Ways To Tie Head Scarves

Ways To Tie Head Scarves – Happy Monday! (Another day closer to summer! Am I the only one these days who measures the weeks by their proximity to warmer weather?)

Hope you’re having a great week so far – I got home from Oregon on Friday just in time for a LOVELY 80 degree Saturday here in Chicago! As the weather warms up, one of my favorite accessories is a hair scarf, and people always ask me how I tie it. I thought it was time to update this post, which was originally published a few years ago.

Ways To Tie Head Scarves

Ways To Tie Head Scarves

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of silk scarves – I wear them around my neck all the time and I think they add a personal touch to any outfit. (Related: How to tie a scarf French style and How to tie a scarf).

What Are The Different Types Of Head Wraps?

When I went to Italy a few years ago, it was SO HOT and sticky that I needed a way to get my hair out of my face while still looking cute and stylish—and voila! I watched a short video on YouTube and my love for the hair scarf was born. A hair scarf is probably my #1 travel hack. You don’t need to style your hair (or wash it, for that matter!) if you know how to tie a hair scarf correctly. (Bonus: This method of tying a hair scarf is also an easy way to hide flyaways!)

How to tie a hair scarf. FAQ: What size scarf do you need for your hair scarf?

I often get this question. Here’s the answer: you need something big enough to wrap around your head twice – the scarf I’m using here (so old, but it’s a super cute pattern and the same size!) is about 27 inches and it’s not nearly as long. . I would say 27 inches and up is good, depending on the size of your head. (Use common sense here.) It’s TOTALLY ok if it’s longer – the end will just hang in the back, which I think is also really cute! If you have a big head, try a 35-inch scarf like this one!

Also, if you have one that’s smaller than this size and can only wrap around your head once, that’s ok too! It will look more like a wider headband tied at the base of the neck than a “knot” at the top like you see here. Both are cute!

Tips For How To Wear A Hair Scarf With Style

I’ve never had this problem, but I don’t tie it in my head – it’s still a bit far. This is the key to keeping him awake: if he’s too far back, he won’t stay. Additionally, spritzing your hair with hairspray and/or texturizer or dry shampoo beforehand will also help it stick. If you want to secure it with bobby pins on the sides, you can do that too!

Yes and no – most of my scarves are square, but if you have a long scarf this will work well – although I find square is the most common shape! Note that the square needs to be about 27-35 inches long to wrap around your head twice to get this look. If it’s shorter, follow steps 1-2 below and instead of wrapping it twice, just wrap it once, place the center of the scarf over your forehead and tie it in the back.

Wrap the scarf around the back of your head with the two ends facing forward. Twist the ends around each other once and wrap them around the back of your head.

Ways To Tie Head Scarves

Away from your forehead – it’s completely up to you, but I like to have about an inch of my hair visible in the front. (See below!)

How To Look Stylish With Head Scarf During Chemo

However, you should tie the scarf before your hairline starts so that when you pull it back, your hair will be smooth in the front. If you tie it where you want it to be, you’ll have a hard time getting your hair out in the front without messing it up! Also keep in mind that the further the scarf is pulled back, the more likely it is to slip. You’ll want to play around to get the placement right. Practice makes perfect!

In addition to camouflaging unwashed hair and keeping it simple, a head scarf is a great way to keep your hair warm in hot weather and warm in cold weather, and if you have long hair, it can help to prevent breakage. remove the hair from the neck!

Outfit: These favorite denim shorts (full review here) and button-downs are a bit dated (since this post is a few years old), but I love the white button-down from ABLE for something similar that look – and you can save an extra 25% on the Mother’s Day sale with code JESSMOM25. (I covered it here!)

Its ready! Not only will you look amazing, but you just bought yourself TWO more days of beautiful hair without having to wash it! 😉*Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means, at no additional cost to you, I will receive a commission if you click and buy.

How To Tie A Head Scarf

Fall is just around the corner and we’re all excited about seasonal fashion: boots, cozy sweaters, leggings and scarves! Oh yes, scarves, similar to those that can be worn on the head as stylish fall accessories. This look has been trending for quite some time. Some call them headbands or turbans, depending on the style. Whatever you call it, the headscarf is cute.

It doesn’t matter the length of your hair, whether you have a TWA or very long, this style will work. But there are a few common ways to wear this style, the most popular of which is to leave the front of your hair down and tie a scarf behind your head. The hair left in the front is usually left, curled, then pulled back into a single strand, and finally pulled into a “bun with bangs” (like Janelle Monáe’s front bun).

Another common way is a high poofy ball or hairstyle. Just gather all the hair at the top of your head and put the scarf on your back. Advance the ends. Then tie it and go back, then tie it again and finally tuck it in.

Ways To Tie Head Scarves

Tying a simple bow in your hair is very popular and very cute too. You also have Erykah Badu’s iconic headband that never goes out of style and is what most of us love to wear when we’re feeling extra bohemian.

Padded Carol Scarf

With that said, I have found a head wrap guide that I consider to be one of the best. KashTV shows us how to tie a scarf around your head in 12 different ways. From one video, you will literally have 12 styling options in 12 days. Check it out below:

How are you! I’m Mikel and I love life. I love performing, dancing, acting, fashion, hair, etc. I have a bachelor’s degree in Communication Theater. Theater is the best and most difficult specialty today. He taught me discipline, problem solving, leadership, creativity and more. I love who I am! xo

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Joel from Le Petite Noob shares his favorite ways to wear a headscarf. Scarves are the perfect addition to any outfit as you transition from summer to fall; As the weather gets colder, we start adding layers to our outfits, so adding a silk scarf tied around our hair can transform even simple jeans and a t-shirt into something special. So we have to find out…which is YOUR favorite?

African Headwraps 101: A Powerful Accessory

The first style is probably the one I use the most and is a great way to add a bohemian touch to your look. Start by folding the silk scarf horizontally in the middle, dividing it in half. Place the scarf behind your head and bring each side towards your face, making sure both sides are even. Bring each side together in front of your head and in the middle of your forehead, wrap the scarf around itself twice, then bring both ends back behind your head and tie a knot to secure everything in place . Tuck the loose end of the knot back through the headband and back of your head and adjust the turban as you like – I like this.

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