Create Your Own Brand Clothing

Create Your Own Brand Clothing – Inspired by the series How to Make It in America or a party at the pub with your friends, you suddenly come up with the second best idea in the world, which is ‘ creating your own clothing brand. The best first idea is, of course, to open your restaurant.

If the idea of ​​creating your own clothing label is still in your head the day before the party, it might be worth making it happen. What should be done, so that the idea becomes a reality?

Create Your Own Brand Clothing

Create Your Own Brand Clothing

In a minute you will know a 7 step system that will allow you to create your own clothing brand and avoid mistakes that would stop you dead in your tracks. You also avoid reinventing the wheel, everything you need is already written. Which is good, because it makes things a lot easier. If you have a great shirt idea for you and your friends, you won’t need this guide. Just order a shirt with your own design. You don’t need to create your own brand to do that 😉

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Like every other activity in life, you need to know why you want to do it. Most people don’t know why they do the things they do, so they do a simple job well. If you want to be successful, you should aim above the average. Not necessarily from the beginning, because it is a process. Do people in Japan have a term for that? kaizen

So, ask yourself the question “Why do I want to do that?” And answer honestly. Most of the time it’s about your creative ego and financial gain. Ultimately, you want your business to support you and not the other way around. Your personal motivation may be different, but you narrow it down. This should be your reference point in times of doubt and hesitation, which will inevitably happen.

You may be familiar with the saying “no shoe fits all”. While this may not be true everywhere, it is 100% accurate when it comes to clothing brands.

Answer this question: Who would be willing to reach into their wallet, pull out their hard earned money, and give it to you in exchange for a shirt, sweatshirt, or cap? Who will your customer really be? Don’t be afraid to take the road less traveled. Be honest in what you are doing, if you are from your target group. You should know it like the back of your hand.

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Fans of Darth Vader and the heavy metal band Vader have different expectations. Also, both hip-hop fans and hipsters will find your designs unpleasant at the same time. It’s like trying to reach both bodybuilders and bridge builders – it won’t happen despite the phonetic similarities.

If you want to create your own clothing brand with a reasonable profit in mind and not just for your own satisfaction, you become an entrepreneur. The professional aims to satisfy existing expectations and discover previously unspoken needs. Therefore, you should be aware of their existence and know how to leverage them to sell new products. It’s mostly good marketing that allows brands to sell more of the same or similar products than the competition.

When you create your own clothing brand, you have to go back to the original concept every step of the way. Think as best you can, it will save you time, money and stress.

Create Your Own Brand Clothing

This is where the brand begins to take physical form. Make sure the logo and name match the brand concept.

How To Start Up And Promote Your Own Clothing Brand

Coming up with a good name does not require special abilities, it is better to design a logo someone who knows what they are doing. Basic Photoshop skills don’t make a graphic designer just like typing a report in Word doesn’t suddenly make you a writer. Design a good logo and if you don’t have the skills, you should leave it to the professionals.

The trick to being an entrepreneur, even if you don’t formally own the company, is not to do everything personally, but to keep track of the common things and ‘delegating tasks to people who can do them better or more efficiently (cheaper). ) than you. (I know, egos suffer, but results are so important). Remember – you are not just investing money, you are also investing time, which will not grow for you.

Whether you want to start with just t-shirts or you have a lot of different products (sweatshirts, jackets, caps, accessories) from the beginning, you have two options:

Don’t let the name “promotional clothing” fool you. Here’s a piece of wisdom that will save you a lot of money: the quality of ready-made promotional clothing is often much higher than the well-known “original” brands in shopping centers. Popular brands sell their products not because they are better, but because they spend more money on marketing, which was mentioned earlier.

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You don’t have to sell your kidneys to pay for tens or hundreds of ready-made shirts. Promotional clothing is widely available. The selections are great, they will satisfy more casual brands, even those created with high quality in mind.

Get expert help and find out what cut and type of cotton will suit your customers. Order some samples and try them yourself.

For those who are financially sound, ordering clothes from a specialized sewing workshop is an idea. The best (or worst) thing about it is that you get decisions at every step of the process. You can order the finest Egyptian combed cotton sheets and commission fabrics made to your own designs. Also, you have more freedom when it comes to designing the actual shirt, because you can print on the material before sewing it together, making it possible to cover the entire shirt.

Create Your Own Brand Clothing

Finding a good sewing workshop is not an easy task and most of the good ones do not advertise on the internet. And people who are already well connected, tend to protect their privacy.

Logo Design & Brand Identity For Entrepreneurs

The question remains, are you willing to pay two or three times more for the mentioned possibilities compared to ready-made clothes? Ultimately, the price of the final product will reflect this. If targeting a specific brand or price is not an issue for your target group, you should seriously consider sewing workshops. In other cases I recommend sticking to option a)

A label is what makes your brand stand out. This is a clear indication that the customer can rely on quality, for which he or she is willing to pay. Along with other aspects of building your brand, there are many possibilities when it comes to labels:

Made from polyester yarn, these will enrich your brand with a unique flair. On the plus side, the label has an elegant look and fine thread texture. The flip side is that the minimum order is around 1000 bits.

Printed on smooth satin tape. These are used by many leading brands, so they should not be considered worse than Jacquard. It is a question of taste, needs and abilities. The best thing about sublimated labels is that you can order them in small quantities (200 pieces).

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Jacquard and sublimated labels can be attached in two ways: sew them when the pieces of fabric are sewn together, or remove the labels from advertising clothing and replace them with your own.

Printed labels are an interesting option. This can be applied to the inside of a t-shirt using screen printing or vinyl cutting. They look great and you can do as much as you need; No need to invest in injacquard or sublimated labels. Unfortunately, it is not possible to put printed labels on the sweatshirt due to the characteristics of the material on the inside.

Like brands, you can also consider professional help here. The idea is the most important thing, but it should be designed in a way that matches the concept of the brand you are coming up with. You probably don’t want your brand identity to be sold to sweaty guys who change the font face from Times New Roman to Arial Black as a design pinnacle.

Create Your Own Brand Clothing

Choosing the right printing method depends on your expectations and financial status. Screen printing should be sufficient in most situations, but it does require some investment. By creating designs with thermal transfer in mind, you spend less money on the print investment, but the cost for all purposes will be higher. The design itself will also be limited.

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If you stick to this roadmap, you will be able to create your own clothing brand. So, what are you still waiting for? Go on! Fortune favors the brave.

You might be wondering, how much does it cost to build a clothing brand from the ground up? You will learn it here.

If you have questions, contact us and we’ll let you know how to proceed in your particular situation. We have printed for different brands and made it ourselves, so we can recommend different methods and find the best solution for you.

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