Ways To Tell A Story

Ways To Tell A Story – As a storyteller, I often hear the same questions from students: How can I become a good storyteller?

Storytelling is one of those innate skills – people tell stories one way or another every day – but it takes practice to hone your skills. So to help you organize your story, here are “7 ways to help you tell your story”. Exercise will not turn you into David Sedaris or Spalding Gray overnight, but try it every day for a month and you will see the benefits. And it will be easier than learning to catch flies with a stick *.

Ways To Tell A Story

Ways To Tell A Story

1. Keep a diary. The first step to becoming a good storyteller is to write events when they happen. Set aside at least half an hour each day, preferably in the morning or at night, to write in a journal. When writing, it is important to stick to this point as much as possible. Avoid judging and thinking too much. Be specific (draw pictures), be honest (do not lie!) And be yourself (see what you are doing) and you will immediately see that the magazine will be a source of information.

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2. Improve your listening skills. Listen to what your friends and family are saying. Try to identify the key elements (characters, problem definitions, conflict settings, crisis, maximum level, results) of each story. As I mentioned in a previous article, the quickest way to become a good communicator is to be a good listener.

3. Draw and write stories. One of the best ways to practice storytelling is to record yourself telling a story. When you are ready, do something irrelevant for an hour or more and then go back and copy it on tape. The writing process will help you identify tic tics (‘um’, ‘uh’, ‘like’, etc.) in your speech and will give you an idea of ​​the strengths and weaknesses of the story.

Does this make me happy? If I were a stranger, would I listen to the whole thing?

3. Tell a story. After drawing and writing your story and telling the story. Break the story into pictures, draw pictures, or use story maps (see here and here). Experiment with different planning methods and you will find the one that works best for you.

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4. Change the context to make sense. You need to summarize your story in one sentence, so try to do this with everything you have to say. Columns should be simple and should reflect important events or situations (for example, “The time I almost failed in college” or “The time I coughed in my pants in front of my high school rowing team”). Simple sentences (ten words or less) are better.

5. Test the news on social media. Share your story with your friends on social media to see if anyone wants to hear it. You will quickly find out what your audience is interested in. When you enjoy speaking, try doing it with the microphone on.

6. Identify topics. As I mentioned before, a topic (e.g. redemption, love, betrayal. Once you know the topic, change the story so that the picture works with the topic or subjects. You will wake up Be amazed at what happens when you take the time to make positive changes.

Ways To Tell A Story

7. Add a new rotation. After creating a few stories, please add new modifications. Start a new website or add details and see how your audience is doing. Change may or may not work, but you will learn something. And that’s the point, after all, English! My favorite thing since I was little. Whatever you have heard from your grandparents since childhood, and when you grow up, you tend to know those things. Everyone, young and old, loves to listen to stories. This is a technique / skill that can be an important element in recording a podcast. Today we will discuss some storytelling techniques that can be useful in storytelling and filming. Here we also show you how to include stories in your podcast.

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In this way the whole story revolves around the main characters. You just have to be transparent in this sense with others so that the audience knows what is going on. In many of the films we see soldiers leave immediately and face many problems, then he returns to his village for a while and gives justice to all the people. You will see many things like Harry Potter, Life of Pi and so on. In Bollywood and Hollywood, many movies focus on similar things. Everyone wants to be the best since childhood, so such things help them to unite. If you use this form in your podcast, people are more likely to like this type of content.

In this form, you do not want to end the story in a single podcast. Take a big story and tell it the way one episode comes to an end so people will be waiting for the other part of your podcast. This kind of ending is often called a hangover when the user does not know what is happening next and is excited to listen to the next episode. A good example is Bahubali and the Avengers of Marvel. People can not stop saying ‘Katappa ne bahubali ko kyu mara’ the same to vengeance. So all these films have become a measure of incredible success. Also, you can find such a place in your article and finish everything on that note. It will make people listen to your podcast with interest. The problem is, if you listen to a random episode of your podcast and if they feel bad, that person will not listen to the podcast anymore.

In this version, the climax of the story is first revealed without doing anything in the usual way, and then the story is drawn gradually to address the reasons that lead to the climax of the story. This makes the audience want to know why the things you mentioned in the first part happened and why they ended? It makes people happy to listen and they like to listen to your podcast. Often you see scenes where a murder is committed and the secrets of that murder are gradually revealed or the war has just ended and the narrator is now slowly opening up about what has happened to that war since Originally.

In this style, the narrator creates an event at the beginning, even if the listener believes this is a real start. But going forward, things changed so much that it surprised the audience. This makes the ending of the story really exciting for the audience and sometimes very busy. The best example of this is the Harry Potter series. Even ‘Snape’ (a character from Harry Potter) who you think is a villain is a real warrior and you start to get confused somewhere without realizing it. In fact, in most cases, the person who makes you feel like a hero throughout the story becomes a villain in the end. This kind of thing has become more popular over time. So you need to create a little impression so that people stay with you until the end of the story.

Ways To Tell A Story

This is called floral style because at first it wants to tell you things like a round flower and finally it wants to incorporate all those things into one big story. When telling a story like this, it is important to pay attention and hint at the next part or tell the story in an unexpected way. It gives the story a slightly different feel at the core, and it’s really fun to see how different things are made in one place.

You can use the techniques described above to apply your skills in one or more sections. We have written this as a guide and in the end it is up to you how to make your story creative. You can listen to various news on Kuku FM and if you find it interesting, start by yourself!

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Ways To Tell A Story

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Motivation is an important life skill. The main reason is because everyone in the world is unique and purposeful. Take care of yours.

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