Ways To Make Your Presentation Interactive

Ways To Make Your Presentation Interactive – When you organize your presentation, you want to be attractive. Whether you show it in real time or embed it on your website, you want to entertain your audience. The simplest way is to make an interactive presentation. It can hold the audience’s attention and even engage them.

Sitting in an unusually boring speech, where the speaker only talks to the audience, will lead to dull eyes and cause the speaker to lose the audience. Adding interactivity to your presentation is the best way to add interest to your presentation, attract audiences and stand out from other speakers. The most effective part is that it requires no more work.

Ways To Make Your Presentation Interactive

Ways To Make Your Presentation Interactive

Here are 14 ways to create interactive presentations that will capture the audience’s attention and make them feel happy during the presentation.

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The first step is to create and maintain a relationship with the audience. You will do this by helping them understand little by little about what you are talking about and who you are. You must get to know each other.

How you do this will depend on the scale of your audience; If you are presenting in a group or seminar, you will be able to easily move around the room and have everyone discuss with you.

If you are speaking in front of a crowd or in an unusually large meeting with a larger audience, it makes more sense to introduce your audience to a friend or two before entering the discussion.

You will ask the audience to answer questions out loud or work with your neighbors to arrange some questions about your topic or a list of things they need to find out or create a fun ice breaker game. Look for what kind of icebreaker questions might make sense for the context of your presentation.

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During the presentation, you should not be the only person speaking. Insert video into one of the slides to change the main target audience. Here we can easily embed videos in your slide deck, or insert different images from our instant access to galleries in Pixbay and Unsplash.

These features allow your audience to watch or view your presentation. Sharing video clips is a great way to emphasize your point, offer other opinions, or perhaps to add some perspective to your audience during a longer presentation.

If you include a slideshow on your website, as you can with a single link in , adding a video to the slideshow can give your audience an opportunity to take a break from reading. Video is an excellent alternative form of content.

Ways To Make Your Presentation Interactive

Here are some other alternative content types you can experiment with: polls, ratings, charts, graphs and tables.

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Take it a step further and create a quiz in your interactive presentation. This applies to real-time and embedded presentations. Allows you to embed shapes into slides to capture relevant lead data. You can easily make your presentations interactive with embedded feedback forms, contact forms or rating pages on your deck.

The only thing your audience is watching is not the deck itself, but also you. Why not bring props to catch your audience’s eye? Wearing accessories to help your visuals and tell your story can be a great way to get noticed and heard. When deciding which accessories will convey your story, make sure they are relevant.

Do not throw interesting accessories at will, but try to match your content. Instead, wear accessories that appeal to the audience but still add up. Bill Gates gave a swarm of live mosquitoes to the audience in his TED talk on mosquitoes, malaria and education.

Just to make sure you pass your presentation, always try to wear according to your presentation plan and the color palette of the presentation. You do not want all the attention on your outfit.

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The undeniable strategy to allow your audience to decide your presentation is to inform them about a story. Whether your topic involves a lot of knowledge, facts and statistics, your speech lacks multiple ways to effectively incorporate the story into your speech. A decent story helps create an immersive effect that draws your audience in and makes them feel like they are part of your presentation.

Don’t talk all the time. Sometimes it is even nice to require an event and pre-record a few slides. It can also be an excellent strategy to integrate into your comprehensive presentation. In you can record audio files to be played later in the deck. You can also pre-record or re-record your audio. With this feature you can also add music or sound effects.

Another great way to interact with your audience in your presentation is to require recordings. Give them several options and see which one they enjoy the most. Ask them to raise their hands. You can use a form feature to let your audience enter their answers on their smartphones and share the corresponding results.

Ways To Make Your Presentation Interactive

Ask your audience about their favorite football team, what frozen dessert they would like from a choice of vanilla and chocolate.

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You can divide your audience into small groups to debate their problems, or allow them to have a short conversation with your neighbors. Onboarding templates or HR focused decks are the perfect places to start on such decks. It can create an interactive environment where you have to spend little effort.

It can be as simple as taking a long break. Demonstrate or give your audience a few minutes to look up and stretch their legs.

Other methods include asking the audience yes or no questions, asking them to raise their hands or stand up to answer, move the audience to other locations, and introduce themselves to new neighbors, or call people on stage to participate.

As discussed earlier in this article, it is a good idea for your audience to take the time to list their questions about your topic at the beginning of the presentation. During your presentation, ask your audience to ask questions about possible slides you’ve already presented.

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Asking your audience to ask questions and letting them know that there will be several opportunities to ask questions can be a good way to confirm that they are still listening.

Your presentation should not be linear. Invite your audience to decide the order of how you will deliver the topic domains in your presentation. This makes the audience find it interesting because they will participate in the sequence of your presentation. Although this suggests that you should be better prepared for the presentation process, it creates a remarkably interactive environment that your audience will remember coming back to for years to come.

You can introduce Snapchat filters, hashtags, tweet wars and more to connect with your audience. Your audience can share the knowledge in your presentation and use hashtags to ask questions that you can simply monitor and answer at any time.

Ways To Make Your Presentation Interactive

Create a special atmosphere by adding background music to the slideshow, or by transitioning popular songs to inspire your audience to trigger exciting new information. The entire presentation does not have to focus on your voice. Adding music tracks can be a great way to entice your audience to follow your content.

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Be careful about what music you source as even songs in presentations are still subject to copyright law, and to legally use music in your presentation you need to use royalty free music (just to be on the safe side)

Last but not least, use data visualization to present your information in a fascinating and easy-to-understand way. The information visualization is often anything from charts or graphs that intuitively represent statistics and real numbers to symbols or graphs that represent words.

Visualizing your mind can be a good way to express your mind precisely. Creating charts, graphs and other numbers will help your audience absorb your content faster and easier. Also offers countless options for displaying data on presentation slides.

Do you want to start your interactive document and presentation now? Discover and start using these features for your next presentation.

How To Make An Interactive Presentation

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Ways To Make Your Presentation Interactive

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