Ways To Tell Friends You Re Pregnant

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Looking for a fun and creative way to announce your pregnancy to your family in person? Tell them the big news with these 21 creative ways!

Ways To Tell Friends You Re Pregnant

Ways To Tell Friends You Re Pregnant

Congratulations mom! Looking for some fun ways to announce your pregnancy to your family? Here are 21 creative ways to tell your family and friends that you are pregnant!

How To Tell An Infertile Friend You’re Pregnant

Announcing your pregnancy is so exciting! I know I can’t wait to see the reaction on my parents’ faces when I tell them they are going to have grandchildren!

We had been trying to get pregnant for some time, so this was truly unexpected and exciting news!

Before announcing the news on social media, we wanted to make sure we told everyone in our family directly.

This is a personal decision. Some couples choose to tell their families immediately, while others wait carefully.

Creative Pregnancy Announcements For Crafty Moms To Be

We decided to tell everyone when I was 8 weeks along. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep it a secret for much longer than that.

Here are 21 fun and creative ways to announce your pregnancy to your family. We have ideas for in-person announcements, as well as ways to announce your pregnancy to your family if they live far away.

If you want more ideas, check out these pregnancy announcements to parents for special gifts for grandparents!

Ways To Tell Friends You Re Pregnant

Wrap a baby shirt or baby apron and give it to grandma and grandpa to surprise them with the news. This is a cute gift for them and your baby’s first item! You can also get a sibling t-shirt if you want your new sibling to announce the news!

Sweet Ways To Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant

There’s no sweeter way to announce a baby to your family than by showing them the first photo from your ultrasound. There are several different photo frame options you can buy, so these can be used for grandparents, aunts, and more.

Celebrate with a picnic on the beach! This beach pregnancy announcement features all the sisters’ faces as they find out the gender of their newborn. Perfect day at the beach!

Take pictures from your pregnancy announcement photo shoot and put them in personalized frames. Get ideas for spring pregnancy announcements or Halloween pregnancy announcement ideas to stage and frame!

We love lottery scratchers in my family. When we were little, we used to get scratchies every year at Christmas as stocking stuffers, so this one is especially sentimental to me!

Brilliant Ways To Announce Pregnancy To Parents

Give this lottery scratcher to your family members, and let them think it’s a gift just for fun. It’ll be fun to see their reactions, so see what they make of these cute pregnancy announcement ideas!

This little storybook guides grandparents and other relatives through the following changes. This book is a really cute way to tell your parents or in-laws that they are going to be grandparents.

If you have family members who are fishermen, this is a great way to tell them that you are pregnant. They’ll love getting a fishing lure that lets them know their new fishing buddy is on the way!

Ways To Tell Friends You Re Pregnant

Cheers to future grandparents as well as aunts, uncles and other relatives. Put this wine label on their favorite wine bottle and give them the best bottle they’ve ever had. Plan a family meal or visit grandma and grandpa’s house to share the good news!

Fun Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy

Give grandma and grandpa a practical gift they can use and enjoy for the next nine months! Grandparent mugs are a great way to let them know they are going to be grandparents!

Have your parents come to your house for a relaxing cup of coffee. You’ll have to wait with anticipation as grandpa finishes his cup of coffee to announce your pregnancy with this cute coffee cup!

Have fun putting together these grandparents puzzles and tell your family that you are pregnant. Solve puzzles together, or sit back and relax while their eyes light up!

Announce your baked goods with this adorable baked salt dough gift idea! This baby keepsake comes in a cute custom box so you can announce your pregnancy to your family in person in the most adorable way.

Grandparent Pregnancy Announcements

If your family is far away from you, send them this card and have them video chat with you when they receive it in the mail. This way you can see their reaction but you don’t have to wait to visit in person.

If you are announcing your pregnancy close to Christmas, then this Christmas ornament would make the perfect gift! Grab this three pack, so you have one for everyone!

Grab these cute socks for your first baby to wear and see which family member notices them first! You can take your baby or toddler to a family event and let them announce that they are going to be a stylish big sister! You can also close it and give it to your family members to announce your pregnancy!

Ways To Tell Friends You Re Pregnant

Give grandma this adorable book that she can keep and read to her granddaughter when she’s old enough. There’s also a version of How to Raise Grandpa which is perfect for announcing your pregnancy to your dad!

Creative Ways To Announce You’re Pregnant!

Wrap these small balloons with a special message inside. It even comes with an adorable safety pin so your family members can pop the balloons to find out the news!

If your family has a musician or guitar player, then this personalized guitar is the perfect way to tell your family that you are pregnant in person! Add one more to the band with this fun gift!

If you want to make a Harry Potter-themed pregnancy announcement, let your family know there’s a new muggle in town with these Harry-Potter inspired wizard eggs. Select your personal Harry Potter message to get golden information.

Tell your family the news with a sweet treat! This retro oven is the cutest gift box. Stick a delicious cupcake inside to let your family know there’s a bun in the oven!

Fun Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Your Family

Give grandma a piece of jewelry she will cherish forever! This grandma necklace is a great way to let her know she’s going to be a grandma!

Get ready to share the news with golf lovers that there will be a new golf friend! These golf ball markers are the perfect way to announce your pregnancy to your new grandpa or uncle!

Enjoy announcing your pregnancy to your family in person with these fun ideas! Don’t forget to prepare your camera so you can see their reactions!

Ways To Tell Friends You Re Pregnant

Happy! I’m Amy, Pediatric Sleep Consultant and Founder of The Postpartum Party. So glad I stopped by.20 Creative Ways to Announce You’re Pregnant…inspiration to help you celebrate your growing family. A clever idea that friends and family will love!

Fun Ways To Tell Your Partner You’re Pregnant

From the moment you receive a positive pregnancy test result, life has become very exciting! Bringing new life into the world is an amazing thing to be a part of and although it can be difficult at times, it is worth it. It’s completely up to you to decide how and when you want others to know about your special surprise. For our first baby, my husband and I found out together, then waited until I was about 15 weeks along to share the news with friends and family. Next time I think we’ll tell the family early and wait to post it until we know the gender.

One of the best parts of pregnancy is telling friends and family. There are many smart and unique things you can do to let them know that a new family member is coming into the world. Some fun ideas include sending baby puzzles, posting cute family photos online, making adorable baby-themed snacks, and more! Check out my top 20 creative ideas for announcing your pregnancy below. Happy!

Give your older child the best Christmas gift…a new sibling! They really enjoy finding news in this creative way.

Making your own or ordering a custom movie poster is a great idea to share your pregnancy with your family. There are many beautiful elements to this poster.

Cute Way Of Telling Your Partner Family And Friends

I can’t get over how cute this photo is. If you have a girl then you can completely customize it to suit your family!

Drawing an ultrasound and photographing it surrounded by cute baby clothes and toys is a great way to announce that you are pregnant.

Why not order a customizable puzzle to announce your pregnancy to your family? It’s perfect for first time grandparents!

Ways To Tell Friends You Re Pregnant

Letter balloons can be a fun and unique way to share your pregnancy news with the world. Just take a photo and post or send it to friends and family.

Best Pregnancy Reveal Ideas For Your Family (2024)

Mathematical equations are an original and amazing idea to announce your pregnancy to the world. The mother counted

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