Writing A Feature Article Template

Writing A Feature Article Template – When I was young, I would walk around my house with a notebook and bombard my parents with questions. I then took that information and used it to create a two-sentence “article,” which became a one-page spread in newspapers and magazines.

Fast forward about 20 years to when I first saw my name in print. What a busy time. Every writer should have that feeling; One of the best.

Writing A Feature Article Template

Writing A Feature Article Template

Another great feeling, of course, is to help the writers spread that line. So, here’s how to write a magazine article, divided into ten simple steps:

Feature Article Template

If you’re thinking about how to write an article for a magazine, you probably have a headline in your head. That’s great – go ahead and set them up!

For groups aimed at the general public, including those with interests, most in-flight magazines and online publications are writers are looking for.

For professional users, affiliate marketing is great, and there are a lot of them. You can find one by Googling the name of a specific industry and checking “trade pubs” or tradepub.com. On the other hand, if your topic is more targeted to the target audience, consider local/regional magazines, national magazines aimed at a specific age/income group, or magazines that come as supplemental newspapers.

Whichever direction you want to go, spend a lot of time choosing the right magazine. The fit between an article and a magazine is a big part of whether that article is successful.

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The only way to put the right article in a publication is to know what they have already published. Before you do anything else, pick up a copy of the magazine or visit its website and read some of the digital print articles – you should get some ideas on how to meet the approach your subject in their style.

Read at least five articles, regardless of format, and learn as much as you can about the magazine’s target audience. Try to identify target audience by:

Find out if you have any special qualities that your target audience should know about. Trade ads, for example, target their content specifically to professionals in a specific field. Niche interest magazines… well, that’s pretty obvious.

Writing A Feature Article Template

By reading the articles published by the magazine you will get an idea not only about the magazine’s readers but also about the story and voice they like, and what how to create an idea that will interest them.

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Keep your eyes open for red or green flags (not true, of course). Sometimes, you’ll find that your idea fits perfectly into the magazine’s content calendar. Other times, you’ll find that it’s not right for this version.

Sometimes, the article just doesn’t work no matter how hard you try and that’s okay. There is nothing against your article; That means you have to put it in another version.

That’s good too. It may also make your life easier because you don’t have to, as a writer, as I carefully call it, “kill your baby.” You have to find a baby, it’s not an easy task.

As you read your magazine of choice, brainstorm ideas that come to you. Not all of them win, but still draw. Keep thinking as your mind processes what you read.

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Meanwhile, listen to the news. It’s not that you give a hard political statement, but current events inform almost every industry and even most. things of interest. Just a zombie elected president of the United States? See if you want a glimpse of how good housekeeping can be to redecorate the White House.

Approach your subject from a different angle. It’s your way of telling the audience why you care about the story and why they should.

I like this definition because it clearly separates the corner from the subject. Two writers can think about the same topic but because they look at it from different angles – through different lenses – they create a completely different picture.

Writing A Feature Article Template

For example, consider two writers who are creating a story about the recent zombie apocalypse. The first author, who presents a trade advertisement for contractors, focuses on methods for the reconstruction of buildings destroyed by zombies. The second is what Psychology Today wants to cover, so they pick up the label on how zombie PTSD has placed an increasing burden on the private practice of doctors. How to ‘frame’ these stories is a skill you acquire over time (and in many cases a good reason to be a layman rather than an expert ).

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Your angle is the most important part of your question. It tells the editor as much as they need to know about why your article is important, who wants to read it, and why you feel compelled to write it. This is the first sentence or two of your reflection.

You should also include a bit about yourself as a writer. Think of it as a mini-bio (emphasis on the mini). Open with a few persuasive words about what you are writing about and why you are qualified to write it. If your name is removed – you’ve received a degree, certificate, or a major magazine published your writing – be sure to remove it.

All that said, your pitch should be no longer than two paragraphs. It’s a good thing. It shows that you can articulate a complex idea. Editors’ Favorites This is a complete guide on how to write a query letter, you may find it useful.

From here, we think you’ve got the gig. This may not be the first time and it is a common occurrence. Don’t give up if you get a few – or many – rejections before an article is accepted.

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Once you have completed step 5.5. If you found it. Then it’s time to dust the confetti off your shoulders, finish the last piece of cake, and get down to business.

Read the message from the director who hired you. Make sure you know their expectations for the group. This includes the word count, time limit and any standards required by the publication you were given.

If they haven’t given you a guide, ask if they have one – it will tell you how to write in style at home and it will be much cheaper. not editing you (or a subeditor) after your request. kill Make sure you know if they use AP style, Chicago or something else.

Writing A Feature Article Template

Research is one of my favorite things to write. It’s like thinking backwards – instead of waiting to see what will come out of my fingers, I have to open my mind to interesting information and new ways of thinking.

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Let your research take you where it goes, but always check the validity of the source before you use it.

Look at your research and consider which sub-topics could benefit from first-hand information or input from professional staff. Interviews add more to a story and editors love them.

There are many ways to find experts, from deleting your network to cold calling an organization or agency in the industry you are targeting. PR agencies can also be a great resource for referring you to someone with expertise in a specific topic.

Prepare, prepare, prepare. Make a list of questions beforehand and check them in your outline to make sure you don’t miss anything. Make sure your listing includes basic information such as name, job title, and location.

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Conduct the interview at a time and place convenient for the source. Record the interview if you can get express permission and if the source feels comfortable being recorded.

Ask as many open-ended questions as possible. It’s okay to follow the source’s lead if they take you in an unexpected direction, but don’t stray too far from the subject.

Summarizing is another favorite part of my writing. There’s something about taking all that empty research information and putting it into a beautiful framework.

Writing A Feature Article Template

There are many ways to describe it, and you should feel free to use whichever method you prefer. Personally, I like a basic framework. This gives me the sub-topics I want to write about in the order I want to write about them. I will then make a brief statement of supporting information.

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This is just an example. No one can see your outline except you, so choose a structure and style that makes your writing life easier.

That’s the fun part, and it’s even more fun when you spend time on hard research and summaries. By this point, they’re pretty much ready to get the word out.

Now you have a road map for writing for a magazine, from ideas to execution. So what are you waiting for? Go book, and come back to add pieces to your collection when you get your line!

Ellie is a full-time freelance writer with a background in writing, drama and dance. He loves writing articles to help creatives and freelancers manage their time, talent and money. It’s normal.

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