Toy Story 1 Woody Doll

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Toy Story 1 Woody Doll

Toy Story 1 Woody Doll

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The price shown includes VAT. Final payment may vary depending on delivery address. Read more Read more about goods and services tax. In 1995, Thinkway Toys created the first talking figures of Woody and Buzz Lightyear before the first movie was released. At first, Thinkway was reluctant to create toys, as the company believed that Toy Story would not be a popular movie, but they continued to create toys and ended up not having enough figures to meet consumer demand. Both toys were created using 3D digital data from the film. The original design was later acquired in 2002 by the Disney Store.

Sometime between late 1994 – mid 1995, Thinkway Toys made prototype versions of the characters before making the toys for sale to the public. Very little information is known about them and there are no pictures of them. In April 2020, an Instagram user, Harry_Tricks_3D, found a full picture of the real examples behind a coupon from the original Toy Story soundtrack. These examples are rumored to be owned by John Lasseter or Thinkway Toys employees.

Thinkway+toy+walt+disney+toy+story+1995+talking+pull+string+1st+edition+ Woody+doll For Sale Online

The very first pull doll had a removable plastic hat with a finished brim. This brand also trades in movie-type ragdoll type floppiness for an armature with a grippy thread. In the latest release, this feature was removed along with the sewn-in buttons, as they posed a security risk. A version without the armature was released for all subsequent versions of the Woody doll, as well as other future Woody dolls.

The original version of this Woody doll included a drawstring that is close to Woody’s size in the movies, but it may have been changed for safety reasons.

This Woody doll is powered by an electronic pull string, the phrases of which were used in many Woody dolls until 2009. These sentences are:

Toy Story 1 Woody Doll

This Woody doll has been reissued and replaced by the Disney Store and Disney Parks several times, except for the first edition cord aratures. Thinkway was no longer associated with this version in the US after the acquisition of the Disney Store in 2002, as they chose to develop their Woody toy in their own way. Some of these reissued books include:

Takara Tomy Disney Toy Story Real Size Talking Figure Woody English And Japanese

Because the production of this toy was rushed for the first release, there are many inaccuracies in the original Woody doll:

The 4-foot-tall Woody Doll, also known as Frito Lay Woody or Giant Woody, was produced by Thinkway Toys for the release of the first two Toy Story films.

In 1995, Thinkway Toys created a 4-foot-tall Woody doll to promote the November 22 Toy Story release. Thinkway used Pixar’s computer-generated files to produce this doll, as well as the Poseable Talking Woody and others. issued. This doll is also known as Frito Lay Woody because it was used to promote Frito Lay products in grocery stores where their products were featured in the film.

Those dolls were never released to the public as real toys and were only made for store display and promotion. They were produced in limited quantities but it is currently unknown how many were produced, for years it was believed that there were 150 in total, but in May 2021 this proved to be false. The number 150 actually refers to the Cargo Tracking Number (CTN) for some shipping boxes in the 4ft Woody.

Original 1995 Woody And Buzz Lightyear Releases

This 4ft Woody version is extremely rare as it has never been released to the public. It’s almost impossible to find one in good condition and you’re lucky to find one under $200.

, has a flimsy hat made of PVC, head and hands made of heavy vinyl, clothes made of cloth, and boots and badge made of leather.

After Toy Story’s marketing ended in mid-1996, many of these dolls were given away or sold to collectors.

Toy Story 1 Woody Doll

According to eBay seller, luvtim71, they got three of them after the Frito Lay promotion ended in 1996.

Toy Story Talking Woody Doll Press Shirt Button Vtg Thinkway #62948 Nrfb Htf

“I was working at Frito Lay at the time and about 6 months after I got promoted, I was in the warehouse and my manager and I were talking and he said he wanted to know what was on the pallet at the top of the racks. We found 6 dolls that were never used, we took them apart and i got 3 new in the box. one i gave to a relative and one was sold on ebay about 10 years ago (one was opened and used.. . i got $1700 for it).

A small number of those dolls have been reported online, the number of remaining dolls is unknown.

Main article: Public domain versions of 4ft Tall Woody and 3ft Tall Buzz Lightyear (1997 – 1999)

The Adventure Buddy Woody doll was released in 1995 by Thinkway Toys. There were two versions of this doll, the Jumbo version, which had the same design as the 4-foot Woody doll, except for the gray hands, and the smaller version, which had the same design as the Poseable Talking Woody, except for the lack of a voice box, soft hands and a hat. -PVC.

Buy Disney Toy Story Classic Style Sheriff Cowboy Woody 9

This Buzz Lightyear figure includes a flashing laser light, foldable wings, some articulation, a voice simulator and a retractable helmet. The figure also, like in the film, glows in the dark. However, the wings on this Buzz figure are also very short compared to the later Buzz Lightyear figures.

Buzz Lightyear only has 4 sentences when his round chest buttons are pressed, voiced by Tim Allen, Buzz’s voice actor in the film. The symptoms mentioned are:

Although these phrases were spoken by Tim Allen in the first edition of this figure, later creations included a different voice actor and the phrase: “This is an intergalactic emergency!”

Toy Story 1 Woody Doll

Like Woody, this Buzz Lightyear figure was also released, but not as Woody did. In the remake, Pat Fraley voices the character instead of Tim Allen. Pixar Disney Toy Story Benson And Woody Figure 2 Pack

1995 3ft Buzz Lightyear doll, previously used in promotional images until widely available in 1997 and later re-released in 1998/99 for the release of Toy Story 2.

Like the 4ft Woody doll, the 3ft tall Buzz Lightyear doll was created to promote the release of the first two Toy Story films.


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