Where To Start Learning French

Where To Start Learning French – French is one of the most spoken languages ​​in the world, recognized in 29 countries. Including Canada and Haiti in North America, French Guiana in South America, more than ten African countries, five European countries, and Vanuatu and most of the French overseas territories in Oceania.

In this post, I want to help you use a strategy to increase your success in learning French.

Where To Start Learning French

Where To Start Learning French

There can be a French name for being too difficult for non-native speakers, but I can tell you from experience, it’s not true.

Of The Best Resources For Starting To Learn French Online By Fluent Language

To be more difficult. This is because Spanish was my first foreign language – so I made a lot of mistakes

I learned Spanish. But when I got into French, I found it the best way to learn a foreign language.

Approach French the right way, and avoid the mistakes that many first-time language learners make. You will find that French is not as difficult as you think.

Although you certainly won’t master it in three months, especially if you can put in a few hours a week, you can make sure you get better by following a plan. performed first.

Ways To Learn A Language In 2017

Let’s see what you should do in the first hour, first day, first week and first month of learning French. From here you will get the start you need to keep going strong and keep learning!

To follow this guide, you should set aside about four hours a week (I recommend setting it up on Saturday morning), plus about 45 minutes a day on the days of week.

Why do this? In my method of learning French, you will focus on learning the French that is relevant to you, your life, and your reasons for learning French.

Where To Start Learning French

Go to the Omniglot.com French phrase page and find phrases to use when meeting someone for the first time.

Common French Phrases (with Pdf + Audio)

Write each word or phrase with its English translation. Click on each phrase in Omniglot to hear it spoken by a French speaker, then say what you hear out loud.

What should you do with the rest of the first day? Continue using Omniglot to collect French phrases and questions to use when speaking with a native speaker for the first time.

The same phrases you use when meeting a speaker for the first time:

The sentences you have collected today do not have to be grammatically perfect. The goal is to be able to talk about yourself, using what I call “Tarzan Talk”.

A Year Of French Fun

” Of course, it is far from perfect. But you get the idea. And so does your first conversation partner.

Do your best to remember them – but don’t spend too much time on them. You can always keep your notebook when you have your first conversation.

In addition, you will use these phrases almost every time you meet a new person, so you will learn them in no time.

Where To Start Learning French

Don’t be too proud. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself. Just learn these few phrases and worry about the details later.

Hidden Benefits Of Learning French (even If You Don’t Plan To Use It)

As you may have noticed by now, French pronunciation is very different from English. It takes a long time to learn. You might feel silly trying to make the above phrases while trying to get R right, which letter is silent.

Don’t sweat it! It’s only your first day. Do your best, repeat after recording, and worry about other things later. In the First Week, Communication with French-speaking People Begins

At the beginning of your first week (or even your first day!) you should go to Preply and schedule your first conversation with a French speaker. Schedule seven days from when you start learning French.

There is no feeling like the rush you get when you say something to a native speaker for the first time, but the other person understands you. You will feel empowered to continue using the language, knowing that you can use it to communicate with another person.

The Most Effective Way To Learn French As A Second Language

I suggest that you arrange your first conversation with a French teacher instead of finding a conversation partner. Lessons cost money, but the prices are usually reasonable. Preply instructors also offer free training.

And remember what I said about the French world! If you limit your search to those in France or Europe, it may be more than you can afford. But if you look around the world, you’re sure to find one that fits your specific needs.

Why the teacher? Teachers have experience working with other language learners. If you are a beginner, it is important to have a teacher who is helpful and patient. Teachers also know the best way to help you improve – enough push to keep you learning, but not so hard that you feel overwhelmed.

Where To Start Learning French

You have already arranged your first conversation. The rest of your first week should be spent preparing for this discussion. Prepare For Your Week 1 Discussion

Intensive French Course In Nice, Cannes, French Riviera

Review your conversation from day one every day this week. If you can say it quickly and easily, then start adding a few phrases. It can be anything you want, but make sure you choose phrases that you use regularly.

All of this can be found on Omniglot, and will help you start your first French conversation in minutes. Remember to listen to Omniglot recordings so you can learn the correct pronunciation.

Your first week is almost over but are you too nervous to arrange a conversation with a French speaker? Sign up for my free Speak in a Week course! Let me help you develop the confidence you need. In your Second Week of Speaking Orange, Use Flashcards to learn more words.

Now, you have had your first conversation with a French speaker! (If you don’t have one, press Sauna

Online Standard 7,5h

You may not have to worry about enthusiasm this week after your first conversation. But whenever you feel like you’re struggling to stay motivated from now on, book another conversation with a tutor, teacher or language partner. You will come away feeling refreshed and ready to move forward. I recommend at least three conversations a week.

Getting out of your comfort zone is exactly what you need to start the ultimate speaking journey! That’s what the community did in the Fluent in 3 Months challenge, and they needed a 15-minute conversation after 90 days.

Once you have a conversation under your belt, this week is all about making sure the words and phrases you’ve learned stick in your mind. For this, I recommend using flash cards, which you can do with Anki.

Where To Start Learning French

Remember that list of personal phrases you started on your first day, then added to your first week? You can import them into Anki to create your own grammar to practice French.

Learn French A1

Anki’s SRS algorithm automatically spends more time practicing unfamiliar phrases, and less time on the ones you know well. Practice your flash cards for at least fifteen minutes a day.

When you start to get really good at phrases, add more. A French phrasebook is a great resource if you’re having trouble thinking of the phrases you want to learn. Continue and Start Reading French

It’s a good idea this week to start learning to read French, beyond the simple words and phrases you’ve learned so far.

You know by now that reading French is not as easy as other Roman languages ​​you may have studied, or heard. Until you find it, you can’t rely on the spelling of French words as an information source. There are too many silent letters, and too many spellings for one sound.

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The sooner you learn the basics of reading, the easier it will be for you to use French literature as a research tool.

Click any link to see a short description in French. The tape will start playing so you can hear a speaker reading the text as you follow along. Clicking stop will show the word that stopped the recording. Hover your mouse over the symbol at the end of any sentence to see its English translation.

This weekend, be sure to have one more French conversation with a native speaker. You will be able to see your own progress in the language, and it will give you the push you need to continue in your third week.

Where To Start Learning French

The third week is a good time to evaluate what worked for you in learning French, and what didn’t work so well.

Hotd Fnac: Guess I Gotta Start Learning French If I Wanna Read This.

You may have days when you feel very strong, and other days life happens and you are not learning the language.

Here’s something I’ve learned over the years in my many language missions: it’s more effective to allocate your weekly study time to each day of the week, than to do it alone. all study for a day or two.

Less research means you have more time to spend

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