Good Books For Reluctant Readers

Good Books For Reluctant Readers – At our school’s curriculum night, I always tell parents that my number one goal is to help their child love reading so that he or she becomes a lifelong reader. For some students, this goal has been achieved — children come to me with a love of literature. For others it is more difficult.

This could be for a number of reasons. Perhaps the child is still learning to read and has not developed the reading skills or patience necessary to focus on the content of the book rather than the process of reading. Maybe the child is not looking for the right type of book for him or maybe they are trying to read a book that is too long or they don’t have the necessary background knowledge.

Good Books For Reluctant Readers

Good Books For Reluctant Readers

Whatever the reason, it is my job to encourage, challenge and empower those children to become book lovers.

Engaging And Rigorous Books For Reluctant Readers

Over my years of teaching (six now!), I have compiled a list of “go to” books and authors that I know will be a hit with reluctant readers. I have no hesitation in recommending these titles to established readers as they are all excellent reads.

Author Barbara Park is perhaps best known for writing the Junie B. Jones series for young audiences. However, she has two books called Skinni-Bones and an almost identical version of Skinny-Bones that is sure to appeal to even the most reluctant of readers. A pair of books stars a young man named Alex “Skinnibones” Frankovitch whose big mouth gets him into a lot of trouble! In Skinny-Bones, he challenges the stars to win with exciting results. I remember first reading Skinny-Bones when I was little and laughing at Alex’s antics! I highly recommend this short read for both boys and girls looking for a fun book.

In the spirit of more fun books, my next recommendation is The Best Christmas Ever by Barbara Robinson. From the synopsis by Barnes and Noble, “The Horrible Herdmans are the most evil children. They lie, steal, swear and smoke cigarettes—even the girls. The last place anyone expects to see them is church. So when the Herdmans break into Sunday school and hold the annual Christmas pageant, everyone is prepared for the worst. But no one is prepared for what really happens when the world’s most disadvantaged children take the greatest story ever told. . It was a match full of surprises for everyone – including Herdmans himself.” I love this short novel. The Herdmans is scary, but very cute at the same time, this is an easy book to read, it is funny but also shares a good message about the true meaning of Christmas.

Author Mary Downing Hahn is one of the greatest writers for middle grade readers. For this reason, I recommend any of her books to my students. It is very interesting to see children wearing her fiction books. You take one in their hands, they read it, and then they go through others like wildfire – they just can’t get enough! I would recommend starting with

Our Best Booklist For Kids Includes Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Books And Bad Guys

. These are scary books, but it’s the right mix of scary and safe. Students are annoyed and want to read more, but they won’t have nightmares. Han also has great character development in his story.

This is especially evident in her non-horror historical novel: Standing on the Cracks. From Barnes and Noble’s synopsis: “Margaret and Elizabeth support everything about war: the soldiers, the reasons for going to war, even the food. After all, this is a good war and America is a good people. But when the girls stumble upon a classmate’s secret, their feelings about war begin to change. Is it really a good war? Has there ever been such a thing?” This is one of my favorite books growing up and has quickly become a favorite of my students. You will not regret bringing Mary Downing Hahn into your classroom.

My next recommendation for reluctant readers is Dan Gutman’s Baseball Card Adventure series. The series stars Joe Stosak as he searches for a baseball card that allows him to travel back in time to the era in which the player lived. These books are a mixture of fact and historical fiction. Guttman even includes facts about the players and the time period, along with black and white photos sure to inspire your students to pick up non-fiction books to complement the fiction. Guttman’s writing style is very accessible to reluctant readers – direct from many points. My personal favorite from the series is Honus and Me where Joey finds a high value Honus Wagner baseball card while cleaning out his neighbor’s basement. Students will identify with the decisions Joey must make throughout the novel and find the value. In the lessons he learned. While this is a great book for everyone, I feel that Guttman really speaks to children’s readers.

Good Books For Reluctant Readers

Children like to read about children who are like them. Perhaps there is no better author to write a “school story” than Andrew Clement. My students love Frindle’s novels.

Books For Struggling And Reluctant Readers #beanstalktop40

Is about a bright, creative thinker named Nick Allen. Nick had just started 5th grade when he got an inspired idea from a teacher who loved words. His wife, Miss Granger. Nick will create a new word, frindle, to replace the word pencil. The story set in motion by this action is fast and interesting. After I read it aloud, I asked the students what Clements’ message was. Many students noted that he had an empowering message for children – they can do anything they set their minds to! What a great message for children.

Of course, there are many authors and books you can use for reluctant middle grade readers. I love Sharon Creech

. The fun, simple illustrations in the book are a great font. I also love some of Gary Paulsen’s new books like:

Is a book I created to highlight books by writers who share the same flawed identity as their book characters.

High Interest Books For Reluctant Readers In Secondary Ela — Bespoke Ela: Essay Writing Tips + Lesson Plans

I blog a lot about children’s books (picture books to middle grades). I am also a co-founder of Read Your World celebrating Multicultural Children’s Book Day on January 25, 2024, our 11th year!

I want to talk to you. Let’s connect! Blog (at) gmail (dot) com or through my social networks.

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Good Books For Reluctant Readers

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Set Of 3 Mythical Heroes High Low Books For Struggling & Reluctant Readers (paperbacks)

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Today, David Kelly writes about finding books for reluctant boy readers. His kit is another great choice for any boy or girl who loves baseball, especially those from Red Sox Nation.

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As a father of two boys, I know how magical it is when your child connects with books. When the boys Steven and Scott were young, I spent hours in libraries and bookstores looking for books or series that would grab their attention and keep them interested. And now, as the author of the Ballpark Mysteries series from Random House, I enjoy hearing from parents and teachers of boys (and girls) about how individual Ballpark Mysteries books connect with specific readers. It’s always exciting to hear how excited some kids are about my books or main characters.

But I know from experience that it doesn’t take long for interested readers to get through most books or even book series! That’s why I’m always looking for books for kids who are more interested in doing things than being

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