Creative Ways To Tell Husband You Re Pregnant

Creative Ways To Tell Husband You Re Pregnant – The moment you realize you are pregnant can be very exciting! My husband and I waited anxiously for a positive pregnancy test and it never came. We ended up going to a fertility center here in Utah and got pregnant, to our surprise and delight, on our first cycle of Clomid.

I was so sure we weren’t pregnant that I answered the phone call to let us know our results, while I was at work and without my husband. Overjoyed that we finally had a positive test, I immediately went looking for a clever way to inform my husband. Telling him we were pregnant was by far my favorite surprise I ever gave him. (More on that below…) Anyway, it was such an exciting time in our lives that I’ve compiled a fun list of clever ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant so I have more ideas for next time. .

Creative Ways To Tell Husband You Re Pregnant

Creative Ways To Tell Husband You Re Pregnant

How cute would that be? You make a meal that requires a spoon and when he asks for one, you give it to him. . .

Convince Your Husband To Have More Kids

Surprise her in the photo booth and catch her reaction! (Click to watch the video. It will make you laugh and maybe cry.)

Let him get the mail… I did this for my husband. I put a “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” book in our mailbox along with a card that said, “Congratulations, you’re finally going to be a dad!”. When he got home, I asked him if he was going to get the mail. We tried for over a year and he was absolutely crying. ?

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August 2024 Cute Way To Tell Partner You’re Pregnant

Announcing the pregnancy to your father? Whether it’s your first child or your second, third or fourth, here are some adorable ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant. Surprise her with the best news with these fun and creative ideas!

I was very surprised when we got pregnant with our daughter. The doctors didn’t think we could have a baby on our own (without fertility methods), so we lost a little hope.

When I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive, it was exciting to break the news to my husband. Our first reactions were both shock and utter disbelief.

Creative Ways To Tell Husband You Re Pregnant

We went to the store to buy the most expensive pack of home pregnancy tests he could find. Apparently, for him, expensive means right.

Not Pregnant Yet, But I Used Askai For Funny Ideas On How To Tell My Husband I’m Pregnant. The Third Answer Had Me Rolling

All that to say that if we are able to have another baby, I want to surprise her with exciting news in a much more fun and planned way.

Be sure to get your camera ready so you can capture your guy’s reaction to the news that he’s going to be a dad when you surprise him with these fun ideas!

And when you’re ready to break the news to family members and announce your pregnancy on social media, check out our 200+ creative pregnancy announcement ideas.

This is a personal decision and it is up to you. When to break the news to your husband or partner as soon as you find out you’re pregnant, or take a few days to plan a special surprise and make your pregnancy announcement truly memorable for him.

Wife Surprises Her Unsuspecting Husband With Pregnancy News During Staged Photoshoot

55 Cute Ways to Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant Whether you’re trying to get pregnant or it’s an unplanned pregnancy, there’s a wide range of ideas from cute to funny! A little creativity and an element of surprise will make this pregnancy a revelation for the books.

If you are pregnant with your first child, you can send your partner on a scavenger hunt using this digital print. A printable scavenger hunt has all the clues to hide around the house and send your husband on a hunt to find out the big news.

If dad can’t wait to have a little fishing buddy, get him this personalized fishing hook with baby’s birth month for the catch of his life! It’s a sweet memory he can cherish for years and a fun way to announce your pregnancy to him.

Creative Ways To Tell Husband You Re Pregnant

Surprise your significant other by telling them you’re going to a concert or play, then gift them with these custom pregnancy cards from Stubforge. This method is one of the most authentic ways to tell your husband that you are pregnant and makes your announcement momentous.

Unique Ways To Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant

Tell him a new baby is on the way over a cold glass of beer. Pour him a cold glass in Dad’s brand new beer glass that he can keep forever. This is a pregnancy announcement that definitely calls for a toast.

If your pregnancy was a bit of a surprise and you’ve already had an ultrasound, you can get your sonogram picture on a custom keychain that dad will treasure forever.

These scratch cards are a great idea if you enjoy sharing news with your partner. Get this fake lotto scratch card and make your husband realize the grand prize that you are pregnant. You hit the jackpot baby!

This keepsake ammo is a fun and unique way to let your husband know he’s hit the mark. This is a gift that will be cherished for a long time, if not forever.

Must Dos When Expecting A Baby

Here’s a pregnancy announcement gift that’s sure to come in handy. This engraved pocket knife is something all dads can use and is a great idea for the pocket knife loving dad.

It will be the slowest cup of coffee to watch someone drink, but they will be in for such a sweet surprise when they get down to it. Pour him his morning coffee and wait to see his reaction to the news.

OK, it might be a gift for mom, but dad is the one who puts the bun in the oven. These candle-in-the-oven buns will make the whole house delicious and are a great way to announce your pregnancy to your husband.

Creative Ways To Tell Husband You Re Pregnant

Wrap it or light it when he comes home to let him know you’re pregnant.

Creative Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy To Your Parents

Give dad a special decanter to announce the pregnancy news with this custom engraved decanter from Lone Star Etch. What a fun gift if your guy loves whiskey.

Does your husband have a sweet tooth? Get him a special candy to satisfy his hunger. It’s a sweet treat as a baby announcement!

These surprise eggs are a really unique way to announce your pregnancy. Your husband may reveal big news. It will also serve as a way to tell your husband that you are pregnant for the second time.

If you can’t wait for dad to finish his cup of coffee, you can use a color changing mug and serve him a hot cup. Watch his reaction as the cup changes color. Amcisi Pregnancy Announcement For Dad Baby Reveal Ideas For Husband Hi Daddy Pregnancy Test Keepsake Wooden Sign, Dad Level Unlocked Keychain, Pregnancy Announcement Card, New Dad Gifts

Will dad sign the baby to sleep every night? If your partner is a musician, this custom guitar pick from Stamped With Passion is the perfect way to tell your husband about your pregnancy. This is the sweetest song she will ever sing!

If you are making a Christmas pregnancy announcement, wrap a special Christmas decoration to leave under the tree. You will love having it on your tree year after year.

The best way to surprise your partner is in a completely unexpected way. If your husband is a whiskey drinker, surprise him with this secret whiskey glass. When she drinks alcohol, the pregnancy will be announced.

Creative Ways To Tell Husband You Re Pregnant

If your husband loves to hit the green, grab him this golf ball marker to share the news. Talk about a hole in one! This is a fun way to tell your husband that you are pregnant.

Creative And Funny Ways To Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant

If you’re looking for ways to let your husband know you’re pregnant with baby number 2, these big sister and big brother t-shirts are adorable. Dress up your older child in this shirt and let the new big brother or big sister break the good news to dad.

Treat yourself to your pregnancy cravings with a box of Donut Holes or another treat and include this printable sign.

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