New Year Motivation In 2024

I’ve compiled a list of 30 year-end journal suggestions to help you reflect on the year and move into the new year with new intentions and mindsets.

I recommend choosing between 1-5 journal tips to do at a time to really slow down and take the time to think and write about how you really feel.

So, make yourself a nice drink, find a quiet and comfortable place, light a candle, put on a relaxing playlist and reflect on this year-end magazine’s suggestions!

Taking time for self-reflection is very important and can lead to calmer days and a better future for you.

Gratitude Journal Prompts For Kids To Use All Year

If you enjoyed these suggestions, you can stay tuned for newsletters each month with a special topic to help!

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A Year Of Journal Prompts

Christmas is definitely a great time for this, but here at Intentional By Grace we also believe that the first step to getting Christmas right is the spiritual discipline of journaling.

Preschool Writing Prompts

Journalism is nothing but writing different things in a notebook. Some may call it a diary, but I like to keep a diary. It just seems bigger.

As Christians, journaling is how we record God’s works and ways in our lives. It helps us follow all that God is doing in our lives and in the lives of those around us.

I asked my team member, Ashley, why she thinks journaling is important, and here’s what she had to say:

In the Old Testament book of Joshua, after Joshua and the Israelites crossed the Jordan River on dry land, we see an interesting command from the Lord.

End Of Year Journal Prompts For Self Reflection ✨

When all the nations had crossed the Jordan, the Lord said to Joshua: 2 “Take twelve men from the people, one man from each tribe, 3 and command them and say: From this place, from the middle of the Jordan, from Li. The place where the feet of the priests stood. Do these stones mean anything to you?” 7 Then tell them that the waters of the Jordan stopped before the ark of the Lord’s covenant. When he crossed the Jordan, the water of the Jordan was cut off. Therefore, these stones will forever be a memorial to the people of Israel.” – Joshua 4:1-7

This may sound silly or even mundane and you may be wondering what this has to do with newspapers…

But I think the Lord knew that His people needed a physical sign to remind them of what they had just experienced.

A Year Of Journal Prompts

He said, “When your children ask in due time, ‘What is this stone to you?’, then tell them… so that these stones will forever be a reminder to the people of Israel.” (

Writing Prompts For A Year Of Short Stories

I like it. The Israelites needed to establish something that would remind them of where they came from and what God had done.

Year, and you want to just run over it with a lawnmower and then leave it in the trash in a dark alley and walk away. we take

It’s easy to struggle with the discipline and reflection of journalism when the going gets tough, because once you put it down on paper, you have to see it for what it really is. You have to find your heart and thoughts on the page, and that can be a little frustrating.

But when we take the time to reflect and (honestly) record the moments of our lives, we will see that “God was there.” He was there and he was at work and he is still working because he is the God that he is.

More Than 1064 Journal Writing Prompts

You can buy an inexpensive spiral notebook from the store, stuff loose paper into a 3-ring notebook, or you can invest in a nicer journal.

For me, I love the Leuchtturm1917 Dotted Journal. It has a built-in index so I can quickly refer to particularly frustrating addresses, and periods mean I don’t have to type in perfectly precise sentences. If I want to doodle or draw, I can do it without thinking about anything.

As for what to write with, again it depends on priorities and budget, but I recommend using a pen because it won’t wear out over the years. These are my favorite pens for journaling, but sometimes I reach for them if I’m feeling colorful.

A Year Of Journal Prompts

In her book, A Gift from the Sea, Ann Moreau Lindbergh begins with these beautiful words: “I start these pages for myself to describe my unique lifestyle, my personal life balance, work, and to think about human relationships… and because. I think it’s best to start writing with a pen in hand…”

January Journal Prompts For Daily Journaling Inspiration

Writing helps us know what we think, and what we think affects what we believe, and what we believe affects the lives of those around us.

Whether you write in your journal every day, once a week, or once a month, you’ll be glad you started.

Because like the Israelites, there will come a time when you must remember that “God was there.”

Your journals will be there to help you remember and share God’s goodness in your life.

End Of Year Journal Prompts To Welcome Your Best Year Yet

As we begin the new year, we have a complete list of reflection questions below so you can start journaling right away.

If you want, go through them all in one sitting, or spread them out over a month. Either way, we hope you find these beginning of the year journaling suggestions helpful in starting your year with the spiritual discipline of journaling.

Do you enjoy writing and reviewing newspapers? What can stop you or help you write in a journal? 2024 is coming to an end, and what better time to reflect on the past year? So here are 90+ New Year 2024 journal ideas to focus on your self-improvement and start the year with a bright outlook.

A Year Of Journal Prompts

The start of a new year can be exciting, and if you’re like me, you want to take some time to reflect on the past year and prepare for 2024. Taking time to reflect allows you to slow down and think about what you want for the new year.

New Year Journal Prompts For A Great Year

While you can start over and start over at any point in your life, the New Year gives people extra hope and motivation to work towards the life they are supposed to build for themselves.

It’s easy to start thinking about the new year without thinking about the last year, but you should take some time to reflect on the year you just lived. Do not worry; This post will provide you with all the questions you need to get started.

Simply put, journaling is about putting your thoughts, feelings, and actions on paper. Think of it as an inexpensive therapeutic tool that connects the dots to better understand yourself. You may have seen various diary tools like bullet journals, morning pages, planners, etc. If you’re someone like me, you like to use a simple notepad. However, journaling is more important than the tool used.

The great thing about journaling is that there are no rules. Instead, you decide when, how, and what to journal. Now, this can be scary for some people, so here are some Christmas journaling suggestions.

Unique Journal Prompts For Personal Growth

Some may ask, “Why bother with a newspaper?” On the contrary, newspapers are the easiest way to identify yourself and grow based on values. It allows you to stop and look at things differently, to look for answers, to think and learn, and ultimately just a place to express yourself.

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