Fun Ways To Tell Parents Youre Pregnant

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Fun Ways To Tell Parents Youre Pregnant

Fun Ways To Tell Parents Youre Pregnant

I’m so happy to finally be able to share how Nick and I communicated our expectations to people. I’ve been writing ever since I started telling people I was pregnant, but due to nausea and other pregnancy issues, I haven’t been able to write much. This is going to be a fun post, not a serious one. But that’s a little different, so I think I should revive my “Women at Work” series with a special post on how to tell your boss or workplace you’re pregnant. I’ve seen some not-so-great reactions (from men), but that’s a story for another day.

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If you’re looking for pregnancy announcement ideas and special ways to share the exciting news with your family, friends, and loved ones, keep reading.

I use the Fertility Awareness Method, so I was able to figure this out pretty early on. I got tested as soon as I could at 4 weeks old, but I had a premonition/some dreams about it about 3 weeks/1 week ago.

I took the first exam on February 13th. I didn’t tell Nick yet because I wanted to wait at least another day. I took another test on February 14th and it came back positive. It happened to be Valentine’s Day, so I included it in Nick’s V-Day gift. I picked up the envelope, wrote “Next year’s early Valentine’s gift,” and slipped the positive pregnancy test inside, placing it at the bottom of the gift. bag. It was the last present he opened that day, and it was delicious. Because of this, the child’s code name was “Valentine”, which was later changed to “Valentine”.

I told them about 6-7 weeks before I wanted to share and before we found out we were having twins.

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Then I felt extremely nauseous and kept throwing up. I couldn’t hide it, so I took the plunge and shared the news. I went to the ER on Friday and Sunday saying I had miscarried again, but I told them I hadn’t. I wrote about the details here, but basically my husband and mother found out about the twins through text messages and once told my sister and father who were in the hospital. I said something like, “The doctors said the heartbeats are good…yes, I have heartbeats S – plural…they’re twins.” It was a bit of a shock as I had always thought I was going to miscarry. So I think they were expecting tough news and preparing for the worst.

As I explained at the beginning, they were small felt ornaments. It was a Christmas present that I bought during my last pregnancy, but I never gave it to her. She shared the names she wanted her family to call her when the baby was born: Bee (bumblebee – my mother), Buck (deer – my father), and Aunt Em (from The Wizard of Oz). Toto – my sister). I wanted to give them an item that they would want to keep on hand and that would be symbolic. It was so sweet! I thought of it as, “I bought it for Christmas, but it arrived late.” A light bulb went off in my mother and sister’s heads, but it didn’t hit my father until a little later. I was a little slow in responding due to my previous miscarriage, but since it was a sensitive topic, I was very happy to be able to convey the message directly in a memorable way.

We tried to tell them everything directly, but to no avail. We have no choice but to ask him to come to town multiple times before he gets suspicious;) We were able to tell one of his sisters in person, but we had to tell the others virtually. there was.

Fun Ways To Tell Parents Youre Pregnant

I first told his sister who is local just because we were weird and had to cancel our plans due to morning sickness. He loves sloths and stuffed animals, so we went this route. It was right before Easter when we told her, so we actually found these cute sloths dressed as Easter bunnies and did it as an early Easter present. We wrote the following letter: “Dear Aunt Sophie, could you please keep us until October?” Nick didn’t want to say outright that we were having twins, so it was up to me to hint at it or make her understand. It was a fun way for us.

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We told his parents and his other sister at the same time via different channels, but about both foods. It was Easter so he sent two chocolate peeps marshmallows from Compartes for his other sister.

They were supposed to deliver a gift message, but it wasn’t included so they had to say it before she guessed it from the note, but it was still fun. Re: I sent his parents cookies from his one of my favorite Dallas bakeries, Cookie Culture.

I found her on Etsy a few years ago. She loves that her cookies are so cute and she actually tastes good.

She did a special order for Easter and one of her designs was a chick popping out of an egg. She ordered two and wrote “More Mulenoses” on one and “October 2021” on the other. It wasn’t obvious that she was a baby or a twin, so it was fun to watch them try to figure it out.

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All we said in the first 11 weeks was our immediate family, we kept it a secret and didn’t tell anyone else until we reached 13/14 weeks. We met with Nick’s grandparents and told them we were expecting twins this fall, then called the rest of the family. At this point, I told some friends, but some of them waited to message me until they found out the gender a few weeks later. We sent them photos and a “gender reveal cake”. Because of my large family, I waited until I was 16 weeks old, and the only reason I did so was because I was in town for a family wedding and we were all supposed to get together. I love communicating directly to people, so I decided to do it more than before. The day after the wedding, we had a family brunch and gave Mimi a copy of Dr. Seuss

And in it you say, “You’re an ancient baby, we know that to be true. Why not spice it up and add a thing or two? You try.” If you feel like it, I’m sure you’ll be put to the test… You’ll soon be a Twins Mimi, and we believe you’ll be the best! We’ll give it to her personally I chose this book to honor my late grandfather, who loved fishing, and also because it mentions two fish. It also included the fact that we were announcing the birth of twins.Plus, my Mimi loves books and used to own a bookstore, so everything just fell into place.

I waited a little longer than others because I had a miscarriage last time. I announced my pregnancy around 16/17. A week after I informed my relatives. A week later, they announced that they were having twins. The beach is a special place for us so we took some photos there. I organized the shells I collected when I lived in Los Angeles and arranged them in a heart shape on my abdomen. To announce the “twins” she wrote in the sand. It was weird/different/not over the top and I loved the way you shared it!

Fun Ways To Tell Parents Youre Pregnant

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I hope this article gives you some inspiration on how to share your pregnancy. My main tip is to not stress or overthink. Think about how you can communicate that announcement to yourself and/or make it special for others. Considering what they like and what they are emotional about can be very helpful when brainstorming. The last thing I wanted was to spend money on useless jewelry or t-shirts.

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