Ways To Tie A Large Square Scarf

Ways To Tie A Large Square Scarf – The new Rearing to Go collection epitomizes the classic heritage, rich tones and passion of the equestrian world. I wanted to offer my clients a design that would make them look glamorous every day of their lives and I think I’ve nailed it with this design. All designs are double sided, entirely made in England, lovingly hand packed and presented in my special boxes.

Silk is a very porous fabric, so don’t expose any of my accessories to the harsh elements or wear them on wet hair. This can cause the original artwork to change color and affect the quality of your work, resulting in irreversible damage.

Ways To Tie A Large Square Scarf

Ways To Tie A Large Square Scarf

Here at Clare Haggas we are incredibly proud to be fully ‘British Designed and Made’. A rich heritage of British craftsmanship and materials lies at the heart of the brand and brings with it the promise of impeccable craftsmanship, innovative combinations and unquestionable reliability.

How To Wear Scarves For Spring And Summer

Clare is committed to ongoing sustainability through transparent and ethical production and believes wholeheartedly in the exciting future of the UK textile industry.

Here are our pure silk scarves in a variety of sizes if it’s not quite the size you’re looking for. You can also read our silk scarf sizing guide here. Or keep scrolling to view and compare them visually: The content below may contain affiliate links. When you click and buy links, we get a commission.

Silk scarves are having a moment – but how to style them? Where to start from? Today I thought I’d share seven of my favorite ways to build a silk scarf! A small collection of beautiful silk scarves is such a stylish and elegant addition to any wardrobe. I’m a huge print lover and always stress over a beautiful print on a beautiful silk scarf. Silk scarves are also one of those items that are even more special when they are vintage! Dust off these beauties from your grandma’s, aunt’s or mom’s closet and put them to use.

This tie method uses a large, long rectangular scarf, it’s one of my favorites to pair with a shirt or collared shirt. It’s especially cute with a blazer layered for fall. To start, fold the scarf along the widest part of the scarf to make a long, skinny scarf about two inches wide. Then put it around your neck and tie it like a tie. I’m assuming you know how to do it (maybe I should write a post about it?), but if not, here’s a video to help! This look is perfect for the menswear-inspired style we’ve seen everywhere this past year.

Scarves, How Do You Style Yours? 🧣

I think this is my favorite way to wear my hair when it’s in that dreaded “day three” post blowout stage. It looks so elegant, with minimal effort – like something out of a Fellini movie! Just make sure the rest of your look is pulled together so it’s sleek and not messy. To start, simply pull your hair up into a low or high bun. With the scarf folded about 2-3 inches into what you think looks like a long skinny rectangle, place it on top of your head about 2 inches from your hairline. You want equal jokes on both sides. Pulling tight, cross the ends down at the nape of the neck, then tie them back into a knot at the top of the head. Make sure when tying it that it is tight around the head as the knot will naturally loosen over time due to the silk fabric. Tie the scarf in a double knot (triple knot for an extra large turban knot!). Now tuck the ends under the flat strip on the side of the knot so that the ends are no longer visible. p.s- Lipstick ALWAYS looks killer in a turban!

Gah! I’m dying for it! A silk scarf necklace is such a sexy way to style a square silk scarf, in my humble opinion. It looks incredible with a button-down shirt as unbuttoned as you dare, as well as a silk camisole or slip dress – or even a simple bodysuit. Layer it with a denim jacket or bomber jacket for ultimate street cred. To start, fold it once into a triangle. Then fold down starting at the widest part and leaving a 1-2 inch triangle at the bottom. Place the triangle facing out at the front of the neck, wrap the ends around the neck once, then tie in front.

I love this cute accessory! Hold the envelope with the silk scarf as in #3 and just wrap it around your wrist! This look is so cute as pictured with a structured shirt dress, or even with a great pair of jeans and a simple white tee. Dress it up with glossy lips!

Ways To Tie A Large Square Scarf

Bring some street style to your fall fashion game! I love using silk scarves as ankle accessories! This is especially fantastic with the cropped trousers that are on trend at the moment – ​​but they also look great with a flirty dress! The perfect way to look a little cooler and younger together. Just tie as you did with the neck scarf and wrist wrap!

How To Tie A Square Scarf: Step By Step Photo Guide

A really stylish way to tie a silk scarf is in your bag! This may be the most classic way – but my favorite way to do it is a little outside the box. Enter the pouch turban! I love the classic twist it gives to a plain wallet. All you have to do is make sure your bag has a flap that opens and closes and you’re ready to tie! I start with a large square silk scarf. Fold it into a large triangle and then fold it into a thin strip starting from the long side of the triangle. It should be about 2-3 inches wide, depending on the size of the wallet. Then place the tape on the back of the wallet, with the ends of equal length on both sides. Now tie the scarf in the middle of the front of the purse. Create a node. Now take the remaining ends and cross them under the purse and tie at the back to secure.

This is probably the most classic way to tie a silk scarf, and it still holds up! I love the simple elegance of this method – it’s the perfect way to dress up a purse for a special event like a wedding, shower, birthday lunch or work event. Simply fold a square of silk handkerchief into a long thin strip, about 2 inches wide. Tie the scarf only once, around the strap of the bag. This post may contain affiliate links which means I will receive a commission if you make a purchase at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon affiliate, I earn on qualifying purchases. Please read my disclosure for details.

The headscarf trend is on the rise! Don’t stress over how to tie a scarf this year. Here are the 6 easiest ways to wear a scarf today.

You may have noticed that my love of scarves happened last year. Before that, it was more of a love/hate thing, rightfully so!

How To Wear A Hermès Scarf Like A Paris Model!

They look good on the face and on mannequins, but a failed attempt to wear them makes you look ridiculous, i.e. having fun on a tablecloth. If, like me, you’ve struggled with styling your scarf, don’t worry! I’ve rounded up the easiest ways to tie your scarf below with pictures.

This simple knot is probably the easiest way to tie a scarf or any scarf.

This is one of my favorite styles when I’m in a rush or unsure of how to tie my scarf.

Ways To Tie A Large Square Scarf

I especially choose to live the days when I just want to be wrapped up in some warmth. The belt not only keeps your scarf in place, it’s also a nice fashion statement.

Prep In Your Step: How To Tie A Silk Scarf {where To Find Affordable Summer Scarves}

On the go and just need your scarf in a plain and simple way? Flying is easy!

Another easy way to style your scarf this year is to wear it as a faux poncho.

This is! Easy right? I had no idea that wearing a scarf was so easy in so many ways. Blanket scarves were a lifesaver when I lived in arctic Alaska and are still one of my favorite winter and spring accessories.

It was the style that made me fall in love with scarves. Winter in Alaska was no joke. Blanket scarves served as a functional and stylish part of my wardrobe.

Guide: How To Tie Your Hermès Scarf

In addition to the fashion that scarves provide, wearing a scarf in winter helps create an insulating pocket around the neck and mouth. This was a lifesaver when I lived in Alaska because it hurt to breathe cold air at -20ºF!

If you’re trying to make a fashion statement,

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