Ways To Tie Your Scarf Around Neck

Ways To Tie Your Scarf Around Neck – Yesterday we talked about all the different ways you can wear a scarf with a blazer and I showed you some of my favorite ways to wear them. They’re all really fun, but I’ll admit, figuring out how to tie them up was a little difficult at first (for some). So I thought it would be fun to share four different ways to tie your scarf today and how to tie them that way!

For this, you will need a large rectangular scarf. I’m sticking with a lighter scarf here, but I’ve also used the same tie for a larger blanket scarf.

Ways To Tie Your Scarf Around Neck

Ways To Tie Your Scarf Around Neck

Now, there are two ways to do this. Some people just tie a scarf around their hair (as a ponytail holder) and call it a day. For me, my hair is really thin, so a scarf like my ponytail would last 20 seconds. Instead, I like to cheat and use a scarf with a hair tie. It’s an extra step, but I’ll help your banana stay in place.

How To Tie A Hair Scarf

This last one is the same as the first one, the only difference is that you treat the handle of your bag like your neck. Is there a more essential accessory than a well-designed scarf? An established and internationally acclaimed way to add some color or flair to your outfit, scarves add interest to the plainest of wardrobe palettes. Scarves come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials and can be draped, wrapped and tied in endless combinations. However, it is surprising how to tie a scarf in a way that is both practical and attractive. Adding a scarf to your outfit can be as simple as slung over your shoulder or tied to your bag — or you can try one of these nine ways to tie a scarf:

A tie with a shoulder bow scarf is recommended with a lightweight scarf, such as one of our customer favorite silk scarves. First, fold your scarf to your desired thickness. Then, tie it to the side of the body where you want the bow to show. (You can wrap the fabric around your neck once or twice before tying, depending on how long it is.) Finally, tie the end into a bow and rest it on your shoulder where it feels best. For a more voluminous bow, gently open the loops to add dimension.

A scarf drape is an easy and relaxed way to style your favorite square scarf or even a large wrap. First, make a triangle, fold the fabric in half diagonally. Then, with the top corner of the triangle in the center of the chest, wrap the other two corners around the nape of the neck and over the opposite shoulder. There is no need to tie the scarf, as pulling the corners on each shoulder will make the wrap tight and secure. Style a cozy wrap in an oversized scarf or handkerchief drape for a dramatic look.

A classic French knot scarf tie is easy and can be done with any silk or satin scarf. This is a perfect addition to your spring wardrobe! To tie a classic French knot, fold your scarf into a thin strip. Next, wrap the folded strip comfortably around your neck, crossing both ends at the back of the neck. Next, bring the two ends to meet under the chin and secure them with a knot. Finally, slightly adjust the position of the knot to one side and tie a double knot.

How To Tie A Head Scarf

The triple scarf tie is a variation of the handkerchief drape described above. Again, fold your square scarf diagonally to form a triangle and align the top corner of your triangle with the center of your chest again. Then, wrap the corner of one shoulder around the nape of the neck to meet the corner of the other shoulder. Adjust the triangle drape to your liking, then tie the shoulder corners with a loose knot. A triple scarf tie is a great way to display your favorite floral scarf or that artistic scarf you’ve been eyeing.

An Italian twist is a restrained and deliberate way to style your scarf. Start with an elongated scarf folded into a narrow strip. Fold the narrow strip in half lengthwise to find the midpoint. Next, wrap the scarf around your neck, aligning the midpoint of the scarf under your chin. Cross the folded strips of the scarf behind the head and bring the ends of the scarf over each shoulder. Then, tie the ends of the scarf loosely into a knot. Adjust the knot carefully, letting the pleats loosen gently.

Sometimes styling your scarf can be as simple as throwing it over your shoulders! For this classic look, first fold your scarf to the width you prefer. Next, place your folded scarf around the back of your neck and rest both ends of the scarf over each shoulder and across the front of your body. Adjust the scarf where one end of the scarf hangs longer than the other. The final step is to bring the long end of the scarf over your chest and opposite shoulder. It may take a few tries to get the look you’re going for, but it’s a safe scarf option for all scarf types.

Ways To Tie Your Scarf Around Neck

The reverse drape scarf look is a simple matter of placing the scarf artistically across the front of the body and over the shoulders. Wrap the scarf around your neck however it feels best, letting the corners fall where they may. This style has a “messier is better” attitude, so don’t try to make it perfect. This style is great for a thick wool scarf, but a recycled floral scarf or Louise C. from The Met. Tiffany is just as cute with an iris scarf.

Guide: How To Tie Your Hermès Scarf

A single infinity scarf tie takes the scarf design center stage by wrapping your beautiful silk scarf around your neck and shoulders and around the front of your outfit. To create an endless look, lay the scarf on a flat surface and fold the scarf in half, creating a rectangular shape with the corners matching. Cut small pieces from the meeting corners and tie them together. There should be two relationships in total. When you hold the scarf up, you will notice that the knots have created a large loop of scarf that can be tied around your neck. Wrap a patterned scarf over your shoulders and across your chest to create a beautiful layer over your shirt or sweater.

A knitted double loop is a versatile scarf design option, as it works well with airy silk scarves as well as warm woolen scarves. To create the look, fold your scarf into a long rectangle shape. Wrap the folded scarf around your neck twice, then secure it with a loose double knot. If desired, adjust the knot to one side. A knitted double loop adds color and texture to your scarf to your overall look, but doesn’t add too much bulk, so it remains an understated accessory. Louis C. for a warm and artistic look. Try the Double Loop Knit with Tiffany Peacock Feather Scarf.

A scarf is a versatile accessory that offers creative expression in your daily routine. From adding warmth to adding color, scarves are an essential item in your wardrobe. Invest your spring fashion efforts in one of the gorgeous scarves you spotted at The Met this year! Silk scarves are a wardrobe staple and a WHERE THE GENERATIONS MEET™ fashion accessory for Lolly and me. We both enjoy picking them up and pairing one of them together for a pop of color to take a basic neutral outfit to “wow.” Patterned silk scarves are certainly not a new trend, but they have made a comeback in recent years, and women of all ages are currently using them in a variety of classic and fresh ways. Lolly often wears one over her shoulder to add a layer, and I pack one or two whenever I travel so the same outfit looks different despite multiple wears.

You can find silk scarves at almost any price (under $50!), but Hermès scarves are the investment pieces that Lolly and I most enjoy collecting and wearing over and over again. Some people even frame limited editions as wall art because their intricate patterns need to be appreciated and displayed in one way or another. We plan to one day bequeath our collection of silk scarves to Lisa, and hope that future generations will appreciate them as well. In the meantime, we’ll be regularly linking up with our favorite fashion accessories for every occasion! Here are five ways to tie a silk scarf:

How To Wear A Scarf: The Twist And Tie

Keep it classy! For this look, fold the scarf diagonally to form a triangle, then roll the corner from the crease until you have one.

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