Writing Prompts For A Short Story

Writing Prompts For A Short Story – Some of my favorite teaching moments come from a lesson that culminates in my students writing a unique short story. When given the freedom to write novels, many of my students were awakened. They want to write suspense, mystery, horror or romance. They want their characters to look like real people. Suddenly, after weeks of ignoring my helpful comments, they loaded my desk with requests for me to read their work. It’s glorious. Narrative writing is a great way to allow each student to use the skills they practiced in class to create something new. However, getting started can often be difficult. This is where I find short story suggestions very helpful. Give your students the following list of fun story prompts and see what they create.

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Writing Prompts For A Short Story

Writing Prompts For A Short Story

These sites are full of great ideas. Give students time to scroll and jot down ideas that inspire them.

Science Fiction Writing Prompts

What short story topics get your students excited about writing? Please share with us in the comments section. Want more ideas for your classroom? Be sure to sign up for our newsletter!Incorporate the content of the message below into your short story. The story can be as long or short as you like. Once you’re done writing, post a link to your story in the comments section below. We enjoyed reading it. If you ask, we will give you feedback and suggestions on how to perfect it and make it even better.

He returned to his room after a long day of grading. It can be said that teaching biology to 8th grade students is not an easy task. In his room there is a small hallway leading to the wardrobe. Mrs. D’Silva turned on the light, went to the closet and opened it with the old key around her neck. The key is so intricately designed that it looks like a fashion accessory. When he opened the cupboard, his eyes widened in panic.

Do you need more inspiration to write? In the comments section below, let us know what genre you would like our next post to be in. Also, check out other writing prompts here.

Hello! My name is Dagny. I’m a certified editor and passionate writing coach. I work directly with writers who are looking for the right guidance! June is a month full of possibilities for writers, and these June creative writing tips are sure to keep you inspired.

Thriller Story Ideas To Jumpstart Your Writing Journey

Add these June writing prompts to your arsenal of creative writing ideas and you’ll have plenty of solutions when you need something to help you overcome writer’s block or the dreaded blank page paralysis .

To help you get started this month, here are 30 June writing tips for adults that will help you inspire the writer in you.

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Writing Prompts For A Short Story

During the gloomy days of winter, we can be tempted to create dark and disturbing stories. But as spring and summer arrive, we may feel more inclined to create lighter stories.

Writing Prompts For Kids (+ Free Printable) (+ Free Pdf) ✍️

The weather is warm, the days are long and there is a sense of possibility in the air. Whether you like to write under the scorching sun at the pool or beach or hole up in an artificially cooled writing cave, June is a great time to try out new creative stories.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to start a brand new writing project or just want to stretch your creativity with some daily writing prompts during the month of June.

Whatever you choose to write about, let these first days of summer lay the foundation for your creativity to flourish. As always, don’t think too much… just write!

A lot of this June’s writing advice is about getting creative, getting back into your head, and writing from the perspective of your younger self… but with a fictional twist. Have fun!

Fictional Narrative / Short Story

1. Summer vacation: The first day of summer vacation. What do you plan to do during your two months off?

2. June wedding: Your character is planning a June wedding but starts to feel scared. What are they doing?

3. Summer vacation of a lifetime: You just won a free trip to anywhere in the world. Where are you going and how is your life changing?

Writing Prompts For A Short Story

4. Everyone is watching: Your main character is a famous author who gets inspiration for all his books by making up stories about random people he meets on vacation . What happens when the stories your character posts start to get too close to reality?

Fiction Writing Prompts [infographic]

5. Summer Job: Your character gets a job they don’t really want for the summer. How do they deal with it?

6. Summer love: Have you ever had a fun summer? Write a short story or write a novel about a fictionalized version of your memory.

7. Roses in June: Your character receives a dozen roses in the mail without notes or cards. Who sent them and why?

8. Starstruck: Imagine your younger self (say, college age) having the opportunity to spend the summer as part of your favorite star’s entourage. Write about everything that happens.

Creative Writing Prompts For Writers

11. Sports Camp: Your character goes to a sports camp and has to compete against some of the best athletes in the country. Can they handle the pressure?

12. Beach Reading: Write your version of the perfect beach reading. It could be a romance novel, a family adventure, a young girl’s novel or whatever you want. The only rule is that it must be on the beach.

13. Family Reunion: Your character attends a family reunion during the summer. Are you happy or nervous to see your family again? Will they discover a long-lost family secret?

Writing Prompts For A Short Story

14. June Bug: This is the year where June Bugs seem to be taking over. How does your character deal with sabotage? Can they get through the experience without losing their minds?

The 25 Greatest Writing Prompts You Need To Make Kids Love Writing Now

15. Go camping: Your family goes camping in the forest. What happens when your character gets lost in the desert?

16. Perfect Summer Crime: Write a story about a criminal who only works in the summer. Because? What is your crime? Were they ever caught?

17. National Flip-Flops Day: Write about a character who loves flip-flops. Have fun describing their summer adventures and how they use flip-flops.

18. Summer Magic: Write a story about a character who discovers that he has magical powers, but ONLY during the summer.

Narrative Writing Prompts For Secondary Students

19. Juneteenth: Juneteenth is a day commemorating the end of slavery in the United States. Write about a character whose day has profound meaning. How do you feel? What do you do to celebrate this day?

20. A Summer Day: Write a story or poem that captures the feeling of summer in one day.

21. Summer solstice: is the longest day of the year. Write about how your character celebrates this special day. Why is this day meaningful to them?

Writing Prompts For A Short Story

22. Summer Fear: Your character is afraid of water. How are you coping with a summer full of beach days and pool parties?

Writing Prompts For July 2018

23. Road Trip: Write a short story set during a summer road trip. What adventures await your character(s)? How will the trip change them?

24. National Take Your Dog to Work Day: Write about a character who takes his dog to work with him.

25. June Fun Run: Your character signed up for the 5K fun run but didn’t start training until last week. How are you doing on race day?

26. Summer Dream: Write about a character who actually lives a summer dream. What do they do and where do they go? What happens when you realize you’re dreaming?

Fresh Fairy Tale Prompts To Spark Your Next Short Story Or Novel Idea

27. Summer in a small town: Your character moves to a small town for the summer. What do you think about the slower pace and people? Create a cast of characters that are quirky but not difficult or unpredictable.

28. A Perfect Day: Write about a perfect day at the beach, lake, or pool. What makes it so perfect?

29. Stargazing: Your character goes stargazing for the first time in the summer. Describe the experience and what they saw.

Writing Prompts For A Short Story

30. Summer storm: A storm is coming and it looks like it will be big. How does your character prepare? Are they excited or scared? What happens during and after the storm?

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For adults, June can be a busy month. Summer is approaching and there are cookouts, graduation parties, weddings, and family vacations to enjoy.

Sometimes it seems like lazy summer days are just a dream… But don’t let the hustle and bustle of summer stop you from achieving your writing goals.

Spending time

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