Ways To Tell Parents You Re Pregnant

Ways To Tell Parents You Re Pregnant – You just found out you are pregnant!! Luck! Maybe you’ve been dreaming about this day for months or years. Telling your family “We’re pregnant” is a special moment. Whether it’s your first child or your last, finding a fun way to announce this pregnancy to your parents is so much fun!

My dad and I couldn’t wait to tell our parents we were having a baby. We told them last night that we had a positive pregnancy test because we couldn’t wait any longer. So, I totally understand your excitement to share the news!

Ways To Tell Parents You Re Pregnant

Ways To Tell Parents You Re Pregnant

We woke up the next morning looking for a cute way to tell our parents we were pregnant. The tips I’m sharing with you are some of my favorites that I found. I’ve listed some things you can do now and others that may require more planning.

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I’m so happy for you!! I hope these tips will help you come up with an idea that will surprise your parents.

At Our Children’s Blessing, we love to talk about things we love and think you’ll enjoy too. Some links on this page may be linked. This means that we will receive a commission, if you click on the link and make a purchase. This is at no additional cost to you. There are some items we have tried and others we haven’t but think would make the perfect gift!

This is what we told our parents we’ve been waiting for! We needed something fast, so we went to Kohls and got 6 bibs. I wrapped them in cute little gift bags.

We told them we have something for everyone from this beautiful city we visited the weekend before. When they opened them, they found bibs with phrases like “Women Born” and “New to Work.” If you can’t find bibs, you can try pacifiers or even underwear!

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If our parents hadn’t been traveling and exhausted the day we announced we were pregnant, we would have done this! Our family loves to make fish bowls, so this will be a fun activity that they don’t need. Here’s the Fish Bowl Recipe I recommend:

If you haven’t skydived before here are the instructions. Your parents may be so excited to learn this new game, they won’t know it’s a pregnancy announcement!

Plan to have breakfast or dinner with your parents and tell them you will bring something hot to drink! Make some tea, coffee, or hot cocoa and wait for their reaction when they move and realize they are a secret word.

Ways To Tell Parents You Re Pregnant

If you need it today, go to the dollar store and pick up some coffee mugs. Then go to Michaels Craft Store and get a porcelain pencil. (Here’s a tutorial.. I’ve done this before and it works great!)

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I think this is a great idea for building a great team! Instead of just telling everyone at the same time, go around the table saying “we need you.” I will keep my parents in the end so they know the end.

My family loves to take pictures, so I thought this would be a great idea! Instead of saying cheese… say “We’re pregnant!” This way we can get their reactions on camera as well. You just need a camera or a shelf to place your phone on.

Maybe you want to surprise your parents at work, breakfast, or dinner! Getting a little munchkin is a cute way to tell your parents that they are going to be grandparents.

Classic Bun is tomorrow! I really like this because we know the day before thank you. I thought it would be better to leave alone

How To Tell Parents You’re Pregnant: 5 Creative Ways To Share Your News!

Who doesn’t love opening their Chinese coin cookies after dinner?! Consider ordering out or inviting your parents to a Chinese restaurant!

I’m sure you’ve seen this game on Facebook, where family members are trying to unwrap a gift wrapped in a plastic bag with an oven! If you haven’t seen this game, it’s so cute! This couple is someone wrapped in space.

Give gifts to parents and say “Sorry, I’m late!” (Well you know… your period will be late) You can download your pregnancy test, ultrasound picture, onesie, or bib. This will make them sad.. they will forgive you for a long time.

Ways To Tell Parents You Re Pregnant

Ask your parents to help you choose paint colors for your room. Then give them red and blue colors to choose from! It will take a few minutes to fit, so maybe write “we’re pregnant” on the back.

Top 5 Creative Ways To Announce You’re Pregnant !

If it happens to be your parent’s birthday, you can sing them happy birthday and replace their name with “ma’am” or “grandma!” They will not see this coming.

Make your parents’ favorite drink from Starbucks, but with their new name on it! Walk to their jobs or take them to see them. They may be happy that you brought them alcohol, and you don’t know its name!

Take your parents out to dinner and get there before they do. This way you can upload ultrasound images in the menu. When they open, the picture will fall!

Hope that was a little fun for your parents! Designing a special poster for them will be something they remember forever. Don’t forget to take pictures and videos to remember this day!

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For many, few moments are as exciting as telling your parents you want to. At the same time you become a parent, your parents become grandparents.

Many couples want to capture this happy moment on camera to recreate and enjoy for years to come.

You can make this time even more fun by telling your parents about their new babies in a fun way. One of the best ways to announce pregnancy to parents is by presenting them with a personalized message that says, “Dads and dads, get ready for a little miracle! I’m pregnant!”

Ways To Tell Parents You Re Pregnant

When planning your announcement, think about what your parents like and what they do. The best time to be surprised is when the cameras are already out on another event. Scroll down to find great tips for expectant moms looking for a fun way to announce their pregnancy to their parents.

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A popular way to announce a new baby is with a gift. If you send your gifts with other events, such as birthdays or Christmas, it will be easy to surprise your parents. A random gift throughout the year will set them off.

If you are smart in private, your parents may not understand the meaning of your gift. To help them get the message quickly, give them a small gift with text that clearly explains your content. You can write a message on your gift – like text on a mug or shirt – or include a description card.

Make sure you capture this moment on film so you can enjoy it later. Often, one parent understands the gift sooner than the other. Get ready for them to scream, shout or jump up and down with excitement when they know you love them!

First-time couples rely on their cousins ​​or other younger family members to tell the grandparents. This will take the pressure off you and can be a lot of fun for the child being taught.

Creative Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy To Your Parents

They will come to you immediately for details, and you can tell their children about the new baby. If you already have children, this is a fun way to let the grandparents know that they can welcome a new grandchild.

If you are not sure how to announce your pregnancy to your parents, use pictures instead of words. There are many fun ways to show your parents the new ultrasound, from putting it in their food at the restaurant to sending an email with the word “Surprise!” according to your sentence. You can wrap the ultrasound image and give it as a gift.

Another fun way to use pictures is by making a book with pictures of their grandchildren. Then, include a blank page at the end with questions or announcements.

Ways To Tell Parents You Re Pregnant

You may have deadlines or medical records that show you’ve had your ducks in a row and are ready for your family to expand.

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You can also post a new post about food. This is a great opportunity because people are already gathered. If you have a special meal together, it’s normal to have phones out and cameras rolling.

If your food report is unclear, you can ask important questions to help your family understand. For example, suggest colors and ask if red and blue remind them of anything. Good thing

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